What are your gifts?

Being a Dad has taught me a lot and if you are a Parent then I reckon you’ll relate to this…. (and if you aren’t yet, then go back in time to when you were a kid!)

Imagine your child is gifted in writing and arts. She excels in these areas, enjoys it and sees significant progress when she puts even a moderate amount of time into it.

It comes easily & naturally to her.

She is ok at mathematics. Learning and making progress, achieving sound but not amazing grades. She’ll do it but she’s certainly not drawn to it in her spare play-time.

Do you guide her to work really hard on her mathematics in order to achieve higher grades across the board?

If you do this, there’s a sacrifice as you’ll take time, energy and passion away from her writing and arts.

Or, do you guide her to maintain solid and sound grades in mathematics and allow her time and energy to see how great she can become in the realm of writing and arts?

This leads me back to you and me.

What are your gifts in fitness?

And, are you giving these gifts the time & energy they deserve?

Are you making the right sacrifice for you?

Focusing on your weaknesses is great but stay focused on your strengths, as losing this focus can mean you become slightly better than average in areas where you could be really good or even great!

Think Strong.



Written by Tony Hebrard | Head Coach & Personal Trainer


Fitness & Performance WODs


In the pursuit of helping you achieve your best health & fitness results I’ve decided to change your Daily WOD choices.

Until now you have had the Daily WOD with RX’d (the prescribed weights) with Scaled Options.  This has allowed you to choose what best suits you and works well for most people.

But… I also understand that sometimes it can be challenging to decide what option is best for you.  Is it S1, S2, or S3 or some where in between?

Or is it time for you to try the RX’d option?

We all have different goals and support each and everyone of you to achieve your best results, so giving you the best options to choose from is critical with your ongoing results.

So, moving forward we will be introducing 2 WOD options in each Class. The purpose of this change is to help you select the best way to boost your fitness each time you workout, and helping you achieve your goals the most efficient way possible. Please note that you will have the ability to modify these WODs if needed and your Coaches will continue to guide you with this.

I’m excited to be launching the Fitness & Performance WODs next week….

  1. Fitness WOD – A focus on improving fitness for life & also those of you who are new to training CrossFit.
  2. Performance WOD – A stronger focus on improving athletic performance specifically for CrossFit & for those who are more experienced in strength & conditioning training.


Below is an Example WOD to help explain things further….


Fitness WOD
15 minute AMRAP
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 50kg or 35kg
5 Front Squats 50kg or 35kg
30s Hollow Body
200m Run
Performance WOD
1RM Deadlifts
15 minute AMRAP
5 Snatch Balance 50kg or 35kg
5 Overhead Squats 50kg or 35kg
15 Toes to Bar
200m Run


NZ - NellaI welcome any questions at the Gym or give me a call on 0410 331 836 – I always love to hear from you guys.

Keep up your great training!

Cheers Tony

What you can do with a bit of Confidence!

Self-confidence is such a powerful thing.

Actually believing in yourself and your ability to do what you want to do I think this is such a critical element to success.

If you don’t really believe you can do it then I think the chances of you doing it are quite small.

So why are some people confident and others aren’t?

How can you build up your confidence so it helps you reach new heights in your fitness and other areas of your life?
I have a good friend of mine, lets call him Fredrick, and he is a very confident and determined man.

He recently saw a picture of another good friend of mine, lets call him Jim, performing a Fit Ball Squat (that is standing unassisted on a Fit Ball and Squatting up and down, no easy feat).

Of course Fredrick had to now see if he could do a Fit Ball Squat. He tried and tried and tried again until he got it! I’m sure his thoughts were something like this. If Jim can do it, I can do it! When he’d fall off, he’d just get back up and try again. There was no way he even let the thought of defeat enter his mind. He was going to Squat on that Fit Ball and he was going to get it real quick.
Setting goals is a great way to build your confidence.

You need to start with a dream and write your dream down.

If you had no limits what would you do?

Now break it down into smaller goals or stepping stones to those bigger goals.

Now, beware most people overestimate what they can achieve in the short term and underestimate what they can achieve in the long term. Why is this so? Maybe it is due to patience. We tend to want things now and struggle with the idea of putting work into something and having to wait for the rewards.

Setting small short term goals are vital to building your confidence. Lets say you want to run a marathon but it seems just so far out there that you are struggling to make progress towards it. Set yourself the goal to run 5 times this week. The goal is just about consistency. Once you hit the goal you will feel good about yourself and ready to tackle the next goal which you need to set before even hitting your first goal. That goal might be to run 42kms in one week. Hit that goal and then go for your next slightly bigger goal. Before you know it you’ll be getting more and more confident about running that marathon and you’ll be addicted to the awesome feeling of hitting your goals. This confidence will spill over to all other areas of your life as well!

