Foot Strike (2 of 2)

The best landing position for your foot when you run

Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony Hebrard chats to you about running and why landing on your forefoot will result in you running faster.  He explains the difference between heel strike landing and forefoot landing and why you’ll get the best results from a forefoot running technique.

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Foot Strike (1 of 2)

Where to position your foot when you are running

Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony Hebrard chats to you about Running.  Specifically, where is the best position for you to place your foot when you run.  One super important factor is placing your foot under or just behind your body as you land, as opposed to reaching out in front.

If you want to improve your running and get fitter and faster than watch this video now!

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Squat Stance

How to set your Squat stance

Brisbane Personal Trainer Tony Hebrard, chats about the Squat stance and how to set it up so you can squat safely and strongly. By having your feet straight ahead you can generate the most amount of torque (and therefore power) in your Squat and also have the strongest base with full stability as well.

Listen in and apply these tips in your next CrossFit workout!

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Staying safe in CrossFit | Class 1, 2 & 3 Exercises

How to stay safe in CrossFit Classes

January 12th 2016 | Brisbane CrossFit Workshops @ Zenergy

Staying safe in CrossFit means you need to scale the exercises appropriately and choose the right exercise for you. There are 3 different classes of exercises and Tony Hebrard, from CrossFit Zenergy in Brisbane takes you through each of these so you can CrossFit safely and get the best results possible.


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Midline Stablity | Deadlifts

What is midline stabilty & how it relates to a Deadlift

January 5th 2016 | CrossFit Brisbane Workshops @ Zenergy

What is Mid-line stability, why is it important and how do you maintain it?  Head CrossFit Zenergy Coach and Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony Hebrard looks at a Deadlift and goes through setting it up and how to maintain midline stability through out this movement.

What are our Trainer Workshops? We take your results, motivation & safety seriously which means every Tuesday morning at CrossFit Zenergy you’ll find the Personal Trainers gathering downstairs at 10:30am for their Weekly Workshop, with Brisbane Personal Trainer, Tony.
This is a compulsory 60min in-house CrossFit Training Workshop to help the team stay up to date with new training methods, revisit the fundamentals and also learn from outside experts that we get in as well.

Snuggle it, cuddle it & get cosy with it.

Polite and I just don’t get along.

I’d rather take a risk in communication and be honest, direct and candid rather than polite.

Polite strokes the ego and gets you and me nowhere.

I thought about being polite last week when this email landed in my inbox.

I thought about it…and I’m so glad I wasn’t.


“Hi Jodie,

After much thought I’ve decided I am going to put my membership on hold until I can commit to coming more often.

I would like to thank you and Tony for your support in trying to get me fit, and look forward to seeing you guys again down the track.

Kind Regards,




“Hey NC!

I totally understand BUT I’m also going to totally suggest instead of stepping back completely, just swap your Membership for 1 x 30min PT per week.

You know you need accountability, an appointment, someone to check on you.

AND YES, 1 x PT per week will benefit you.  It won’t change your world, but it will deliver you consistency and build this habit bit by bit.

Imagine at Christmas time how you will feel after doing just 1 x PT sess weekly til then?

And imagine if nothing happens from now til then?

Ok, enough from me.

Over to you.

Jods x

P.S The polite thing was for me to reply with none of this, but I’m here to help.



This email exchange was just last week and NC was at the Gym this morning doing 1 x 30min PT session.

Bloody awesome I say.

We all feel like it’s too hard sometimes and the “why should I even bother….” thoughts creep in.

You just have to find a smaller step that will work for you.

Break it down.

Take a step back.

Don’t ever shy away from commitment.

Play the long-game in fitness with smaller steps and get comfortable with a consistency.

Share a snugSnuggle it, cuddle it and get nice and cosy with it.

I dare you.

Jods x



Guilty as charged.

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.

I was calling a Girlfriend for a bit of sage advice as Tony and I were contemplating a change – a tree change.

After living in the “burbs” for nearly a decade and being only 4kms to the CBD and our Gym, the convenience of inner-city living was wearing thin.  With our 2 girls now becoming little people who like to run and play, I started to have strong urges to give them a more relaxed upbringing with a rural influence.

