Meet Reannah | 20 something | Finance Manager

Meet Reannah | 20 something | Finance Manager

Reannah came to Zenergy earlier in 2016 wanting to find a Personal Trainer to help her lose weight, get toned and ready for a friends Wedding in October.

Tony got her set up to train with Wade for 2 x 30min sessions per week and she’s down 3.5kg and loving it!

Well done Reannah – keep up the great work!

Jods + Team + Community!

“Hi Tony!
I’m so very thankful for all of the hard work Wade has done to get me to where I want to be.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Personal Trainer!

I’ve been tracking my own progress since I started and wanted to share a photo (I’m super embarrassed to have even looked like this from the start) and I’m so glad I chose Crossfit Zenergy. I’m so excited for my new challenge ahead!

Thank you for everything Tony, and again a massive thanks to Wade! 😄

Regards,  Reannah!”
2016-05-16 14.28.21

Are you a cherry picker?



Cherry picking.

The term used to describe the picking and choosing of workouts, based on what you are good at or feel like doing.

You hate lifting heavy, and you know it’s a heavy lifting day.  You tell yourself it is sooooo boring and you don’t feel like you get a lot out of it, so you choose to leave it today.

*cherry picking*.

You are tired, and find out that today’s workout is a 40 min AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and you decide, it’s best to maybe just rest instead. Forty minutes might be too long for me today, right?

*cherry picking*.

You wake up and it’s raining…and the run you planned with a mate is debated over via text message starting with, “Hey, it’s raining, should we leave it today…?

*cherry picking*

We’ve all been there and that “we” includes me.

But it leaves us missing the whole point of this fitness game.

Little bits done regularly add up over time, to give you strong muscles to chew through fat, a fit heart so you can bound up stairs and vitality to combat stress and have you glide through your day.


And here’s what cherry picking gets you (from my own personal experience)…

…it gets you de-motivation and the guilt trips – that sucks for sure.

… sore muscles, stiff joints and aches & pains from lack of consistency with your training.

…lazy friends who support your *cherry picking* who help justify your x, y, z reason.

…getting on and off the bloody bandwagon, which is downright exhausting.

I’ve test and measured just showing up vs cherry picking. Showing up has helped me in so many ways that I could not have imagined.

I show up to my training when I tell myself I’m too busy, and it transfers over to the paperwork that I’ve avoided since Nella was born. Filed. Done.

I show up to my training when I’m tired, and it lifts my mood and motivation so that I do more in the workout than what I first expected. Bonus work means more results.


I show up to my training in the windy rain and walk for 2 hours with soaking wet clothes, blisters on my toes and end it with the deepest feeling of satisfaction from experiencing the power of discipline. Doing something when it was the last thing I want to do.

Self-esteem boosted. This girl is on fire!

And here’s how you show up.

Stop over-thinking.analysis

Stop over-analysing.

Stop any conversation from starting in your head and just start moving out of bed, to the car, before your brain has any idea of what you are doing. I dare you to show up and see where it takes you.

Jods xx

3 little words….






I had the pleasure of catching up with a wonderful woman and her children on New Years Day for a play in the park, and our conversation quickly turned to the new year, resolutions and goals in general.

She shared something with me that left me utterly intrigued and me wanting to leave right then and there, so I could go do it myself.

She shared with me that she doesn’t do the “normal” write down your goals thing, but she sits down and asks of herself; “What 3 words do I want to FEEL MORE of this year?”

Kinda cool if you ask me.

She spent some time on New Years Eve putting pen to paper and came up with her 3 words that are meaningful and motivating – for her.

And that’s the interesting thing, is that Humans (that’s you and me), are motivated by feelings.

We all want to do stuff, see stuff, get stuff, but ultimately all of this “stuff” in our lives just gives us the feelings we desire.

You want to lose weight, not because of the number on the set of scales, but because of the feelings that you attach to that number.

You want to feel better, happier, more alive, content – whatever the word is for you.

Makes sense?

So rather than just focusing on writing down the typical I WANT X, Y, Z this year, I wrote some of my own words down and thought I’d share them with you.

Here we go.

Brave.  I want to feel more brave. Take more risks. I want to feel the fear and do things anyway.

Strength.  I want to feel more of my inner-strength that laughs in the face of doubt and is soul-nurturing, (not face-slapping) when I’m tired.

Rich.  I want to enjoy richer relationships with those close to me, connect with new folks and feel rich with amazing memories of laughter, connection and meaningful conversation.


