3 things I’ve learned.

For those of you that know me personally, you may have picked up on something.

I’m picky.

I’m also very driven by following structure – as it makes things so much easier in our busy day to day lives.

Just ask my team about our business systems and  how much I drill into them to make sure they use them.

I remember sitting in a seminar once and hearing the words, “Get it done, get it right and get it out of my bloody sight!”

Having to repeat something that hasn’t been done properly in the first place is one of my biggest pet hates.

Here’s 3 things I’ve learned about systems and how they can help you with your health and fitness.

1.What gets measured, gets managed.

If you want numbers to improve (or maybe in your case, go down), the first place to start is to start measuring it.

How – jump on the scales.

Measuring your key “number” to track not only brings immediate awareness to it, it also brings constant reinforcement of what you need to do to achieve the number that you do want, through out your day.

Where most people fall down is that when they feel “off track” or “down” they stop measuring!  BUT this is the exact time when you need to keep measuring, as it will help you get back on track quicker!

2. There’s always a reason “Why”, so if you are unsure – ASK!

Question: If you ask for help from a qualified professional and are given a “plan” to follow, would you expect to get results?

Answer – of course.

If you choose to stray from that plan, change it because you think it needs tweaking or not follow it at all, should you still expect to get results?

Answer: NO!

There’s always a reason WHY “a plan” is given so best to ask WHY in the beginning and understand it first before you start doing your own thing!

If you are unsure about anything…ASK!

3. Don’t deviate – ever. 

My belief is your brain is built for problem solving, creative thinking, processing, will power & motivation (etc…)….it’s NOT designed to spend most of its time remembering basic stuff like…..” I must buy milk on the way home.”

So if you have been asked to write things down, follow a plan and keep a record or follow a system, then guess what… Follow it and use your brain for what it was designed for!

The task of talking yourself into getting out of bed and getting to your workout on time, after you’ve packed the lunch that you didn’t bother packing the night before.

That’s where the real brain work is needed.


3 simple easy things.

Easy to do and easy not to do – it’s your choice.

Jods x 

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