Santa had already delivered 3 baby chickens at Christmas and throw into the mix, a new Puppy as well, we were starting to feel the squeeze on our 359 SQM block.

So, this led us to looking at property in Samford (about 20kms from CBD).

Back to my Girlfriend and that phone call.

I was calling her because she’d done it.

She’d done the Tree-Change and had lived at Samford and had only just recently moved back to the City.

Did she love it?

What was good about it?

What was not so good?

If she had her time over again, would she change anything?

I rambled, I stumbled and I semi-listened to her responses.

And about half-way through the phone call, it hit me.

I wasn’t listening to her responses, I was only listening to the bits I wanted to hear.

I nodded and engaged with the appropriate “Ok”, “Uh-huh” and “Hmmmm” when needed and we wrapped up the phone call with, “I’ll keep you posted!”

I realised as I hung up, that I really wasn’t after her advice.  I had called her with that intention, but deep down I’d made up my mind.

I was calling her to continue to validate the decision I had already made in my mind.

We were moving. It was going to happen.

2 weeks later with more house inspections we were now at an Auction and walked away that day with a signed contract on our dream home.

1.7 acres and about a 30min drive from the Gym, I was in bush-heaven.

After months of “research” the burbs to the bush project was complete.

I look back now and laugh at my behaviour and wonder, Where else have I done this?

Where else have I made up my mind on something, without consciously voicing it and ignored what anyone was around me saying, even after I had asked for their advice, opinion and feedback.

We all do this, don’t we?

I’m guilty as charged when it comes to any form of stretching or re-hab from my beloved Physio.

“Alex, I’m still getting shoulder pain and it’s really frustrating me….”

“Ok Jodie, so how are you going with your stretches I gave you?”

<insert long awkward pause here>

You see, I’d already decided that stretching was boring as bat-shit therefore rarely do them.

And I’m even guiltier when the c-word is mentioned with my Trainer, Nikki.

The c-word being Core.

“Nikki, my core is still weak and I want it to be stronger….”

“Sure Jods, how many times did you do your core exercises this week?”


I had decided that getting my core stronger is really hard work.  Like really, really, really hard. Too hard for me in fact. So, I don’t do a bloody thing about it!

We can all decide what is going to be easy, hard, enjoyable or painstakingly boring as bat-shit.

We decide if it can’t be done, can be done and is going to get done, well before it is ever done.

We make up our minds and that determines the outcome, before you’ve even started.

Dr Suess was right.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

Yes Dr Suess.

I’m hearing you.

Best I start steering myself in the right direction.

Best I decide today is the day.

What about you?

Jods x.

P.S. A few snaps of our Tree-Change to share with you…

Burbs and Nella“Plenty of room for hide and seek in our new yard and Nella found the perfect hiding spot.”

Burbs and Family

Celebrating the move. Me soaking up the fresh-air with a glass of bubbles!”


Burbs and Chickens

“Meet Claudia, Tootoo, Huey, Duey, Spotty and Caster. 6 out of our 11 Lovely Hens…Oh, and the view from my home-office!”

Alex Photo Physio 1And lastly, Meet my Physio, Alex.  The smiling assassin.”

Dr Suess

This girl was on fire.

I was onto Point #2 of my chat during the Ladies Night we had at the Gym recently, and wanted to make sure I slowed down so that the point really hit home.

Rewind a few years, and I was sharing the story of beginning my training for a full distance Triathlon after having had my 2nd child, Nella.

2 pregnancies with less than a year a part had certainly taken its toll on my body and I knew that the “getting back” into it stage was going to need a careful approach. Throw into the mix the post-natal depression I had with my first child, meant that my self-esteem was needing love & support, not the self-bashing mentality of go hard or go home!

Winning from day one was crucial for me. We all like to feel like we are winning, right?!

I had about 10 months to train towards a 1.5km swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run and focused heavily on the scientific principle of progressive overload. What this means is to make your workouts harder, heavier or longer bit by bit, so your body continually has to adapt (get fitter and stronger) to deal with the increased stimulus.

So, I sat down and wrote my program for the first 4 weeks.

It was awesome.

It was the best program I had ever written!

It was so damn good that I was ready to get started – right away.

