13 years and still going!

Zenergy DSCN0277is now a Teenager! 13 years ago on a hot Saturday morning we opened the doors and started our adventure into the world of running our own Fitness Business.

Tony & I were both 24yrs young and clueless, but full of passion to help motivate and inspire people to make positive changes with their health and fitness!

The last few years have been tough behind the scenes with our transition into becoming parents, and I am so grateful for Tony holding the ship steady while we found our feet and new normal in life!


Moving forward this ship is ready to sail strongly ahead and we are pumped about 2017 and beyond!

We are truly grateful to wake up each day and do what we do with our Team of amazing Trainers!

Thank you for allowing us to serve you and we look forward to helping you change, transition, grow or, shrink and become happier in your amazing vessel that you are steering through life


These 3 things always work.

We’ve just introduced something at home with the kids to help them learn about the concept of healthy boundaries, self-control & discipline.

It’s Strong Mondays.

It all came about from Tony chatting with Gen about becoming stronger on the Monkey Bars.

I’m sure she is a monkey from a past-life and between home, school and gymnastics, she monkey bars multiple times each day.

At first she was determined to hang on.

And then she was determined to move forward.

And then it was how many rungs can she do….and now it’s, “Hey Mum, watch me go backwards!”

The whole time she has been implementing (without realising) the scientific principle of progressive overload (getting stronger by doing a little more each time), and the life principle of – never give up!

If you want something bad enough, you have to work at it and be prepared to suck at first. And only after you’ve worked hard at it, will you master something.

So the Strong Monday conversation started with Tony….

“Hey Gen, you know how you have chocolate after dinner each night as a treat….?”

“Yes Daddy…”

“Well why don’t you have a night without chocolate?”

But I love chocolate Daddy!” There was slight fear in her eyes at the thought, but she was listening…and I was mildly amused where this conversation might go.

“I know you do Gen, but sometimes it’s good to not always have treats because then it’s not a treat!”

“Ummmm” Gen had no idea what to say.

Gen, you want to get stronger on the monkey bars and you know chocolate is a treat, so if you don’t have chocolate one night, you’ll definitely get stronger and be able to do more monkey bars.”

The Master Head Coach had struck again and delivered his first lesson to his daughter – the art of self control.

“But I really, really love chocolate Daddy…”

“Of course you do Gen, it’s up to you, just thought it was a good idea to help you get stronger.”

Reverse psychology.


She pondered….“Ok Daddy, I’ll do it.”

“Great Gen, which day of the week do you want to choose?”

Tony was now applying the principle of specificity. Getting specific about the action she’d have to take based on what she’d now promised herself.

“I think Monday’s Daddy, so that it’s over with at the beginning of the week, and I can have chocolate all the other nights!”

“That sounds like a great idea Gen. Why don’t we call it Strong Mondays. And you know what Gen, I’ll do it with you, I won’t have any Wine on Mondays ok?”

WTF did he just say? No Wine? Was he going to drag me into this as well?

“Mummy, did you hear that? We are going to have Strong Mondays and Gen is not going to have any chocolate and I’m not going to have any Wine…. Did you want to join us?”

Check-mate Jodie.

“Of course – that sounds like a great idea!” There were possibly daggers thrown at Tony at that point in my mind.

So Strong Mondays it is, and I have to confess it’s a good thing, despite the loathing and cursing on the first one.

It’s been weeks now of Strong Monday’s in the Hebrard House, and it has really reminded of these 3 timeless principles that always work…..

1. Set your intentions small.  One out of seven days to abstain from a treat is doable. Go small so you can keep it going after the honeymoon period is over. The mental battle is small so you can win at it on the days you couldn’t be f****d. The mental strength you’ll gain far outweighs any physical benefit from just one day.

2. Support Works By having Strong Mondays as a family we can support and nurture each other with words of encouragement and affirmation of the big picture – getting stronger for whatever is important to you. Find your support crew & get them on board!

3. Make it Fun & Empowering. We gave our “thing” a name. It’s a positive name to affirm what we are gaining, rather than any reference to what we are abstaining from. We could have named it, “Treat free night” but Strong Mondays is so much more empowering for your mind.

So that’s the latest update fromGen Monkey Bars the Hebrard Household. I’ve love to hear if you implement anything at home….Drop me a line :)

Jods x

P.S. Here is our monkey doing her thing!

To Bread or not to Bread?

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you might have noticed I’m not a massive fan of the… “Here’s the Top 5 Things you should eat, do, train or whatever…..”

It’s not my style and I find it to be impersonal & totally lacking in the biggest thing that will help you take action – emotion.


I was reminded on the weekend about the information that floats around in my brain and would be helpful to you guys.

