I didn’t see it coming.








It’s taken me a solid few months to want to talk about this.

The words embarrassed and even humiliation come to my mind when I think about what happened.

And the last word that comes to my mind is feedback.

Feedback can be a bitch sometimes.  But it’s worth its weight in gold, if you take it on board as an opportunity for growth.

The feedback I received was back in January some time and was silent, indisputable and shocking.  The kind of feedback that’s often confronted with a whole lot of excuses and laying blame elsewhere.

I rocked up to a CrossFit workout and amongst the group, Mum and Dad turned up as well.

They’ll often train in the same class as me so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. The workout was explained, warm up was performed and the group was ready. The workout started with a 1.3km run and I was feeling good that day. Actually, I was feeling fast.The timer counted down, 3, 2, 1 and GO.Game on.We set off and I hit the lead quickly with a solid pace.

I could hear the thumps of feet behind me and between you and me, it felt right that my 65 year old Mother & Father were behind me.

Of course they should be – did I already mention they are 65 and I’m 36!

We turned the corner and started approaching the hill.  It’s a slight rise over about 300 meters, so a steady solid climb.

And when I hit the start of that hill, something happened.

My legs started slowing and the thumps behind me grew louder and closer.

I pushed on more, and then the thumps were on my tail, and in real-life slow motion….the thumps passed me.

I had to do a double-take when I saw that the thumps were from my Father.

He strode up the bloody hill and left me behind.

Bloody hell – how does that happen?!

I pushed on more, but no matter how hard I pushed I was beaten fair and square.

Is this really happening right now?!

I thought I was fit – and YES, of course I thought I was fitter than my Father.  I could list the excuses that popped up in my mind as I processed the feedback that day, but really excuses are irrelevant and counterproductive for growth.

I swallowed the feedback and took it on the chin.

And I started running more.

Quit any excuses leaving your mouth and own up to it and take yourself forward.

That’s the best way to take that sort of feedback.

And remember, it doesn’t define who you are, it’s just an opportunity for growth.

Jods x

QnA, words and WOW!

Let’s start something a little familiar each week.

Tony and I get lots of questions face to face or on emails at the studio, personally and on Facebook and a lot of the time they are great questions that I know will help other folks as well, so I’ve decided that we’ll share the love each week so that everyone can benefit!

Let’s get started….


Unsure of what exercise to get the best results.

Sheldon Asks:

Jodie, I want to train everyday (in your group sessions) but not sure which class is going to be better for me and will get the best results…. Which class would you recommend?

My Reply:

Sheldon, the class that gives you the best results will always be the class that you work hardest in, and ultimately comes down to what YOU enjoy doing.

Swimming is a great exercise, but I HATE swimming, so it would be pointless of me to factor this into my training plan… I don’t like it, I’ll skimp on the laps, I’ll attack with a hom-hum attitude and therefore walk away not having worked very hard.

Give me a set of boxing gloves and my inner warrior is unleashed and I’ll work my butt off, but that doesn’t mean “boxing is better than swimming!”, it just means I prefer boxing, so should stick with that if I want the best (fastest, efficient) results for me.

So, the same here for you.  If you have a class that you enjoy MORE than do that MORE as you’ll work harder and get better results from working harder, but not because X Class is “better” than Y Class.


Thrilled to see me fail.

Deb Asks:

How do you deal with it when there are people in your life (often important people, like spouses, parents, close friends) who are thrilled to see you fail?

How do you keep your focus when there is so much in your environment holding you back?

Do you have any tips on dealing with that? It really gets me down :(

My Reply:

Hey there gorgeous xx

Thanks so much for touching base and I’m sorry to hear you have same battles at the mo…

NOT COOL…. the one thing I have learned is that as YOU grow (mentally and emotionally), not everyone in your life will keep up.  They’ll see you change/try/give things a go, and if they are feeling guilty about themselves they’ll be happy to see you fail, because it will bring YOU back down to THEIR level, where they are the most comfortable.

I have “let go” of people in my life that had this same effect on me, and No it wasn’t easy.  I really wanted to see them succeed as well AND I wanted THEM to be happy for me as well…which I just presumed they would be.

My Dad would have to be the person that comes to my mind the most.  He means well, but in my “Career” he’s never fully understood/supported my decisions to run a business.  Too risky, not safe etc…. and we have certainly stumbled only to have him say…told you so etc, even though he’s never even tried himself.

I know in a way he wants to protect me…and that’s why he’s not supportive…but here’s what I’ve learned:

– be very specific with WHO you share WHAT with.