Week one involved 2 runs and I had the exact route mapped out I was going to take.

Let’s go back to the Ladies Night…. and the moment I asked them a question…. “How long do you think I had planned for my first run? How many kilometers do you think I was starting with on Day 1?”

Answers jumped out at me.

“10 kms…”

“2 kms…”

“5 kms…”

I stood there and listened waiting for the room to die down again.

“Ladies, it was less than that – a lot less. For the first 2 weeks my planned runs were 500 meters.”

The room erupted.

“WHAT?! Only 500 meters???”

I could see the look of disbelief on their faces with comments like… ” Why bother?!, and, Is that all?!, ringing through the room.

And then they stopped to think about it and it started to sink in.

The importance of starting small.

The importance of winning from Day 1.

The importance of being kind to yourself.

Fitness is a long term game and enjoying the process early on in your training is one of the keys to long term results.

I went on to share that I then doubled my training in week 3!

This now meant I was now running the big, huge amount of 1 whole kilometer!

WOW – this girl was on fire!

I knew deep down that the momentum I was building would steamroll into discipline. My body was feeling good from moving, my pelvic-floor was coping and my self-esteem was lapping up the wins that I was pinning on the board!

Starting small works.

It really does.

You just have to let go of your ego and let go of any preconceived thoughts on what starting back  means to you. Jodie's iphone 3295

Running 500 meters on that first day didn’t leave me all hot and sweaty.

But, it did leave me with spirits so high, and motivation on the rise with a wanting for more.

And that is where you win my friend.

That moment with yourself when you whisper…. “YES, I can do this!”

Yes. You. Can. :)

Jods x

P.S. If you want help starting your training again, then call me on 3252 7999 or PM on Facebook CrosssFit Zenergy.


CrossFit Zenergy Co-owner Jodie Hebrard

Lessons learned.


That’s the pin dropping that you can hear…’s been way too quiet from me.

I can’t hide from the fact that my New Zealand adventure derailed me big time.  If you missed that post, you can find it (here).

After investing so much time and energy into the adventure and having an epic disappointment as the result, it’s certainly been a time for me to pay attention to what I can learn from the lessons that life delivers along the way.


Learning to tune into your instincts and stopping to pay attention when things don’t feel right. We (us Humans!) have the incredible ability to have the sense of intuition and the intelligence of conscious thought.  When someone or something doesn’t feel right and you can’t quite explain why – STOP and pay attention and say No.

Learning to know when to defend your position or when to walk away.  In life there will be times when you’ll disagree with someone and when that time comes, try and find a place where you agree that you’ll have to disagree…. BUT….don’t be disagreeable in the process.  Walking away and biting your tongue can be hard. (Trust me!)  But walking away and giving no more fuel to an argument gives you the power in holding your dignity.  Remember, if argue with an idiot, it really just makes 2.

And my last big learning is to listen to others when things are questioned.  This is the one thing that I’m ultra disappointed in and it’s with myself.  The quick details are that one of the Woman who did the Hike with us brought to me very early on her concerns of the technical nature of the Hike.  It was real information from Government Websites on safety, track ratings and due diligence processes that should be undertaken.  I brushed her concerns aside as I had placed all my trust in our Guide and shut-down her concerns quickly with, “Why on earth would we be taken some where that wasn’t safe or that was too technical for us to complete?!”  How wrong was I.  Unfortunately, my requests for a “tough adventure” were taken to the extreme.  Upon my return I learned that all NZ Hikes are graded from 1 to 5 with 5 being for Experts with Advanced Alpine Experience.  Lucky for us (note sarcasm) our Hike was a Grade 5.  So a huge reminder for me being: We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  Learn to shut your mouth Jodie 😉 and open those 2 ears of yours.

Life will always bring you disappointments as it’s part of the ride.  You can’t have the highs, without the lows. So…. enjoy the highs when they come and when you hit the lows, the disappointments, the set-backs, the frustrations….Stop and realise that what ever you are going through is not permanent.

You’ll find a way out, you’ll get back up and you’ll get back on track.

Yes. You. Will.

Now….Let’s get on with our day!

Jods :)

P.S. Here are a few snap shots along the way….