I had a Client reach out to me directly with….

“Hey Jods,

Can I quizz you about bread? I haven’t been eating it for a while (eating Paleo) but I miss it and wanted to understand what’s the go with it?

Is it really as bad as it’s promoted to be?

What say you, my wellness guru?”

Bread Image

I was embarrassed by the title she gave me, but hell, I have been doing this fitness thing for over 15 years and have learned just a little in my time, so here goes.

I picked up my phone to call her and my first question was…

1. Do you suffer from bloating, irritable bowel or any form of digestive problems. (Do you poop once a day, without problems?)

If your answer is a YES for any of the above – Seek the advice of a Dietitian. They know more than me and you clearly need help to ascertain the correct answer.

Her answer was NO, so I moved on.

If you poop fine, then my advice is bread is not your enemy.

Here’s the 3 Tips I gave her….

1. Eat what makes you feel good. 
Find the bread that digests well for you. For me, I don’t eat refined, highly-processed cheap breads, I invest in a quality sourdough and also eat Pumpernickel Bread as it’s so convenient and doesn’t go stale.

2. Test & Measure
Don’t make too many changes to your diet/food choices all at once. If you experience any feel goods or feel bads, it’s hard to know what the trigger is, so slow-down, make small changes and pay attention to your body signals!

3. Go back to point 1 & repeat. 
There is so much information out there and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

So, please don’t over-complicate it for yourself.

Here’s to a strong 2017 with bread or no bread, regular pooping and working towards your strongest, fitter version of YOU.

Cheers Jods x

P.S Interested in finding out about the 35+ weekly classes that our Members get sweaty in and rave about? Do yourself a favour, do your research about the 1st steps & Click Here!

CrossFit Zenergy Co-owner Jodie Hebrard







Fitness & Performance WODs


In the pursuit of helping you achieve your best health & fitness results I’ve decided to change your Daily WOD choices.

Until now you have had the Daily WOD with RX’d (the prescribed weights) with Scaled Options.  This has allowed you to choose what best suits you and works well for most people.

But… I also understand that sometimes it can be challenging to decide what option is best for you.  Is it S1, S2, or S3 or some where in between?

Or is it time for you to try the RX’d option?

We all have different goals and support each and everyone of you to achieve your best results, so giving you the best options to choose from is critical with your ongoing results.

So, moving forward we will be introducing 2 WOD options in each Class. The purpose of this change is to help you select the best way to boost your fitness each time you workout, and helping you achieve your goals the most efficient way possible. Please note that you will have the ability to modify these WODs if needed and your Coaches will continue to guide you with this.

I’m excited to be launching the Fitness & Performance WODs next week….

  1. Fitness WOD – A focus on improving fitness for life & also those of you who are new to training CrossFit.
  2. Performance WOD – A stronger focus on improving athletic performance specifically for CrossFit & for those who are more experienced in strength & conditioning training.


Below is an Example WOD to help explain things further….


Fitness WOD
15 minute AMRAP
5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 50kg or 35kg
5 Front Squats 50kg or 35kg
30s Hollow Body
200m Run
Performance WOD
1RM Deadlifts
15 minute AMRAP
5 Snatch Balance 50kg or 35kg
5 Overhead Squats 50kg or 35kg
15 Toes to Bar
200m Run


NZ - NellaI welcome any questions at the Gym or give me a call on 0410 331 836 – I always love to hear from you guys.

Keep up your great training!

Cheers Tony

comments like this follow her everywhere.

There’s always one person that you know that leaves you for dead and makes you wonder…

“How the hell do they do it?” and sometimes even, How the hell do they do it?” and sometimes even, I could never do that, be like that, <insert other doubts and comparisons here>”

I’ve known her since my early twenties when I was a dedicated Tae Kwon Do student and lucky enough to train alongside her. We spent loads of time working out together, hitting each other, cheering each other on and being at our strongest and weakest together.

We parted ways after we achieved our Black Belts as life took us in different directions, but I’ve never forgotten her and always had so many great memories to look back on.

She turned up into my life again last year and it was so good to reconnect and share our workouts together again – this time in CrossFit.

She is one fit chick, but oh so humble.

She’s been training for years with consistent effort and now leaves me for dead.

But when that question pops in my mind… How the hell does she do it?” I know the answer.

You see, behind her strong body, ubber fitness and awesome physique is just a quiet little mouse that gets the job done.

And that has been her secret for years which has led her to the results she has today.

She believed in herself.

Committed herself to the plan.

Didn’t deviate – just plugged away for years.

And just last week was Ranked 3rd in Qld for the 2016 CrossFit Opens.  

