Brisbane CrossFit Beginners

CrossFit Tryouts for Beginners in Brisbane

Come along to CrossFit Zenergy this Saturday to meet the Coach’s, check out the Gym and do your very first CrossFit workout!

What: CrossFit Tryouts for Beginners

When: This Sat 24th January @ 7am

Where: CrossFit Zenergy, 101 Newmarket Road, Windsor

BYO: Towel, enthusiasm and energy.

Cost: It’s FREE for you to try!

Book NOW: It’s FREE! Reserve your spot now, register below.

What is CrossFit

What is CrossFit great for?

  • Results. The high-intensity and full body nature of the workouts, ensures you’ll never plateau and you’ll continue to improve to get fitter and stronger.
  • Avoiding Boredom. You’ll learn new exercises that will make you feel like a kid again, you’ll experience so much variety with new workouts every single day and you’ll explore new ways to workout that will leave you wondering what you’ve been doing all these years.
  • Feeling Good. CrossFit focuses on getting you moving well and giving you fitness for a long and healthy, happy life.  It feels good to focus on what’s important.

The 3 things every CrossFit Beginner should know…

1. WOD: Workout Of (the) Day.

Every single day when you come to CrossFit you’ll see a new W.O.D on the Whiteboard.  All CrossFit Classes for that day do that workout and everyone records their scores on the Whiteboard.  Having this massive variety, means mentally you won’t get bored, and physically your body is constantly challenged, giving you long-lasting results.

2. Scaling: S1, S2, or S3.

The W.O.D will be written on the Whiteboard and with it, comes options for you to scale exercises to suit your ability, energy-stores or body.  The CrossFit Coach will explain and demonstrate all options so you can choose the scaling option that is going to give you a great workout with technique top of mind. Know your limits and workout at your own level.

3. Workout Formats

CrossFit WODs follow a few simple formats and here’s what they all mean.

For Time: Complete the workout in full and record how long it took for you to do.

AMRAP: Complete as many rounds as possible in a set time.

1 RMs: What’s the maximum weight you can lift, for only 1 repetition of a particular exercise.

CrossFit Onramp

Curious to try out CrossFit for yourself?

Come along to our Tryouts this Saturday 24th January at 7am for you to meet our Coach’s and experience it for yourself!

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