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From 5:30am to 8pm at night you’ll find such a variety of peeps training at CrossFit Zenergy.  From Mums & Dads, to Corporates donning their suit & tie post workout, to our wonderful Nurses, Doctors & other Medical professionals that work crazy shifts and come in at all times and to the Local Business Owners and their employees that sweat it out with us as well.

You’ll find that everyone shares a similar philosophy that workout out hard is important (because that’s where results come from), but working out smartly with the correct technique and intensity is even more important.

AND….we do like to have fun along the way!

Athlete of the Month

Every week our Personal Trainers nominate a Member for the Athlete of the Month award.  This award recognises who is doing really well with their training and deserves a huge shout out and pat on the back.  At the end of the Month, the CrossFit Zenergy team get together to decide…who is the winner!

December 2015 | Brett Nissen

Brett has been training with Zenergy since 9th February 2012 and came with us when we moved premises in Dec 2013. He’s a quite achiever, always working hard and flies under the radar.  He trains with Matt doing some Personal Training and also does CrossFit each week as well.

Brett has achieved some huge results which deserve celebrating and here are a few…

– Gone from 90.6kg to 67.5kg at his lightest!

– Benches 60kg for 6 reps.

– Now smashes out Handstand Push Ups and also has a PB of 3 Ring Muscle Ups!

At the moment, Brett’s focus is on improving his upper body strength. Well done Brett and thank you for being a part of the CrossFit Zenergy Community!

Well done Brett! From the CrossFit Zenergy Team!

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