Hamstring Mobility

How to stretch & mobilise your Hamstring

CrossFit Coach, Tony Hebrard shows you how to stretch & mobilise your Hamstring so you can increase your flexibility and therefore performance, when you run, deadlift & squat (plus heaps of other movements!)

He covers 3 points:

  1. Your body position
  2. How long to stretch / mobilise
  3. Pressure of mobilising

Happy mobilising & getting stronger, fitter & faster!

Lessons learned.


That’s the pin dropping that you can hear…..it’s been way too quiet from me.

I can’t hide from the fact that my New Zealand adventure derailed me big time.  If you missed that post, you can find it (here).

After investing so much time and energy into the adventure and having an epic disappointment as the result, it’s certainly been a time for me to pay attention to what I can learn from the lessons that life delivers along the way.


Learning to tune into your instincts and stopping to pay attention when things don’t feel right. We (us Humans!) have the incredible ability to have the sense of intuition and the intelligence of conscious thought.  When someone or something doesn’t feel right and you can’t quite explain why – STOP and pay attention and say No.

Learning to know when to defend your position or when to walk away.  In life there will be times when you’ll disagree with someone and when that time comes, try and find a place where you agree that you’ll have to disagree…. BUT….don’t be disagreeable in the process.  Walking away and biting your tongue can be hard. (Trust me!)  But walking away and giving no more fuel to an argument gives you the power in holding your dignity.  Remember, if argue with an idiot, it really just makes 2.

And my last big learning is to listen to others when things are questioned.  This is the one thing that I’m ultra disappointed in and it’s with myself.  The quick details are that one of the Woman who did the Hike with us brought to me very early on her concerns of the technical nature of the Hike.  It was real information from Government Websites on safety, track ratings and due diligence processes that should be undertaken.  I brushed her concerns aside as I had placed all my trust in our Guide and shut-down her concerns quickly with, “Why on earth would we be taken some where that wasn’t safe or that was too technical for us to complete?!”  How wrong was I.  Unfortunately, my requests for a “tough adventure” were taken to the extreme.  Upon my return I learned that all NZ Hikes are graded from 1 to 5 with 5 being for Experts with Advanced Alpine Experience.  Lucky for us (note sarcasm) our Hike was a Grade 5.  So a huge reminder for me being: We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  Learn to shut your mouth Jodie 😉 and open those 2 ears of yours.

Life will always bring you disappointments as it’s part of the ride.  You can’t have the highs, without the lows. So…. enjoy the highs when they come and when you hit the lows, the disappointments, the set-backs, the frustrations….Stop and realise that what ever you are going through is not permanent.

You’ll find a way out, you’ll get back up and you’ll get back on track.

Yes. You. Will.

Now….Let’s get on with our day!

Jods :)

P.S. Here are a few snap shots along the way….

NZ - mountain

Over a 1km hike through snow and ice to get to the top of this Mountain…and then it was down, down, down.





NZ - nic and nina

Smiles with Nic and Nina on Day 2 with the beautiful scenery around us.


NZ - Hokitika

Reaching solid ground again!  With some of the girls, (after a few wines) on a Lake rocking our runway in Hokitika!


NZ - Nella


Seeing these gorgeous faces again made my heart melt.  Thanks to Gav and Vicki for the photobomb LOL!

I made a mistake…


It occurred to me last week my training plan has a fatal omission.


It’s only 4 weeks til I fly out to New Zealand and without this one thing, I’m in big trouble without it.

How could I have missed this in my planning?!

This thing – that’s super important and (apparently) life threatening is my Yonder Goal.


My Yonder Goal.

The goal after I’ve done this….the next thing for me to focus on when I get back.

I know from past experience that it is super easy to work hard towards something, rock up to race day, event day or fitness testing day and complete the challenge I had set for myself and then get lost in the busyness of life.

Weeks go by.

A few months pass.

And I’m sorta training.


Hit and miss and a wandering fool.

For me, having a Yonder Goal gives me clarify and focus.








It’s not something I have to work on now or worry about, but it’s planting the seed so that when I fly back into Australia, I’ll know how much down time to have, and then get back on the horse again.

I haven’t come up with my Yonder Goal yet and will let you know when I do…but I’m glad I realised it now with 4 weeks to go and not 4 weeks after I get back!

And one last thing.

I know that not everyone is not wired like me, so this will either resonate with you or it won’t.

Take what works for you and discard the rest.

Happy Training!

Jods x

I dare you…


Every morning without fail, we have Dragons come into our home.

And the Dragons also bring baby Dragons.

For the life of me, I have no idea where my two little girls got this idea from, but being 4 & 2 has it’s bonuses in that you have a wild imagination that has no boundaries.

Initially I tried to dismiss the Dragons that were in my Bedroom at 5am, when the girls would wake up & join me in bed.

“Gen, there are no Dragons or baby Dragons in the house, please go back to sleep”….cue me rolling over and pulling the blankets over my head.

But no.

There were Dragons, big ones, that were going to eat us.

So I did the only thing I could think of.

“Ok Gen, how many Dragons are there?”

“There’s 2 Mum, that one and that one”, she said pointing to empty spaces in the room.

“Ok, well Mum’s going to have a talk to them, ok?” I reassured her.

“Ok, Mum”, she answered with the most quizzical look on her face.

“Morning Dragons!” I cheered to them.