Here’s the thing.

To create these words will take effort.

Things are not going to just “happen” without structure, a plan and implementation.

But, when you’ve got the feeling clear from the get-go, it will make it a whole lot easier to implement when the honeymoon period of New Years is over.

So, what about you?2015

What do you want to feel more of in this brand new spanking Year?

Jods x

The Devil is in the Details









In 4 ½ months time 5 ladies and I will be hitting New Zealand for an amazing 5 Day Trekking Adventure and I can’t wait!

It came about from me wanting another challenge and something to strive for and after a few phone call and emails, the group is now locked in!

The funny thing is since I’ve got the last ladies on board, I’ve started telling more people about it and then I’ve had questions which I have no bloody idea about.

Questions like…

How many kilometers are you trekking?”

“How long are you trekking for each day?”

“16kg doesn’t sound like a lot to carry when it includes food, clothes, cooking equipment….are you sure that’s right?”

I’ve had the same answer for each question.

“I don’t know.”

The people that know me laugh and the people that don’t know me have a puzzled look on their face that says, “Why wouldn’t you know this?!”

Sometimes knowing too much about something is not always a good thing.

Sometimes the more you ask the more you 2nd guess yourself, become unsure and then continue to sit on the fence.NZ_ArthursPass01

It’s not that the detail is unimportant or that I don’t have access to the information, it’s just the detail is not important to me – especially right now.

Knowing WHY I want to do it, is way more important than crossing my i’s and dotting my t’s before I go. (For the detail people, I may have ruffled your feathers here ;))

There’s a syndrome that you can sometimes experience: Analysis Paralysis.

A place where you are frozen and unable to make a decision.

A place that takes you nowhere other than around and around in circles.

You’ll find yourself saying things like, “I’d like too…I want too, but, jeez I’m not too sure now!”

All I know about my adventure is it’s a 5 Day Trek across Arthur’s Pass in the South Island of NZ, and we’ll be sleeping in huts, carrying our own 16kg Packs of clothes, food and cooking equipment – and there will be no showers.

I also know I need to get fitter and the most important thing – I need to listen to the expert here – our Trek Guide.

It’s his job to know everything, know all the details and be across any questions that come his way.

It’s his job to tell me what to do…and it’s my job to do what I’m told!

He’s the expert – I’m not.

Kinda, sort-of, just maybe relates to listening to any expert that you are getting help from.

Kinda like…your Trainer. :)

Learn to use your Experts around you.

Learn to focus on simply following the plan that they give you.

If you need the detail – get down and dirty with your WHY, why you want to do it and why it’s so important to you.

imagesYou’ve heard the saying, “The devil is in the details” and that can work for and against you.

True or not true?

Jods :)


There is one muscle in our body that will get you the best results of all – if you train it properly.

People ask me about spot-reduction, trimming and toning their but, arms and whatever else and even though doing things the right way is important, knowing this about this muscle in our body trumps any squat workout.

It’s the Kings king, or maybe even the Queen’s, queen. :)

And here’s the catch.

You don’t train this muscle when you are at the Gym.

You train it away from the Gym – when you are at home, at work, out partying.

And like any muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it gets and the easier your next workout will be.

And it’s the most important muscle of all.

And that muscle is your mental discipline.

The flexing, pushing and pulling of following through when you couldn’t give a …..

Yep, that muscle.

We are never taught how to work this muscle to make it stronger, so let me share with you 3 of my flexing exercises for this…

1. Write down your goals (daily) and how good you’ll feel when you get there.

You gotta get past the short term pain in your daily chatter, and start to imagine what it will really feel like to achieve your goal. Without some sort of positive to pull you forward, it’s damn hard to beat that negative nelly in your head!

2. Keep an “evidence journal” of all the good things you did do, obstacles you overcame and opportunities that presented themselves.

This one is all about being mindful and grateful to allow more good things to happen to you.

3. START SMALL. Yes I did just yell at you, and there’s a reason for that. Changing your health is a long term game. You gotta to start chipping away, and start flexing your Discipline Muscle with the right amount of weight for you.

Don’t jump in and start lifting 20kg with the new mental commitment you are going to workout EVERYDAY from now on.

That’s starting way too big – and you and I both know that after Week 3 when life starts to get in the way, you’ll let it.

Start with a 5kg new mental commitment and focus on that.

Run 1kms instead of saying 5kms.

Go to the Gym once a week, instead of saying 5.