NZ - mountain

Over a 1km hike through snow and ice to get to the top of this Mountain…and then it was down, down, down.





NZ - nic and nina

Smiles with Nic and Nina on Day 2 with the beautiful scenery around us.


NZ - Hokitika

Reaching solid ground again!  With some of the girls, (after a few wines) on a Lake rocking our runway in Hokitika!


NZ - Nella


Seeing these gorgeous faces again made my heart melt.  Thanks to Gav and Vicki for the photobomb LOL!

When things don’t go to plan….

Jods arrived






It’s ironic to sit here and read over my last blog post to you.

It was right before I set off for my NZ adventure…

Fear can be such a strong emotion and the more I’ve felt it in my life, the more I’ve grown to respect it.

And the older I get, the more I realise fear will never go away – it will always be there especially when I want to try something new, or do something again, that I couldn’t do the first time.

It’s a real thing.

But you can’t let it stop you – life is way too short.

Feel the fear and do things anyway, I say.”

It’s ironic, because Fear is exactly what I stared in the eyes in New Zealand.

The kind of fear that sets your adrenal glands to overdrive and makes your heart beat so loud that it pounds in your ears and in your chest.

If we haven’t caught up yet on my NZ adventure the short story is, I got a helicopter out of there.

The long story needs a few bottles of wine with you.

It was on the side of a Mountain that was covered in shale and no clear paths downwards that I felt this fear.  Slipping and sliding with my 16kg Backpack throwing my balance off and with rocks being dislodged – it was no longer an adventure for me, but a mission to get down to the bottom alive.

As I felt this fear I fought back tears and took deep breaths looking up to the sky….trying to find something to calm my nerves and give me the inner-strength to hold my shit together.

Losing my nerve on that Mountain was not an option as I knew it would lead me to freeze – where fear takes hold of you and turns into terror.

A girlfriend asked me recently about this fear… “When did it turn from normal fear to more than that?

I guess the real fear set in when I realised I had to get down to the bottom of the slope, but for the life of me, had no idea what steps to take and how to descend safely. Sliding down on my butt with my hiking poles to stop myself was the extent of my skill set.

There were no ropes, there certainly was no path to follow and flashes came to me of slipping and not being able to stop myself – not a pretty or confidence boosting picture to visualise.

Being in the moment, I remember thinking about my girls laughing and smiling and visualizing Tony at the bottom of that Mountain coaching me on (as he has done in the past with any outdoor adventures we’ve undertaken).

The feeling of isolation was heightened and being separated from them with no form of communication was very unsettling.

One woman was below me on the mountain descending and 2 others were right above me and we were all feeling fear in different ways.

My mind was racing with….“Get me out of here!” and with every step and slip we all made it down to the bottom safely.

Reaching solid ground was the best feeling ever and I had instant clarity with the fear I felt.

It was real.

It was something to respect.

And it highlighted the gross lack of my skills that was clearly needed to manage this terrain safely.

I no longer felt comfortable, I no longer felt safe and there was no question in my mind of just sucking it up and pushing on.

It was not a matter of toughening up.

There was real risk involved and I believe that being tough involves knowing when to call it quits.

It was awkward and uncomfortable to face the conversation of leaving and not finishing the adventure, but I knew that NOT speaking up was weak, so I did speak up and had conversations about options, opinions and the next (literal) steps moving forward.

There is one thing I am sure of and re-learned from this.

You have just got to listen to your gut and be brave enough to have those tough conversations.

Nothing worthwhile in life is ever earned from walking on easy-street.

Back yourself and your decisions.

Stand your ground.

Speak up.

Even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

Jods x 

P.S. Nate is leaving in July for a l-o-n-g holiday without a return date so it’s a sad time as we get ready to say Bon Voyage to him.

To celebrate his awesomeness we are having a WOD Comp where you can train with him 1 last time!

CrossFit Zenergy Pairs WOD COMP!

  • Friday Night 3rd July
  • 2 events with a 5pm start for 6:30pm finish
  • Pairs event…so organise your partner asap!
  • Mixed, Ladies & Mens pairs
  • Age groups will be Opens, 40+ and 50+!
  • Hang around for the part after to celebrate Nate’s farewell!

Pop your Pairs Name on the Register at the Gym!