Of  course not everyone wants what she’s got, but everyone wants “their pinnacle”.  

The thing, the place in time, the feeling of success in their journey of striving.

It’s normal human nature to strive, and it’s normal human nature to compare as well.

But here’s the thing.

Be very careful of what you are using for inspiration.

Emulate their attitude, not their ass.

Crave their mindset, not their muscles.

Wish for their focus, not their flat tummy.

Never aspire to be like someone.

You are awesome.

Remember that.

Just be your best self more days than not, and you’ll have progress my friend.

And progress, not perfection is where the magic happens.

Jods x

P.S. THIS CHICK.  Love your work Hannah!

Hannah and me










The one thing to stop worrying about


I could see she was in the hurt box when I walked past and then heard her quick remark to Tony…. “You know we started early, don’t you?

The woman was training with my beloved – God help her.

And she has done so for years, so she’s not new to Tony, and Tony’s not new to her.

Coming back to Training after a good hurrah over New Years is always hard, but coming back to Training with Tony is harder.

I knew she was stalling him and letting him know loud and clear she was happy to finish the session then and there.

And then Tony responded. “What…. Are you worried that you’ll get too fit?”

Case in point.

In that instant I chuckled.

Don’t you hate it when “they” are right? “They” being your Trainer.

We all do it.

Focus on the hurt.

Wishing it would stop.

Thinking…. I’ve done enough for today… Surely?!


had enough






But you know what? There’s always that little bit more inside.

That extra effort, rep, minute, round or lap around the block.

That extra effort is where real change – real results are.

Getting fitter, faster, leaner and stronger only happens with overload – not comfort zone load.

Don’t let that little voice inside of you tell you any lies.

And next time you are in the hurt box, don’t worry…..

You won’t get too fit – so push on soldier!

Jods x

Upcoming Events

A bit of an update for you and save the dates…

W.O.D. Comp 29th Nov

images-19Our last W.O.D Comp for all CrossFit Zenergy athletes is being held on Saturday morning 29th Nov from 7am – 8am.

A W.O.D. Comp is just a fun morning of exercise (yes, it can be fun!) with different 3 Events/Workouts for you to compete in.

We’ve decided to have divisions this time round to make sure that everybody joins in, so pop your name down at the Gym next time you are in!


Divisions will be:

  • Mens
  • Females
  • Mums
  • Masters (35+)
  • Grandmasters (50+)

Workouts will be released prior to the morning so you can start to get excited about what you’ll be doing!

Christmas Party Fundraiser Fri 5th Dec

Join us on Friday Night the 5th Dec from 6pm – 8pm for some fun, laughs and fundraising.  One of our Members, Maddie Tognini does amazing volunteer work for Open Heart.  This is an organisation that gathers Australian Doctors and Nurses to volunteer their time for heart operations on little ones in less fortunate countries.


Maddie has travelled twice to Cambodia to be an Emergency Nurse for Open Heart, and we’d love to get behind her and help raise more money for her next trip!

  • Tickets: $10
  • Fun: Games organised by the Trainers….(I hear a ping pong table is being sourced…)
  • RSVP: At the Gym!

***We’ll have beer, wine and a sausage sizzle as well!***

images-18Steve is getting old, oh, I mean wise.

Steve turns the BIG 30 in December and is super excited about the instant wisdom he’ll gain from hitting the 30’s.  Share the celebration with some birthday punches or birthday burpees! And Steve, it was my pleasure :)

Christmas Timetable

We will be open all throughout Christmas, except for the 3 Public Holidays, Thurs 25th Dec, Fri 26th Dec, and Thurs 1st Jan.

We are reducing the Timetable slightly during the day-time class options during the 2 weeks starting from Monday 22nd December.

Check out the Christmas Timetable – Click Here!

That’s it for this week!

Happy Training!

Jods x

5 Simple Weight Loss Tips

I try hard sometimes to bite my tongue but my brain-to-mouth filter doesn’t always work. :)

weight-loss-pink-sherbert-photography“That is stupid – utterly stupid.” I said shaking my head in disbelief and frustration.

“Why would someone tell her that?!” I continued.

Rewind the conversation and I was chatting with our Trainer, Lyndsay about a new member who just jumped on board and experienced some questionable advice that I clearly disagreed with.

Said Advice, “To lose weight you should eat 900 calories per day.

900 calories is nothing.

900 calories is dangerous.

900 calories is the start of poor brain function, screwing up your metabolic rate and is not sustainable long-term.

The poor woman who did follow this advice experienced extreme lethargy and poor workout performance and of course did not stick to it. She’s now frustrated and confused with “How the hell do I lose this weight?!”

Last week I wrote about listening to the “Experts” around you and now I’m going to challenge that and you.

