“Am I Perfect” Documentary

Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony Hebrard joins forces with 19 year old female, Madeleine Humphries, for a 10 week social experiment.

“Am I Perfect” is a participatory style documentary that will follow Madeleine Humphries, a 19 year old female, who will for ten weeks undertake a rigorous personal training routine with crash diets and daunting beauty treatments, to see what it feels like to seek ‘perfection’, and ponders the question, “is it worth it?”.

Brisbane Personal Trainer training MadeleineMadeleine has kicked off with twice-weekly personal training sessions at Brisbane CrossFit Gym, Zenergy with Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist, Tony Hebrard.



Brisbane CrossFit Gym Co-Owner, Jodie Hebrard said that the documentary is a real eye opener on how damaging the quest for perfection can be.

“Too many young women have a distorted view on what they should look like and aim for unrealistic ideals of perfection,” said Mrs Hebrard.

“They miss the whole point of exercise and eating, and that it is for health and feeling good, not just looking good,” she said.

“When Madeleine approached us about doing personal training with Tony and shared that she had never counted calories or followed fad diets I did a little fist pump!”

“It’s so refreshing to see.”

Brisbane CrossFit Gym Zenergy Training


Madeleine’s 10 week personal training journey has been designed with the right balance of structure and variety to really experience what it is like to strive for perfection:   The 10 week journey includes;

– Weekly personal training sessions at Brisbane CrossFit Gym, Zenergy, so she can ensure she is training effectively for her goals.

– Fad-Diets that she chooses and sticks to each week, to experience all the extremes from Juices, Soups and Liver Cleansers.

– A new form of exercise to try each week, like Rock Climbing, Boxing or Cycling.

– AND a beauty treatment each week to see what all the fuss is about!

Set to finish filming on Thursday 24th April, Madeleine can not wait to get back to her “normal life” but is excited to incorporate the good things she’s learned on this journey.

Brisbane CrossFit Gym Owner, Jodie Hebrard said, “Excessive exercise and fad diets are not only unhealthy for your body, but also can lead to low self-esteem and self-worth.”

“The problem with excessive exercise and fad diets is that it messes up your metabolism – and your metabolism is the key to your ability to burn fat,” said Mrs Hebrard.

“Following a strict routine does not provide a long term solution to health and fitness as it doesn’t take into account when you are sick or have holidays or simply socialising with your family and friends,” she said.

“Finding a healthy balance is critical to long term health and happiness.”

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Mrs Hebrard said that young women could develop a healthy lifestyle balance by;

  • Throw out your scales:  A number does not define you and chances are your jeans or your favourite dress will tell you when you need to cut back a little.  The emotional bashing you give yourself when you hop on them is just not worth it.
  • Strength Train at least once per week: Muscle is what burns fat – period.  And strength training is the only form of exercise that builds muscle.  You won’t get big from lifting weights as Women do not have the body-building hormone (testosterone) to make this happen.’
  • Find Older Positive Role Models:  Older Woman know that looks are not forever and really harness their own level of happiness from feeling good, rather than looking good.   Learn from them and their healthy habits.
  • Do some cardio – but make it fun: Cardiovascular exercise is important for your general health and will burn some fat stores.  But make sure you enjoy it!  Running, Bushwalking, Swimming, Dance Classes, CrossFit or Cycling are all different ways to get your heart-pumping.
  • Get a Personal Trainer! Most people know what to do when it comes to weight loss, but easily get confused with too much information and conflicting information.  Having a qualified professional personal trainer, to keep you focused on the simple formula for weight loss, takes away the confusion and will get you your results faster – and make your results, last longer.

Stay tuned for Madeleine’s last few weeks of her journey and results from her personal training to find out was it all really worth it!


Personal Trainer Brisbane at Zenergy.

About Madeleine: Madeleine has never counted calories, exercised excessively, dyed her hair, undergone fad diets or even had a fake tan. She has never understood the desire to spend so much devotion on ones appearance. However, Madeleine Humphreys will document 10-weeks of her life as she undertakes all the popular fast diets, excessive exercise regimes and daunting beauty treatments that are idolised to form the perfect Australian lifestyle.  Follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amiperfectdocumentary


For any questions about personal training or crossfit training, contact Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony Hebrard on 0410 331 836 and find out how using a personal trainer can keep you on track towards your goals so you achieve a healthy and maintainable results.

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