13 years and still going!

Zenergy DSCN0277is now a Teenager! 13 years ago on a hot Saturday morning we opened the doors and started our adventure into the world of running our own Fitness Business.

Tony & I were both 24yrs young and clueless, but full of passion to help motivate and inspire people to make positive changes with their health and fitness!

The last few years have been tough behind the scenes with our transition into becoming parents, and I am so grateful for Tony holding the ship steady while we found our feet and new normal in life!


Moving forward this ship is ready to sail strongly ahead and we are pumped about 2017 and beyond!

We are truly grateful to wake up each day and do what we do with our Team of amazing Trainers!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and we look forward to helping you change, transition, grow or, shrink and become happier in your amazing vessel that you are steering through life


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