13 years and still going!

Zenergy DSCN0277is now a Teenager! 13 years ago on a hot Saturday morning we opened the doors and started our adventure into the world of running our own Fitness Business.

Tony & I were both 24yrs young and clueless, but full of passion to help motivate and inspire people to make positive changes with their health and fitness!

The last few years have been tough behind the scenes with our transition into becoming parents, and I am so grateful for Tony holding the ship steady while we found our feet and new normal in life!


Moving forward this ship is ready to sail strongly ahead and we are pumped about 2017 and beyond!

We are truly grateful to wake up each day and do what we do with our Team of amazing Trainers!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and we look forward to helping you change, transition, grow or, shrink and become happier in your amazing vessel that you are steering through life


What would you write in your letter?

If you had to sit down and pen a letter to your own doubts & fears, what would you write?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my goals and what’s going on internally, because the only thing I can control is me. The results we get in our life, whether it be physical, financial or in our relationships are always a reflection of what’s going on internally.

No one ends up achieving their goals wondering how they got there.

Accidental success just does not happen.

I’ve written many letters over the years and sometimes they are to myself. Might sound a bit qwerky but stay with me. It’s a very powerful way of finding out what’s really going on inside and what you are up against.

Your results are waiting for you. True story. Your abundance in energy, strong, fit body and powerful & positive mindset is just-around-the-corner.

Give yourself ammunition to win for when those doubts & fears pop up.

Here’s mine locked & loaded.

Dear Self-Doubt,

It’s just not true.

Just because I’ve had a shoulder injury, got sick and couldn’t race in my Triathalon that day and took over 6hrs to run the slowest-hardest 42kms in my life doesn’t mean anything.

Failing doesn’t make me a failure.

You are too loud and obtrusive and really need to know your place – and that’s out my front door!!!

Next time you come knocking, I’m going to remind you of the time I started Zenergy with no experience and had to move back into Mum and Dads, I’ll remind you of the psychology appointments I fronted up to twice a week to overcome my post-natal depression, and also the time I raced my very first triathalon after having my first child with leaking boobs and floppy bits.

You’ve got no substance, no logical argument, no fucking place to tell me what I can and can’t do OR what I am and am not capable of!

I’ll decide that thank you very much.

Kind regards,

P.S. Grab some time for yourself and get writing!  The more ammunition you’ve got from your Self-Confidence the easier it is to shut-down those voices of fear & doubt.  Jods :)

Wonder woman

These 3 things always work.

We’ve just introduced something at home with the kids to help them learn about the concept of healthy boundaries, self-control & discipline.

It’s Strong Mondays.

It all came about from Tony chatting with Gen about becoming stronger on the Monkey Bars.

I’m sure she is a monkey from a past-life and between home, school and gymnastics, she monkey bars multiple times each day.

At first she was determined to hang on.

And then she was determined to move forward.

And then it was how many rungs can she do….and now it’s, “Hey Mum, watch me go backwards!”

The whole time she has been implementing (without realising) the scientific principle of progressive overload (getting stronger by doing a little more each time), and the life principle of – never give up!

If you want something bad enough, you have to work at it and be prepared to suck at first. And only after you’ve worked hard at it, will you master something.

So the Strong Monday conversation started with Tony….

“Hey Gen, you know how you have chocolate after dinner each night as a treat….?”

“Yes Daddy…”

“Well why don’t you have a night without chocolate?”

But I love chocolate Daddy!” There was slight fear in her eyes at the thought, but she was listening…and I was mildly amused where this conversation might go.

“I know you do Gen, but sometimes it’s good to not always have treats because then it’s not a treat!”

“Ummmm” Gen had no idea what to say.

Gen, you want to get stronger on the monkey bars and you know chocolate is a treat, so if you don’t have chocolate one night, you’ll definitely get stronger and be able to do more monkey bars.”

The Master Head Coach had struck again and delivered his first lesson to his daughter – the art of self control.

“But I really, really love chocolate Daddy…”

“Of course you do Gen, it’s up to you, just thought it was a good idea to help you get stronger.”

Reverse psychology.


She pondered….“Ok Daddy, I’ll do it.”

“Great Gen, which day of the week do you want to choose?”

Tony was now applying the principle of specificity. Getting specific about the action she’d have to take based on what she’d now promised herself.

“I think Monday’s Daddy, so that it’s over with at the beginning of the week, and I can have chocolate all the other nights!”

“That sounds like a great idea Gen. Why don’t we call it Strong Mondays. And you know what Gen, I’ll do it with you, I won’t have any Wine on Mondays ok?”

WTF did he just say? No Wine? Was he going to drag me into this as well?

“Mummy, did you hear that? We are going to have Strong Mondays and Gen is not going to have any chocolate and I’m not going to have any Wine…. Did you want to join us?”

Check-mate Jodie.

“Of course – that sounds like a great idea!” There were possibly daggers thrown at Tony at that point in my mind.

So Strong Mondays it is, and I have to confess it’s a good thing, despite the loathing and cursing on the first one.

It’s been weeks now of Strong Monday’s in the Hebrard House, and it has really reminded of these 3 timeless principles that always work…..