Just because someone has a Title does not mean they are an Expert!

Listen to the advice you are given and if you are unsure – challenge it, question it and get a 2nd opinion.

Have they done it before?

How did it work for them?

Could there be a better, smarter way?

Who else could I ask about this?

If I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with that woman and was asked for my Advice, this is what I would have said.images-16

  1. Eat small meals of unprocessed foods often (every 3-4hrs).  Unprocessed means out of the ground, not out of a packet.   Your metabolism (the rate at which you burn energy), is like a fire, and a fire that is fed regularly burns long and strong.  A fire that is starved and then dumped on, struggles and can sometimes burnout.   And you need a strong fire to burn through your fat stores efficiently.
  2. Do not cut out fat.  Fat is not your enemy – overeating is.  Unnecessary and unhealthy fats should be eliminated (trans-saturated) but healthy fats should remain. (Think nuts, avocados, eggs and meats.)
  3. WEIGHT TRAIN – lift heavy and I mean heavy.  You should get sore – expect it and recover well with appropriate rest so that your next training session is still performed at a high intensity.
  4. You should feel hungry when you are aiming to “lose weight”.  Learn to deal with it and get excited when your tummy rumbles – it means the plan is working!  (Note – you should feel slight hunger, not dizziness or hunger that affects your normal brain function.)
  5. Keep your treats in! My personal philosophy is not to take away the things that you love as chances are you’ll over-do them when you do eat them which is counter-productive to your goals.   So…keep them in, but reduce them.  Remember food is not “bad” it’s the quantity that is consumed that is questionable. 


That’s it!

5 simple tips that work.

Now get to work and check in with me in 3-4 weeks time.


P.S. And yes that means YOU as well! :)

The Deep-Fried Truth

fishchips001We were diving into our ice creams head first when I heard the lady’s voice loud and clear.

I paused for a moment to digest what I’d just overheard and had to bite my tongue.

The girls and I were enjoying a treat of yummy chocolate ice cream, sitting quietly engrossed in our sticky mess after a morning of running a muck on the beach

The cafe we’d chosen was a typical beachside cafe.

Fish and chips.

Soft Drinks and juices.

And yes…ice cream!

The lady behind me was diving into her own treat which she had loudly declared, “Sweet potato chips…these are way better than normal chips.”

I sighed…

Not a peaceful sigh, but a sigh of disbelief.

How has the world reached this point?!

That might be a little dramatic, but let’s cut to the chase.

Deep-fried products are deep-fried products. sweet_potato_fries

Please enjoy them guilt-free without rationalising their nutritional or health value.

Whether it’s sweet potato, White Potatoes or whatever Potatoes, deep frying something is submerging and cooking the chosen food in 100% fat.

Fat adds flavour and is popular in my kitchen with a mix of Full-Fat Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil being my top 3.

Consuming excessive fat also adds fat to my fat cells, deepening my beautiful curves  – so enjoy the yummy crunch guilt-free of your next deep-fried treat knowing they are a calorie dense food to be consumed “sometimes”.

Do not confuse “food choice” and “cooking method” when you are eating.

Steamed Mars Bar anyone?

Or what about Deep-Fried Broccoli?

Case in point.


Everything in Moderation

This whole weight loss and fitness journey thing that we thrust upon ourselves can be an evil beast – if you let it.

All consuming, self-depriving and even worse… self-shaming.

I see it happen in real life and a lot on Facebook.

“Eating clean.”

Personally, I didn’t know food could be dirty?

“Cheat days.”

The last I knew cheating happened in school – when you wrote formulas on the back of wooden rulers for Advanced Maths. (Sorry Mum & Dad!)

And even worse, “No [insert banned substance] for 30 days”.

Now you and I both know that abstaining often increases the urge to be an all consuming need, which then results in greater excess consumed than what would have been consumed under “normal” life conditions.

Sometimes I feel like grabbing people and shaking them whilst screaming, “It doesn’t have to be this way!  Have you ever heard of balance?!”

But I guess being balanced doesn’t have the same sexy ring to it…and this whole weight loss thing should be more complicated – right? 7e7596ddacf64449e636c0e5833637c0

Not really…

Not. At. All.

Take the pressure of yourself to change everything overnight and just tweak one small thing.

Commit to always having your “treat” (not cheat) food in small doses – whenever you feel like it. I dare you!

Start moving your body in ways that you love and that feel good for you.

If you’ve been stuck in a place where you’ve adopted the feast or famine mindset than why not take a moment to question how exhausting that can be…

Do you really want to keep going down that path?

I think it’s time for you to blaze a new trail, don’t you think?

Always here to help!

Jods x