Building Strong Minds & Bodies

Zenergy | CrossFit & Brisbane Personal Training in Windsor

Established in 2004, Zenergy is a family-owned Brisbane CrossFit Gym that relocated to Windsor in 2013 by Brisbane Personal Trainers, Tony & Jodie Hebrard.

At CrossFit Zenergy, you’ll enjoy quality training, with industry professionals Voted in Brisbane’s Top 10 Personal Trainers (Urban List) and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of our Warehouse Gym.

Our Mission is: Building Strong Minds & Bodies and underpins everything that we do.

The foundation of our training is good movement and optimising your health, through fitness.

Getting fitter, stronger & healthier means you can enjoy life more with your friends and family and that’s what life’s all about, right?!

Brisbane CrossFit Zenergy is a community of like-minded people, in Windsor.

When you walk up to the front roller doors you’ll see a huge open space, with high ceilings, hard walls and barbells, dumbbells and functional training equipment ready for you.

You’ll feel the energy from the CrossFit Classes or Personal Training Sessions that are pumping  and see Members (or Athletes as we like to call them…) from all ages & backgrounds trying their best.

You’ll see the focus on technique as the Coach’s demonstrate exercises in all workouts and provide instant feedback for small improvements that can make a vast difference.

Hard work is happening with (some) smiling faces!

Enjoy Brisbane Personal Training in a private air-conditioned space or get amongst the action in our main Gym area with our Brisbane CrossFit Classes!

Personal Training Private Area – Downstairs you’ll find a private air-conditioned space where our Personal Training clients can train in comfort and privacy. Accountability, Support & Full Programming gives you a full personal training service to fast track your results.

Group Classes – The main Gym-Floor in the Open Warehouse space is where all the actions happen in our CrossFit, Mixed Martial-Arts Conditioning, Mobility and Mums CrossFit Classes!

Facilities – Head upstairs to our full-showering facilities that has complimentary towels for showers and amenities to help make you getting refreshed after your workouts a lot easier. Iron your clothes, blow-dry your hair or grab the deodorant, in case you left yours at home!

It feels good to find a place where you feel comfortable, get the very best of technical coaching and train with other like-minded people and that is our aim here at CrossFit Zenergy.

Take the next step to browse a little more and then organise a Free Intro Session to experience Zenergy for yourself!

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Questions? Call Zenergy on 3252 7999!

Brisbane CrossFit Gym, CrossFit Zenergy is located in the heart of Windsor on Newmarket Road offers CrossFit classes, Mums CrossFit classes, Kickboxing for Fitness, Stretching, Mobility, In-house Physio & Massage.  Our Brisbane Personal Trainers have been serving the northern suburbs of Brisbane: Windsor, Newmarket, Wilston, Grange, Gordon Park, Stafford, Lutwyche, Bowen Hills, and Red Hill since 2004.
CrossFit Zenergy – Building Strong Minds & Bodies