2 Medical Professionals and 2 polar opinions; Who should I believe?

Meet Professional No. 1…my GP.

So my GP says to me….

“Jodie, the fact that you’ve had post natal depression with your first, means you are a lot more aware 2nd time round and chances are you won’t go through it again. “

I like that she didn’t use the word…suffer, and chose to use, go through, instead, but I did hear the word chance in there.

The words we use and listen to are really important for our self-esteem, (especially from others that we place in trusted positions like a Doctor)

I nod and listen attentively as she continued….

You’ll know when to reach out for help and be able to get help in place long before you actually need it….”

I nodded some more.

So, let’s recap that diagnosis.

My Doctor does not believe I’m at a high risk of depression with Bub No 2 (who is due in 8 short weeks!) as I’m a lot more “aware” of what to look out for.

Now let’s meet with Professional No. 2….my Midwife.

“Jodie, the fact that you’ve already had post-natal depression means you are prone to it again.”

I nod and listen….

“You are at a higher risk of it, and it’s something we need to be mindful of and be prepared for.”

I nodded some more.

This diagnosis recapped means….. Prone and High risk = I’m doomed!

But you know what, there’s a 3rd opinion out there from another Professional who I sort advice from.

Doctor HouseThis Professional is way more qualified than any piece of paper could ever explain and leaves Doctor House for dead.

That Professional is Me.

The real Jodie Hebrard living within.

I’m with ME 24hrs a day, I have been with ME for the past 33 years and I know intimately my strengths and weaknesses, what gets me mad, angry, upset, happy, excited or feeling great.

So, let’s hear what advice she had to say.

Jodie, the past is the past and does not define you.  The fact you went through post-natal depression with your first, has nothing to do with your future.

There are ups in life and downs in life and it is a journey that will continue for many years to come.   Embrace the good times and ride out the bad times and always remember; this too shall pass.

Jodie, you know what is right for you, what makes you happy and you need to honour that, because a Happy Mumma means a Happy Bubba.

It will be hard and exhausting at times, but a situation is never permanent. 

You are WOW and will tackle the next stage of your journey as best as you can, every single day.

Cry when you want to, seek solace when you need to and be prepared to dust yourself off and take the next step forward, with a helping hand from others.

This is your journey and it’s up to you, to choose what you want to believe, not for others to tell you what you will or will not experience.”

This Diagnosis recapped….No depression this time around, sure there will be hard days but that’s ok and normal (and just remember to ask for help!)

I’m going to believe this advice.

And I think it’s the best god damn free advice I’ve had in a long time.

So, let me ask you….

Who do you choose to listen to in your life?

Is it time you tuned out the noise from others, and listened ever so quietly to that inner voice of strength?

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