Bloody big question.

So, I’ve got some fitness and life goals that I want to set soon, but there’s an unkown factor (that would be Bub no. 2 coming shortly), and I’ve found myself stalling on the “decide” part lately.

My brain has been wandering into the territory of, “let’s just see what happens, then go from there….

I like this theory, but I also know it’s dangerous, as you can fall into complacency and then easily get caught up in “life” to the point of 6 months passing by and then realising…. “Where the hell did that time go?”

I don’t like complacency.

I like progress.

It dawned on me yesterday the old theory I used to use religiously has been buried for a while, and collecting some dust.

So I dusted it off and I’m ready to use it again.

That theory – Start with the END in mind. (Thanks Stephen Covey)

This weekend that’s what I’ll be focusing on….

What do I want my life, my health and my family to look like in 5 years time….?”

Bloody big question that is going to hurt my brain.

Better go crank up the engines…….Anyone want to join me?


Over and out….Jodes x

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