I know longer tell him about my goals in business/career/zenergy.  If he asks, I just tell him basic answers… it’s going well and leave it at that.  I don’t share my successes and I don’t share my f*** ups… I keep that part of my life separate.  I turn conversations around very quickly to be about HIM and he’s happy to chew my ear off….

It’s disappointing but you can’t control others, you can only control you xx

There is no easy answer other than, now you have a clear understanding of who really is there to help… xx  Oh, and falling off the wagon IS OK!  Everyone has done it, I’ve done it, and life is a journey of ups and downs….

You just have to learn from the fall, re-assess, change anything big or small and have faith IN YOURSELF that you CAN DO IT! :) xxxxxxxxxx

My quick tips for you….

1. Get new “cheer leaders” for THIS part of your life…know who they are, write them down and let them know you really appreciate their support in your fitness journey….

2. Do NOT share your fitness journey with the folks that are being turds!  (if it’s your partner, then that is a tough one and things will need to change for YOU to change…)

3. New vision board……new “mantras” (things you can say to yourself to keep your own attitude on track…)

Hope this helps babe and please don’t stop reaching for help, asking questions!  This alone is a quality of someone that is in the process of re-inventing themselves…. Good for you and know that I”m defo wearing a cute little pink cheerleading outfit (with my prego belly) shouting GO DEB GO! xxx

Jods x


Fuelling my body correctly.

Jill Asks:

I was just wondering if you were able to recommend a nutritionist?? I’ve always had an interest in this area and try to eat a pretty healthy balanced diet..(the odd treat on the w/end creeps in)

With the training I’m doing I just want to ensure I’m fueling my body correctly. I have started to eat more which I think is necessary but have that underlying concern of putting on weight..sounds stupid..

I have googled online but thought I’d check with you for any recommendations??

My Reply:

Glad you touched base babe, and I’d be happy to help!

It would be good to have a proper chat face to face or on the phone, so I can ask you a few questions first to fully understand the direction you are heading….

To quickly answer generally about what you’ve asked….

1. Protein will be important part of your diet as it will repair damaged tissue post workouts…. quick recommendation here, if you aren’t already get onto a protein supplement after your workouts. (protein shake is the easiest way to get this into your body and working for you….)

You want to maintain your muscle mass and it needs protein!

2. Calories…I’m going to take a real stab in the dark and suggest you’d want to be consuming around 1500 (ish) calories per day. And please know this is a real guess on my part, only based on your body size and the little I know about your current training.

Weight loss range is 1000-1200 and maintenance (and for sports etc), would be rough 1500….

I’d suggest to immediately keep a food diary so we can have a look at what you are currently eating in detail. Keep it for a week, write down…
1. What you are eating in detail (portion etc)
2. When you are eating it
3. Record fluids
4. Record your daily exercise and any “feelings”… eg. Felt really tired after workout and took ages to feel better… or felt great all day today… (energy etc).

I only ever refer out if it’s needed, and in this case and what I know there aren’t any tricky hurdles that we need to factor in… (eg. allergies, history of problems with regulating weight etc.)

Hope this bit of general info helps….

Remember first step – start record food asap and we’ll connect with a proper chat in the next day or so.

Jods x



Hi Jodie, just checking in to see how your going? Hoping the bug has completely gone!

Just want to genuinely thank you Tony and Chris for an amazing 3-4 months of Tough Muddering .

It has and still giving me such amazing results in and out. I don’t do any pt work during my week I just go it alone, so the Saturdays are the days I know my limits are really tested! Also a great time to chat about technique etc.

Please give the boys a hug of gratitude from me and let then know I’ve got plenty left in the tank….love and smiles to you. Utex

Thanks for these words Ute – you made my day!



I was sitting in my Psychologist’s waiting room and flicking through a mag when this jumped out at me…. (silly me forgot to take note of the Author, so apologies Doctor “Unknown” that wrote this WOW)

The article was 5 rules to High Standards (and I managed to capture 3,4,5 with my trusty iphone..)

Rule 3: Life will throw you some curved balls and present you with many obstacles.  If you see them as stepping stones rather than hurdles, you will save a lot of emotional energy and anger.  Remember, that which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger!

Rule 4: The reward for conformity is that everyone will like you but yourself.

Rule 5: Be patient.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are good at something you will find it, if you keep trying.

 High Standards

That’s it for this week’s Virgin Post on QnA, Words & WOW!

Jods x

P.S. If you have a question, we’d love to help…send it through or comment below!