Are you Setlling?

It is easy to sometimes just settle for what is comfortable in the short term don’t you think? We can just get lazy and settle for where we are at now rather that where we really want to be. This month my bicycle calendar’s quote is:
“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” Author – unknown
I have worked with many awesome people helping them get fitter, leaner and stronger. What really makes me think is when some have already settled for certain limits on their results. I’m not talking about crazy results! Results that I believe would be very achievable with just some good consistency of putting more deposits into their health and fitness accounts and less withdrawals.
It is believed that for us to be truly happy and fulfilled we need to feel as though we are growing. That is moving forward and accomplishing things. How are you feeling about your health and fitness? Are there some goals you’d really like to achieve but you’ve settled without really giving them a good shot? Here are some questions you could ask yourself to decide whether you should go for it or not?
1. What do you really want to achieve?
2. Why do you want it?
3. What will it take to achieve it?
4. Will it be worth it?
5. What sacrifices do you need to make?
6. Will it be worth it?
7. How will you feel when you achieve it?
8. Will it be worth it?
9. What is stopping you?
Dream big I say and chase your dreams. Life is more fun when you are fit and you deserve to live life to the fullest!

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