1. Set your intentions small.  One out of seven days to abstain from a treat is doable. Go small so you can keep it going after the honeymoon period is over. The mental battle is small so you can win at it on the days you couldn’t be f****d. The mental strength you’ll gain far outweighs any physical benefit from just one day.

2. Support Works By having Strong Mondays as a family we can support and nurture each other with words of encouragement and affirmation of the big picture – getting stronger for whatever is important to you. Find your support crew & get them on board!

3. Make it Fun & Empowering. We gave our “thing” a name. It’s a positive name to affirm what we are gaining, rather than any reference to what we are abstaining from. We could have named it, “Treat free night” but Strong Mondays is so much more empowering for your mind.

So that’s the latest update fromGen Monkey Bars the Hebrard Household. I’ve love to hear if you implement anything at home….Drop me a line :)

Jods x

P.S. Here is our monkey doing her thing!

Getting Strong – From 15kg to 65kgs!

Member since August 2015

Congratulations Eyleen Hermes for being awarded Athlete of the Month for January 2017!

Eyleen joined Zenergy in August 2015 and jumped into Group Classes straight away.  She’d always been a runner and loved running but didn’t have any experience or knowledge about strength training.

She wanted to get stronger and in between being a busy woman with her work (Burger Urge Franchises) she started coming to Zenergy regularly.

When she kicked-off her training at Zenergy she started with a 15kg Squat and not being able to do any overhead pressing because she was so weak. After months of hard work she started seeing and feeling her results!

2017 Jan - Eyleen

She can now Squat 65kg (50kg increase!) and Push Press 47.5kg (that’s overhead!) and is our fastest runner at Zenergy for the 1.3km loop around our Gym!

She is such a quiet achiever and always brings positivity to her workouts inspiring others to give their best as well!

Well done Eyleen! We can’t wait to cheer you on for another strong year of training!

Keep up the great work!

Tony, Steve, Jods, Wade, Damo, Matt + the Z Community! :)


What my Mum would say…

This year is going to be a huge year for Zenergy.

Gen & Nella are now 6yrs & 4yrs, so there are no more nappies – just lunch boxes, uniforms and school drop offs and pick ups.

A totally new routine and rhythm.

I’m back at Zenergy full time and so excited about getting more involved, meeting more of you guys and getting back to what I used to do – helping the Team deliver an A grade health and fitness service to you guys!

But it’s also nerve wracking as well.

As the year has settled in with new routines and the reality of my tasks at hand, I realised I’m feeling very rusty with what used to come so naturally.

I used to market, manage, organise, create and have meetings all day – and loved it. I’d learn as as I go, implement very quickly and work from project to project doing my thing.

But the skills I’ve used with my kids over the last 6 years don’t really relate to my role. Yes, I’ve become even more productive, but I have felt so out of depth with the social media explosion and given my shoulder injury has kept me away from my own health and fitness goals, I’ve had thoughts that maybe I’m not up for the job.

“Fiddle sticks Jodie.”

That’s what my Mum would say.

And here’s what I said to myself recently when all of these doubts were streaming through my mind.

“You’ve got this Jodie. You’ll figure it out, just like you always do. You are damn good at what you do and even though your skill set and tool box is out of date, you can easily get it up to speed. You’ve got passion, work ethic and determination which never reaches a use-by date, so don’t be fooled with any thoughts of doubt.”

I was going to start my first day back at work full-time by planning out my week and being clear on what my goals were, where I wanted to take zenergy, what would the marketing plan look like etc and then I realised that was all bullshit and distraction.

I didn’t need a sexy-plan and goodlooking diary to follow. (I’ve got 2 young kids now so really any plans are bullshit comfort factors anyway.)

I needed action.

I needed effort.

I needed to start doing….picking up the phone, making connections and getting the ideas in my head in action straight away.

So that’s what I did.

Sometimes we can get all caught up in the planning, getting ready phase, making things super organised, ready to start – when all we need to do is start.

A bumpy start is way better than a flawless plan.

Get started.

Get going.

Go do something to make your thing happen today.

Jods x

P.S. Here’s Mum, striking a pose post workout – not a Woman to be messed with!

Mum Gym

Burgers & Brilliant Ideas

As soon as she said it, I instantly thought to myself, “That’s a brilliant idea, I’ll do that!”

I was catching up with a friend before Christmas and we were chowing down on some tasty burgers.

Grill’d Burgers – my favourite!

This woman is an inspiration to me and we’ve managed to stay in contact for over a decade on and off and more on recently.

I was sharing my latest (slow) developments on my shoulder recovery and some small wins I had in the last few training sessions.

(For those of you who aren’t up to speed, I’ve been over-coming a chronic shoulder issue which set in after having my last child back in 2014.  Training has been uninspiring and daily tasks like brushing my hair or hanging out the washing can be very painful. A diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome was reached a year ago and I’ve been seeking specific treatments ever since.)

Back to Burgers….

I’d just started doing deadlifts again and was sharing that I could now do 15kgs pain-free, but also sharing my frustration at the gap that still existed.  