Not being afraid to fail is also a major part of confidence. You need to be a little bit afraid so that you will actually try hard to succeed but not so afraid that you don’t try. If you don’t try you most certainly won’t succeed! But by challenging yourself and giving new things a go you will grow and so will your confidence.

Happy goal building and achieving!

Remember it’s more fun when you are confident!


There is no Good without Bad

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is no good without bad?” When I first heard it it made me stop and think. It makes a lot of sense though. How can something be good if there is no bad? To have a really good day you probably need to experience a bad day so that you know the good day is good.
For me realising that you need both, good and bad, helps me deal with both better. When things don’t go so well, then it is easy to accept it knowing that things do go bad sometimes. When things go really well then I am grateful for it, knowing that this doesn’t always happen.
I suppose the challenge is to plan your life so that it is full of much more good than bad. How would you rate your health and fitness right now? Is it good or bad? Maybe it is just ok? So if you want to make it better how do you do it? It is going to take some work right. Chances are you are going to have to work on both your nutrition and your exercise regime. It is going to take some sacrifice which you believe will be worth it to reach your goals. So, the question is what is stopping you? You know that when you reach your goals you will take your health and fitness from bad or ok to good but you aren’t doing what you need to do! How silly is that!
Don’t worry you are not alone. I think we all do this in at least one area of our life. We know if we take a few simple actions this area will go from bad to good but for some reason, maybe laziness, maybe fear of success, maybe lack of belief that if we actually do what we think we should we might still not achieve. Well I think the place to start is to increase how much you want the goal. If you go to bed thinking about the goal you want and waking thinking about it then I think you will be much more likely to take the action you need to take.
Try writing out 10 reasons why you want to hit your health and fitness goals. Think of all the benefits that will come from hitting this goal or goals. Think of how it will improve your life and how you feel on a daily basis. These reasons will serve as a force field to shield away the obstacles (food temptations, laziness temptations, doubts and fears) that try to get in your way!
Seriously if you have been putting off or just not giving your health and fitness the attention it deserves try giving it a really good shot and I’m sure you’ll be saying , it’s way more fun when you are fit!

How Much is Enough?

How long do I need to workout for to get a result? Have you ever asked this question? If you have you are not the only one. We are all as busy as ever and want to get the results in the shortest amount of time. Leading into Christmas is no different. Lots of functions to go to, presents to buy and busy wrapping up work assignments so you can enjoy a well-earned holiday stress free!
Before I tackle the question of workout length let’s take a step back for a minute.
Remember, the first key is consistency! Forget about how long to workout for if you are only doing it once a week. You need to do it more often than that to get a real effect. Most days (have one day off if you like) is the way to go!
Intensity is also a very important key! How well you train is more important than how long you train for. Remember the first step is consistency though so don’t go trying to break records if you haven’t trained for a couple of weeks. Ease into and gradually up the “anti” each session. Let me also point out that keeping your technique in check is a fundamental way of keeping intensity high while keeping the chances of injury to a minimum. No use lifting that heavy weight if your core is not switched on, your back is all bent and you have not set your shoulders correctly!
Now let’s talk about how long you need to workout for to get a result! Anything is better than nothing! Lets say you have been struggling with the consistency thing and you’ve been getting in 2-3 workouts per week instead of doing something 5-6 days per week. Then start by just doing something each day. Seriously this does not matter if it is a 5minute powerwalk around the block. Just start getting used to doing something each day! Try hitting the deck and doing as many push ups as you can in 2 minutes. The next day try as many squats as you can. See how you feel after this 2 minutes? Different than before the 2 minutes, right!
Now lets not forget about the principle of progressive overload and also keep things in check with your goals. If you keep doing 2 minutes each day your results will soon plateau and you’ll need to do a little more. Also if your goal is to lose 1 kg a week then you’ll need to burn up around 9000 calories extra each week. So doing solid 30-45 minutes workouts will help a lot more than the 2 minute efforts!
If I have to give you a minimum workout time then it is 20 minutes. 20 minutes of good workout time. This can include warm up and cool down since you will still be moving the body during this time. So here are some ideas for fast and effective workouts you can do almost anywhere.
1. Warm up – 3 minute jog, some dynamic stretches (arm swings and legs swings).
Workout – Run at a fast pace for 6 minutes, turn around and run back aiming to get back in less than 6 minutes.
Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on your legs.
2. Warm Up – Loosen up with some light stretching and 5 reps of push ups, squats and sit ups. Workout – Set a timer for 3 minutes and climb a ladder of push ups, squats and sit ups. Climbing a ladder means starting at 1 rep for each exercise and then complete 2, then 3 and so on climbing as high as you can within the 4 minutes. Have a minute rest and then start at the number you reached and climb back down aiming to get to zero in less than 4 minutes. Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on areas that are feeling the tightest.
3. Warm up – Find yourself a nice hill or set of stairs that is around 50-100m. Warm up with some light stretches and then 2-3 minutes of jogging followed by 10 push ups and 10 squats. Workout – Complete as many push ups as you can in 20seconds and then as many squats as you can in 20seconds and the run up the hill or stairs as fast you can. Take note of how many push ups and squats you did and the total time from start to the top of the hill. Take an easy jog back down the hill and then repeat the same number of push ups, squats and hill run aiming to match your first time. Repeat this as another 2 to 3 times giving you 4-5 rounds of this fast and furious full body conditioning session.
4. Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on areas that are feeling the tightest.
Do one of these workouts each morning over the festive season and I’m sure your keep the Christmas pudding bulge at bay! Hey, why not punch one out on Christmas morning and I’m sure the Christmas feast will be even more satisfying! It will only take 20minutes! Christmas is more fun when you’re fit!

