As my Mother would say, “What a load of codswallop!”

I’ve quickly learned that being pregnant opens the flood gates for the next-door neighbour’s long lost Aunty (that you’ve never met before) to openly tell you what you should and shouldn’t do when you are pregnant – regardless if you’ve asked for her advice or not!

People mean well, but it doesn’t mean they are right.

Apparently because I’m pregnant, I should not…

1. Drink alcohol.

2. Work “too hard”

3. Train “too hard”

4. Lie on my back after the first 12 weeks. (I shall remember this when I have my next Obs appointment and he asks me to lie on the bed on my back….)

5. Hold myself in a prone “position” in the LAST 12 weeks

6. I shouldn’t carry heavy things….(Sorry Gen, “they” said I shouldn’t carry you!)

And lastly,

No 7.  I shouldn’t eat salami, soft cheese or sushi….(I wonder if the Japanese and French woman know this?)

Really I shouldn’t do these things….because that is what “they” say and “they” must know best. (note: sarcasm)

If you want to lose weight or tone up, then I could rattle off another 7 things that “they” would say not to do including the classic: No carbs after 3pm…

Here’s what I DO know.

It’s YOUR  life and it’s YOUR body and YOU know yourself best.

Yes there are certain simple common sense rules in life that we ALL need to follow for different outcomes, but don’t get sucked into the over-the-top, exhaustive list of codswallop that we are all fed from well-meaning folks.

Remember that next time you realise you are listening to codswallop and choose to listen to yourself.

Now, where’s my glass of wine I shouldn’t be drinking.


Jods x


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