7 life lessons I was reminded of this week…

This week’s been a big one for me and it got me thinking…

Here are 7 life lessons I was reminded of:

1. Never open your fridge when you are bored.

2. Never (ever!) go grocery shopping when you are hungry!

3. Never check your emails when you can’t reply.

4. Never listen to that voice that says “tomorrow“, “later”….or “when things settle down”….RIP: Boston Marathon Runners :(

5. You’ll always be busy, because that IS the sort of person you are – the busy person!

6. I don’t need “more time” in my day to get things done.  I need greater clarity on what IS really important for me to achieve by the end of the year!

7. I don’t need more answers, more information, more time to think about it – I need to spend my mental and physical energy just doing something about it today. (Not tomorrow – please refer back to No. 4!)

Jods x

P.S. So which Life Lesson resonated with you?  Drop a quick reply in the Comments as I’d love to know!

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