My Mobility Left Me 10 Years Ago!

I was down at our local park with Genevieve on Saturday and we were climbing and sliding as we do! Next to the play equipment a Father was playing cricket with his Son, who I think would have been around 8 years old.

I happened to overhear a conversation they had.

It went like this.
“Dad, you could have got that one!”

“Jack, my mobility left me 10 years ago! I haven’t run since footy!”

I thought, wow! Here is a guy playing cricket with his Son which I think is great, but unfortunately he is too out of shape to really get into it.

His mobility left him!

No wonder! If you don’t look after it, it will leave you right. This guy was carrying some extra kilos, about 20-30 I would say, so obviously he has done little to look after himself since his footy days. Put a 20kg back pack on and see how mobile you feel! The thing is his Son is only young so he’s obviously still got many years of playing ahead of him!

I can’t imagine what that would feel like and be that out of shape that I couldn’t play actively with my kids. I want to be able to run around with my kids forever! I told a good friend of mine about this and he said, “Did you talk to him”? I didn’t, but gee I wish I did. Imagine the quality of life this guy would gain by “getting his mobility back”!

I believe one of the worse things we can do is take something for granted. I think we need to protect and nurture what we’ve got. Our health is one of those things and if we don’t look after ourselves we will become unhealthy, overweight, sick and lose mobility. Once you lose it, it can be hard work to get it back. The longer you lose it for the harder it is to find again as well!
If you know this guy please let him know we can help and tell him that it is more fun when you’re fit!

“It” is Your Decision

What determines whether someone is going to hit their goals or not?

Making the decision that you are going to achieve your goal is where it all starts and finishes!

You see many people want “it”.

We all want to be fit, have the fit body, the muscles, the elimination of any wobbly bits, the energy and vitality, the feeling of success and self-pride.

The question is… Have you really decided what “it” is for you? AND, Do you want “it” bad enough?

I think the key is to find that place where you are pushing at the right level for you.  The right level being that place where you are truly fulfilled and happy! You feel challenged but not so much that you feel like a weight is pushing you into the ground. You are not kidding yourself by setting goals that require much more time and effort than you are prepared to put in and you are also not kidding yourself by saying that it is all ok when it is not!

If you are overweight and unfit you know that your time for ill health will come much sooner than it should.

In 2006 I competed in my first body building competition. It was a decision I made 14 weeks before the first competition date. I had a reasonable base as I’d been strength training consistently for several years. So 12 weeks out I had my first appointment with my Personal Trainer, a friend and past Mr Australia. After placing second in the novice category that year I decided that I would devote my training for the next year to becoming the best body builder I could be (without the drugs).

My goal was to win my weight division in the QLD titles in 2007. This journey was an amazing experience and one that taught me many things that I continue to benefit from today.

However, these lessons only came from putting in the “work” to be the best I could be. The training and eating wasn’t a chore because it was simply part of what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted. I lived and breathed body building because the prize was worth it!

Did I win my division?

Yes, but that’s not why I felt successful that day.

Tony Hebrard - 2007 Qld Champion of Natural Body BuildingThe real success came as I stood there on stage knowing that I had given it everything I had and that is where the real satisfaction is. Winning to me does matter, but the real win is beating any inner demons that hold you back from being your best!

So, if you have a goal that you’d like to achieve but you haven’t really been going for it try this this home-work task out.

Sit down and write down the pros and cons for training, eating and working towards “it”. Then weigh it all up. If the pros for it outweigh the cons then what are you waiting for?

Make the decision and go for it and give it everything you’ve got!

So what if you miss out on a bit of sleep or some of the Master Chef All Stars!

So what if you need to take some time to prepare your healthy food.

So what if you have to push a little harder in your training sessions.

When you stand there on your own podium of success knowing that you have given it everything you’ve got you will feel something that truly satisfies your soul!

Remember, it’s more fun when you’re fit!