3 week challenge FAQs

Things to know about the 3 week challenge

I’m not a Member of Zenergy – can I do the Challenge?
Yes. Absolutely! This Challenge is specifically designed for non-members to have 3 weeks of fitness & a personal challenge to get you motivated and moving!  It’s a great way to get your fitness started and learn more about out about Zenergy.

How does the challenge work?

It’s 3 weeks of Fitness, with a 90mins Foundations Class to get you started!

You’ll also complete an Initial Fitness Test to give you a base line and then do the same fitness test on the Final Fitness testing night!

You’ll have Weekly Challenge sessions each Tues 7pm & Friday 6pm.  These sessions are specifically designed to help you learn certain techniques and give you an opportunity to get feedback and practise, practise, practise!

Through out the 3 weeks you can also attend any of the Classes on the Timetable as well. 

Tell me about the Initial & Final Fitness Testing?

Head Coach, Tony has designed a short workout which will test varying parts of your fitness. Upper body strength, lower body strength and cardio will all be tested.

On the first Friday Night, you’ll complete the Initial Test and on the Final Friday Night, you’ll complete the exact same test so that you can see how much you’ve improved!

Will I be fit enough?

The Challenge caters for varying levels of fitness (beginners are welcome!) and have different scaling options in each and every workout, so you can workout at your own level.

When you Register we will chat with you about your goals, your exercise history & any injury concerns you have. We’ll only allow you to do the Challenge if we genuinely feel it’s the right thing for you.

Where is Zenergy located?

Address: 101 Newmarket Road, Windsor 4030.

We are opposite the Homezone Centre on Newmarket Road, and have plenty of parking at the front and rear of the Gym.

How Much?

Normally $199 for the Challenge and you can pay via internet banking or credit card over the phone.

Do you have Showers?

Yes. We have Male and Female Bathroom facilities which have a change room, showers, ironing board and hair-dryers. You’ll also find complimentary towels in the Showers for you to use.

Where can I park?

We are located on Newmarket Road, Windsor, directly opposite the Homezone Centre.  Look for our CrossFit Flag and A-Frame on the sidewalk and turn into our Driveway.  You’ll find parking out the Front, and also there is parking at the Rear of the Gym. We are in a Warehouse precinct so there are plenty of options for you to park.

How do I Register?

You can Register Online in just a few minutes – Click Here for Online Registration.

Questions? Call Tony on 3252 7999 or text him on 0410 331 836.

I’ve never done CrossFit before, will I be ok?

Yes. CrossFit is a training program that caters for all fitness levels. It offers huge variety and also Scaling Options, and what that means is you can work out at your own level.

This Challenge is a great way for you to check out CrossFit and experience it firsthand!

I’m currently playing sport, can I do this as well?

If you are mid-season then YES, this would be a great addition to your training. Tony will help you work out the best weekly training plan for you on Launch Night, so rest assured we’ll be focusing on quality training with you to supplement your existing training.

If you are gearing up for a Grand Final, than we’d suggest to stay focused on what you are doing and come back later after you’ve taken out the win!

I’ve done CrossFit before, is this still good for me?

Yes. Every CrossFit Gym is different and doing the Challenge is a great way for you to experience Zenergy.

The Challenge has lots of variety on offer and also gives you the Scaling Options, so you can scale up workouts to make them harder, or scale down workouts to make them easier & safer for you with where you are at.


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