Cut alcohol back just one night a week instead of going dry overnight.

Do you get my drift?

Start flexing it a little every day and you’ll feel the power of this muscle for the long haul.

Jods x

Tuning In

It made complete sense as soon as I read it and left me wondering why hadn’t I thought of it sooner!

No fluff, just simple common sense.

I was reading a CrossFit article on Facebook and it was an interview with one of Australia’s most respected Coaches, Matt Swift.

And there was one little golden nugget in the last question directed at him: “Matt, what would you recommend to people when they are checking out CrossFit for the first time?”

In his usual brevity: “Enjoy being a beginner.”gen

Told you it was so simple!

Kids naturally “do this” with anything new I reckon.

Everything new is fun.

There’s no hangups, expectations or negative self-talk.

Just pure excitement with the opportunity to learn and they have fun – they totally enjoy being a beginner at everything!

The first steps.

The first words.

The first bike ride.

Small wins are celebrated with a smile, and failures are met with hands being dusted off and having another go – straight away.

They aren’t worried about any on-lookers and they actually encourage it!

“Look at me Mum, Look at me Dad!”

How cool is that?!

They are too involved in themselves and in the learning, to worry about what others are thinking.

And that’s where the focus should be – on tuning in, not tuning out.

On how we feel about ourselves with our effort – not the result and on our progress, no matter how small.

On enjoying the process and not rushing towards the outcome.

Is it time to tune in for you?


How did I miss that moment?!

Far out, my head has been in a daze the last few weeks….

I just realised in my training session with Steve this morning how “un-present” I have been.

(At the end of our session whilst he’s stretching me….)

Can you stretch out my chest please…?

Sure, you want me to stretch it again?

Did you already stretch it?

Awkward pause as he looks at me to see if I was kidding.

Me: How did I miss that moment?!!!  How can I not remember you doing that!!!

A Chest Stretch is a good 15 seconds and I had no memory of it just happening….!!!


The act of being “in the moment” and living there.

Not in the past or the future.

Right here, right now, where ever that is for you.

We can get so caught up in “stuff” that we can miss the opportunity that life presents us in each moment.

I realised on my drive to zenergy today that I’ve been off with the fairies and needed to refocus with a “pick me up”

Not the caffeine kind, but the…”Yes it is busy at the moment with the kids, business, my own training and life in general, and even though you are feeling tired and a little defeated, it’s not always going to be like this and you know that you CAN do this!”

So, I did what I always do in that moment after my own little pep-talk, and looked for some inspiration in YOUTUBE to shift my focus.

When you are working on your goals, training hard and things just don’t feel like they are happening – be patient.  Things ARE happening and getting frustrated and upset doesn’t help!

It’s important to STOP and take a moment to re-focus, get back on track and carry on….

Like sharpening the saw really…(Thanks Mr.Covey for this one…it is the 7th Habit in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

So this morning I stopped.

I spent (actually a better word would be invested) a few minutes on sharpening my “saw” and I’m so glad I did.


Here’s what I watched to get my edge back….

Michael Buble moment with a fan…
A lesson in taking risks, doing things that are uncomfortable and embracing this uncomfortable feeling rather than running from it….!

Black Eyed Peas *live* with Oprah
Be YOU and only that, because there is no other YOU out there in the universe and YOU are the only one that is really good at being YOU!!!

I hope they made you smile like they did for me and maybe gave you a little extra edge to your saw.

Jods x

One minute he’s alive. The next he’s dead.

One minute he’s alive. The next he’s dead.

Sunday morning while we were on a short holiday, we made a very quick trip back to Brisbane to be there by his side and I was right there holding him and looking into his eyes, telling him that I loved him.

What else do you say at the moment of passing?

Our “puppy” of 11 1/2 years had unfortunately ended up with a Twisted  Bowel and after a barrage of text messages and missed phone calls from my Parents I knew the outcome wasn’t going to be good.

Life does suck sometimes and I’m not wanting to weigh you down with sadness, but what I AM wanting to do is OPEN your eyes to the privledge of the life you have TODAY – right now as you read this.

You. Are. Alive!

You can walk, talk, smile, hug and create new memories….

You can procrastinate, be angry, sad, frustrated and hurt….

You can beat yourself up, talk down to yourself and believe it is all too hard….

Or you can believe that even though it’s hard right now for you, that things will be ok, because life has both ups and downs.

There is no good without the bad.

No satisfaction without dissatisfaction.

And no transformation without struggle – just ask a Butterfly.