In my mind the benchmark and measuring stick was my P.B. of 92.5kg.  That was about 8 years ago and seemed like a distant memory.  

So the 15kg I’d just deadlifted seemed dismal in contrast.

She listened, she understood and she reminded me of how far I’d already come.

“Jodes, you know what…. It was only a few months ago that you were telling me you couldn’t even deadlift the 6kg bar without pain – so 15kg is awesome. Great job.”

She went on with….

“You know what I do at home is I’ve got a big calendar up in my room, one of those wall calendars and I write up all my workouts, what I do.  And as the days, weeks and months go on, I can clearly see the little wins I’m making.

Progress can so easily get lost in P.B’s or where you think you should be at, but we forget about the steps that are happening week to week, month to month, that are moving us forward.’

Anyway, that’s what I do at home and it works for me.”


What a brilliant idea.

It’s got nothing to do with what you are going to do, but everything to do with what you’ve actually done.

Hard facts not a wish list.

Micro wins logged every day.

So during my break over Christmas I organised an A1 Wall Poster of a 2017 calendar and got it set up in my bedroom and have been tracking my activity ever since.

It’s only the start of February, but it’s already provided me with invaluable feedback.

I’m winning, ever so slowly, but I’m winning.

It has been the best $25 bucks I’ve spent on my rehab….and here’s the direct link to the calendar I use if you want to get your own happening too.  Click Here – Wall Calendar Printable (There’s no kickbacks to me for sharing the link – just want to make it easy for you to implement!)

And I’ll remind you of what I’m reminding myself of daily…..Patience little grasshopper, patience.

Here’s to a strong 2017 for you (and me!) and celebrating the micro-wins along the way!

Cheers Jods x

P.S. The kids are back at school, I’m back at my desk full-time and am pumped for a huge year of fitness with you guys!

To Bread or not to Bread?

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you might have noticed I’m not a massive fan of the… “Here’s the Top 5 Things you should eat, do, train or whatever…..”

It’s not my style and I find it to be impersonal & totally lacking in the biggest thing that will help you take action – emotion.


I was reminded on the weekend about the information that floats around in my brain and would be helpful to you guys.

I had a Client reach out to me directly with….

“Hey Jods,

Can I quizz you about bread? I haven’t been eating it for a while (eating Paleo) but I miss it and wanted to understand what’s the go with it?

Is it really as bad as it’s promoted to be?

What say you, my wellness guru?”

Bread Image

I was embarrassed by the title she gave me, but hell, I have been doing this fitness thing for over 15 years and have learned just a little in my time, so here goes.

I picked up my phone to call her and my first question was…

1. Do you suffer from bloating, irritable bowel or any form of digestive problems. (Do you poop once a day, without problems?)

If your answer is a YES for any of the above – Seek the advice of a Dietitian. They know more than me and you clearly need help to ascertain the correct answer.

Her answer was NO, so I moved on.

If you poop fine, then my advice is bread is not your enemy.

Here’s the 3 Tips I gave her….

1. Eat what makes you feel good. 
Find the bread that digests well for you. For me, I don’t eat refined, highly-processed cheap breads, I invest in a quality sourdough and also eat Pumpernickel Bread as it’s so convenient and doesn’t go stale.

2. Test & Measure
Don’t make too many changes to your diet/food choices all at once. If you experience any feel goods or feel bads, it’s hard to know what the trigger is, so slow-down, make small changes and pay attention to your body signals!

3. Go back to point 1 & repeat. 
There is so much information out there and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

So, please don’t over-complicate it for yourself.

Here’s to a strong 2017 with bread or no bread, regular pooping and working towards your strongest, fitter version of YOU.

Cheers Jods x

P.S Interested in finding out about the 35+ weekly classes that our Members get sweaty in and rave about? Do yourself a favour, do your research about the 1st steps & Click Here!

CrossFit Zenergy Co-owner Jodie Hebrard







Meet Emily: AKA Ninja Apprentice

Emily boxing at Zenergy!

Emily has been training with Zenergy in Brisbane for over a year and a half now and has been doing Personal Training with myself since October last year. Her main goals are to get stronger, tone up and to one day be a super Ninja like myself 😉😅.

In the last few months she’s taking her strength to new heights from not being able to body weight dips to being able to smash out 10 unbroken.  Emily also enjoys smashing out the focus mitts. Check out her punch/ kick combo on the pads and kick shield. That hip rotation and pivot is on point 👊💯

Keep up the great work Emily.

Forearm Stretch

Kneeling Forearm & Wrist Stretch | Daily ROM

Brisbane Personal Trainer & CrossFit Zenergy Coach Tony Hebrard shows you how to stretch out your forearms and wrists in this easy kneeling position.

An effective stretch to loosen off any tightness in your forearms and he shows you multiple positions as well.


Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Chicken Wing Stretch | Daily ROM

Brisbane Personal Trainer & CrossFit Zenergy Coach Tony Hebrard shows you how to stretch your Rotator Cuff.

He calls it the Chicken Wing stretch and it’s a great stretch for tight shoulders and very easy to do!