3 Week Challenge

A personal challenge to get you fitter & stronger!

The next 3 Week Challenge starts on Friday Night 23rd September @ 6pm giving you Accountability + Professional Coaching + Results!

“For me the 3 week challenge was a starting point, not an end goal. I rediscovered a number of things from this experience – a sense of challenge, the good feelings that go with pushing myself out of my comfort zone and the results were tangible by the end of Week 2!”     Peter | Business Owner.

What is the 3 Week Challenge?

Determined to get you results, we’ve combined the best of our Group Training which includes…

  • 3 weeks of fitness starting Fri Night 23rd Sept @ 6pm!
  • Education & Training with a 90min Foundations Class
  • Exclusive Weekly Challenge Sessions – 7pm Tues & 6pm Fri
  • PLUS Unlimited Classes – PunchFit, CrossFit, Tabata, CrossFit 30 & Mums Classes
  • Beginners welcome – all workouts are scaleable!
  • See & Feel Your Results (Initial & final testing to measure your results!)

Experience the support & encouragement that our Members rave about and join today! Normally $199, but for this week only just $99 – YOU SAVE $100.00! (Limited to 15 places!)

Challenge Overview

Foundations Class

You’ll start with a 90min Foundations Class where you’ll learn, move & get started on your personal 3 week challenge!

The Foundations Class starts with a “What to expect” and “How to get the best results” chat from one of our friendly Coaches.

You’ll then do a Body-Alignment Check to see how your body is moving, what’s tight, where you need to focus on and get feedback on how to improve.

After that, you’ll learn 3 basic exercises which will form the basis for your Fitness Testing.  You’ll practise these exercises with your Coach giving you lots of feedback on your technique – so you know you are doing it right.

You’ll finish the night with a Fitness Test which will give you your benchmark to beat at the end of the Challenge.  This test includes strength & cardio and is completely scaleable – which means you will be doing a test that is appropriate & personalised for you.

3 Weeks of Fitness

Now it’s time for more motivation & accountability!

You’ll have exclusive access to the Weekly Challenge Sessions, which are held every Tuesday @ 7pm & Friday @ 6pm.

These sessions are specifically designed to continue on the education and learnings from your Foundations Class.  They are a combination of learning & training where each week you’ll learn new exercises, progress safely & effectively & have dedicated time to practise as well!

Also during the 3 weeks you’ll have Unlimited Access to the Weekly Timetable – so you can add in 1, 2 , 3 or more sessions in per week to accelerate your results!

Final Night & Fitness Testing

The final night is your Fitness Testing, where you can see how much you’ve improved throughout the 3 weeks!  You’ll go through a specific warm-up, get some last minute feedback & technique tips and then it will be 3, 2, 1 GO!

You’ll finish with a cool-down and be a fitter, stronger & improved version of YOU!

When & Where is the Challenge Held?

Foundations Class: Fri Night 23rd Sept at 6pm – 7:30pm

Weekly Sessions: 1hr Classes on 7pm Tues & 6pm Fri (only for Challenge Participants)

Unlimited: Attend any of the Classes on the Timetable (Class Timetable Click Here)

Finishes:  Final Fitness Testing held on Fri Night 14th Oct at 6:30pm – 7:30pm.

Address: CrossFit Zenergy, 101 Newmarket Road, Windsor


How Much?

Normally $199, but this week only $99 – YOU SAVE $100.00.  You can pay via internet deposit or credit card over the phone.

Limited to 15 places this will sell out – Book in Today!

How to Register?

If you have any questions, please call Tony on 3252 7999 or send him a text on 0410 331 836. You can Register Online in just a few minutes by completing an Online Registration Form.

Register Online – Click Here



Hannah Squats


Nina running


“The 3 week challenge was definitely the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Starting the challenge with a group of people who had similar feelings was comforting but I soon realised that there was no one and nothing to be afraid of at Zenergy.” 




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