Is it time to over come your struggle and spread your wings?

Today is a great day to break-free don’t you think….

Jods x

The $50,000 Triathlon Registration Fee… Can you help?

As soon as the words left his mouth, I felt immediate disappointment.

“Jods, all the registrations are full…”

“What do you mean they are already full, it’s still about a year away…!”

The dissappointment was quickly followed by regret that I’d missed out.  It was NOT part of my plan to NOT do it.

What I’m talking about here is the Noosa Triathlon in 2013, where Registrations apparently opened just a few weeks ago and given I haven’t competed in the last few years, I had certainly missed out on any priority placement unlike Tony who Won with his Team last year.

Lucky for him, bugger for me.

Well, the chick did say that you can Register under a Charity, do you want me to see what that is all about?”


“Ok, leave it with me…”

I couldn’t believe that I might not be able to compete.  9 months of pregnancy done, baby is out and I finally have my body back, albeit out of shape and in need of a lot of attention to get it race-ready.

The realisation that I might have to watch from the side-lines was very disheartening and the child inside of me was slowly starting to get ready to throw a little tantrum!

A few hours later I received this email:

“Hi Jodie,

Thank you for your registration for the 2013 Noosa Triathlon HeartKids Hero team!  We are delighted to welcome you on board the team.…”

Oh, Heartkids it is my ABSOLUTE pleasure to be on your Team!

A little bit of research and Tman was able to get me registered with a Charity, which means I have to raise a minimum of $1,000 to compete.

I like it, I like it a lot!

What I like about this, is just 2 short weeks ago I had my baby little girl, Emmanuella Ruby, born 3.17kg at 1:47pm on Friday 9th November…..and a heart murmur was detected by the Pediatrician after birth.

On discharge 4 days later, the Pediatrician performed another check and it was still there and he advised us to make an appointment to see him when she was 2 weeks old.

“What the?!?!?”

After going through a hell-ride with Gen (our 1st daughter) when she was in-utero, I had an immediate numbness run through my body.  A slow sense of detachment and bracing for the worst reared it’s head and I did what I knew best…waited to worry.

There was nothing I could do other than love my baby and wait…

The 2 weeks came and went and a pin dropping could have caused my ear drums to burst, whilst I waited for the Doctor to finish listening to her little heart.

Don’t you hate it, that Doctors don’t give anything away – such a straight face giving no hints….

Luckily for Tony and I, the heart murmur was NOT detected and the Pediatrician assured us all was ok and she just needed a little bit more time for her body to do it’s thing.

So here I am.

A new Mum again.

With a little girl with full health and a life right at her feet, with a healthy heart.

I know other Family’s out there would have received different news in their own follow up appointment and it breaks my heart for them that they are crying tears of sadness, instead of the tears of joy that we shed.

After I got the email from Heartkids, I just knew the Universe was working it’s magic.

As I mentioned the minimum I need to raise is $1,000, but I think that a little person’s heart is at least worth $50,000…

What do you think?

Donate right now and make a real difference in a little bubba’s life – Click HERE!

I don’t like to do things in small doses, so yes this is a big challenge, but why NOT set a huge goal to hit?

Let the fun, training and FUNraising begin!

Oh, and if you haven’t clicked the link yet to Donate, here it is again – Click HERE!


I see you.

You don’t know it, but you inspire me.

I see you pushing bars above your head, rep after rep after rep.

I see you bending, sweating, twisting and hurting….week after week.

I see you and the silent discomfort you go through.

I see the nervousness in your eyes those first few workouts.

I see your body language with your Trainer that says, “I’m here, but I’m not comfortable with you – yet.”

And that’s why you inspire me.

You inspire me, because of your courage, trust, faith and willingness to get way out of your comfort zone.

You need to know, no matter how hard it is sometimes and how hopeless you may feel, that your efforts do not go unnoticed.

You see, I have formal knowledge on how to train, what exercises to do and how to periodise a program….where as you’ve got trust and faith to go by.

I also have instant access with a set of keys to a facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that is 5 minutes from my home…..and you have inconvenience to battle with each time you train.

And I have familiarity from years of being exposed to machines, gadgets, balls, barbells and Trainers looking buff with body parts exposed, without them even realising how intimidating they are.

You have courage and tonnes of it.

Please don’t ever look to anyone else for inspiration, just look in the mirror.

Soooper Saturday Session with the Zenergisers

Thank you for inspiring me.

Jods xx