Paleo Nights

Paleo Nights at Stafford Chiro


COST: $30 (paid before the event)
TIME: 7.30 – 9.00pm
WHERE: Stafford Chiropractic and Wellbeing Centre


Wed. 17th September 2014

Wed. 29th October 2014


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What’s Included?

Spectacular dinner supplied by Paleo Café providing healthy, nourishing and downright delicious meals based on Paleo principles.

  • Introduction to Paleo. Presented by Emmely Rackemann, Health Coach.
  • How to make the Paleo template work best for you! Tips on meal planning, preparation, shopping and meal ideas. Presented by Leah Williamson Founder/Organiser of the Brisbane Paleo group
  • The Cross fit Paleo connection. Presented by Tony Hebrard, exercise physiologist & trainer at Zenergy Cross fit.
  • Real wellbeing from inside out. Presented by Megan Torrey Chiropractor, Windsor and Stafford Chiropractic



Emmely Rackemann

Join Emmely Rackemann Health Coach and Leah Williamson of the Brisbane Paleo Group, as they present an informative session on the basics of Paleo.

They’ll delve a little deeper into the Paleo template as they explore the variations and benefits of Paleo, and ways to make this lifestyle work best for you.  Then they will launch into how you can integrate and implement this into your everyday life.


Tony Hebrard

Tony Hebrard was voted in the Top 10 of Brisbane’s Best Personal Trainers in 2013, and has been leading the way in the Fitness Industry since the year 2000.

He is an Exercise Physiologist, and Certified CrossFit Coach and is responsible for his Team of Personal Trainers at CrossFit Zenergy.

Tony’s passion for health and fitness goes back to his childhood where his love of Tae Kwon Do saw him excel at an early age. He promotes a balanced approach to health and fitness, which means that wine on the weekend is AOK and carbs are not a dirty little word!

Dr Megan Torrey

Dr Megan Torrey (Chiropractor)

Megan Torrey‘s paleo journey began whilst living in one of the most unhealthy eating cultures in the world – Scotland – the land of deep fried Mars Bars, haggis and chips and cheese!

Megan never suffered from chronic conditions, however after eating a primarily Paleo diet for the past 5 years has enjoyed all the benefits that a gluten free diet can offer – from clearer skin to increased energy.

Megan loves teaching people about how a primal style of living is still very important to maintain in today’s society where we are getting sicker by the generation. Her passion is to help you get in touch with your inner caveman!



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