3 Week Challenge Participants

What Others Say

“The 3 week challenge was definitely the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Starting the challenge with a group of people who had similar feelings was comforting but I soon realised that there was no one and nothing to be afraid of at Zenergy. 

At the end of the 3 week challenge I committed to a 12 month membership and I am so glad I did. I have completely changed my mindset about exercise and am continually amazed (and sometimes downright surprised) at the things my body can do now, which it could not do 4 months ago.  I may never be the fittest person in the gym but I’ve learned that it’s ok to run my own race – and just keep moving.”

Sarah | 28 | Office Worker

“The whole Zenergy Team are very friendly yet highly professional and are committed to seeing personalised best results!”

Margaret | 52 | Retired

“For me the Challenge is a starting point, not an end goal.  I have rediscovered a number of things from this experience so far that had become distant memories – a sense of challenge, finding the pain barrier again and the good feelings that go with pushing myself out of my comfort zone and then moving to another level.

At the end of Week 2, the rewards have been tangible; simple things like minor increases in strength and flexibility add a whole range of good feelings to the normal activities of daily life. Lifting shopping bags, bending over to tie up shoe laces and being able to put your undies on without sitting down are simple things but they’re also daily indicators of your physical well-being. :)

Also, meeting like minded people adds to the sense of adventure and accomplishment and working with exceptional professionals develops a strong sense of trust.

As I’ve explained, this for me isn’t about a one-off Challenge, but about regaining a better overall lifestyle and future that is made up of a number of elements from fitness and activity through to diet and importantly, a sense of personal achievement. Those elements are the basic foundations of living a happy life and being able to better deal with all of life’s other challenges. So begins my journey.”

Peter | 50 something | Business Owner


“Superb! The trainers are first class & 100 % supportive. Excellent facilities & excellent crew :)

Sammy | 34 | Teacher


“I started out here at zenergy 6 months ago and have no regrets!! Due to ongoing injuries I am so glad the guys can always scale the workouts back to suit.  The trainers are so inviting an supportive, offering guidance and assistance when required. I love the fact that whenever I was missing in action for a few days the guys would give a friendly call to see what’s up!! Now that’s dedication. Thanks so much team zenergy and keep the community vibe buzzing!!”

Jess | 26 | Office Worker


The Urban List – Voted in Brisbane’s Best

As featured in The Urban List,  Zenergy were voted in Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainer List for 2013. We are proud of the experienced team we’ve put together who will give you confidence with your training and, ultimately, your results!


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