“Dragons, you know, it’s really early in the morning & you can’t come into my house this early. I’m going to ask you to leave now… ok?” I asked nicely – but very firmly.

The Dragons didn’t move & looked at me, trying to call my bluff.

“No, noooo…you can’t stay, this is My Home and I’m the Boss, so you must listen to me.”

The Dragons started to get the idea that this Mum was really in charge.

“Your Baby Dragons can stay & have Breakfast with us, but only if they listen  to me…ok?”

The Dragons agreed & explained to their Babies that Gen & Nella’s Mum, Jodie, was in charge.

“Ok Dragons, nice chatting with you, & I hope you have a nice day. You can come back later to get your Babies, ok?”

And off they went.

By this time, Gen & Nella were ooing and ahhing over the Baby Dragons that were now in their little hands.

Stroking them, talking to them & reassuring them that we would look after them.

The rest of the morning went off without a hitch & the Baby Dragons joined us for Breakfast & have done so most mornings ever since.

So, what the hell do Dragons & Baby Dragons have to do with anything?

Gosh, where do I start?

Going with the flow.

Accepting what IS.

Asserting your authority :)

But really, what I want to pass on is the power of your Imagination.








The ability to dream, ponder, create. Ideas spark, inspiration lights up & hopes begin to soar.

Anything you’ve ever achieved in your life, was once just a spark of your imagination, where ideas pop out of nowhere & start to take shape.

Holidays, Travel, New Jobs, New Homes, Education, Goals, Adventures, Hobbies, Business Ideas, New Sports or even Relationships.

All started off with a little question, “I wonder what that would be like…?

Your life is just one big mass of imagination rolling out year after year.

If this concept feels foreign to you right now, just remember you were little once too, with a vivid & wild imagination.

Your ideal life is never out of reach & it can get bigger & better.

I dare you to wake up tomorrow morning & talk to the Dragons in your room about what you’ve got going on in your life & share your hopes & dreams with them.dream2

I. Dare. You.

They’ll listen & nod & affirm your dreams to you.

You are never too old to dream.


Jods xx

The 3 reasons I hate CrossFit



Let’s cut straight to the hate.

#1 Hate.

My Mum & Dad, who are 66yrs of ripe old age, do it.  And my Dad has a hand disability which leaves him unable to make a grip with his left hand.

They come religiously 4 times a week and choose the right scaling options for themselves and finish their workouts –  all the bloody time.

I hate it because there’s no excuse for me to skip a workout, saying it’s too hard, too technical or too anything else.

There’s no out.

There’s always a Scaling option which means you can’t hide.

#2 Hate: It’s hard.crossfithard

The very nature of CrossFit is born from high-intensity training which essentially means  – do more work in  less time.

It’s confronting, humbling and just down-right hard work.

You can’t escape it and you already know before you go to a workout it’s going to be hard.

The sort of hard that leaves you fitter, stronger & faster – pity about that. (Note sarcasm)

#3 Hate: It’s never-ending.

Back in the days before I CrossFitted I was pleased with myself to have “mastered” strength training, got my shiny little black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and dabbled in Triathalons along the way as well.

There was an end-game in a short space of time and mastering the skills was always within reach.

But with CrossFit it’s a never-ending game of being a beginner – again and again and again.

You have to swallow your pride, be patient and enjoy the journey, because the destination is a long way away.

Wall Balls, Double Unders, Clean & Jerks, Toe to Bars, Snatches, Squat Snatches, Muscle-Ups, Rope-Climbing… Ummmm should I continue?DSC_0069-v2

Boredom is nowhere in sight and I hate knowing that there’s a plethora of skills to master, and can only be mastered when your basics, your foundations are (mostly) flawless.

It’s a long-game, not a quick-fix.

Patience Jodie, Patience.

Jods x

I am… The 2 most powerful words you will ever speak

I am.

The 2 most powerful words you will ever speak.

Two tiny little wee words that can build your courage up or slash your self-esteem in an instant.

I am tired.

I am busy.

I am fat.

I am fabulous.

I am freakin’ awesome.

I am strong.

I am….

We say them out-loud, we say them to others, we say them in the quiet moments of our own mind.

We say them with belief, with meaning and with intention – whether you like it or not.

We say them consciously and we feel them subconsciously.

The great thing is, the mind you have is your own and you can choose what you want to have as your I am.

Some people might argue with me here that, “Jodie, I am fat, broke or “whatever” so why should I say something that isn’t true….?”

I’m a big believer in owning your station in life, but don’t let it bring you down and hold you back in a place of dis-empowerment.

Human beings are engineered for change and adaptation and as a species we will, you will, continue to evolve.

The question is, what do you want to evolve into?

Why don’t you try on for size this little gem that I use a lot.

“I am getting fitter and faster. Yes. I. Am.”

Allow your words to take you forward, not hold you back.



Everything in Moderation

This whole weight loss and fitness journey thing that we thrust upon ourselves can be an evil beast – if you let it.

All consuming, self-depriving and even worse… self-shaming.

I see it happen in real life and a lot on Facebook.

“Eating clean.”

Personally, I didn’t know food could be dirty?

“Cheat days.”

The last I knew cheating happened in school – when you wrote formulas on the back of wooden rulers for Advanced Maths. (Sorry Mum & Dad!)

And even worse, “No [insert banned substance] for 30 days”.

Now you and I both know that abstaining often increases the urge to be an all consuming need, which then results in greater excess consumed than what would have been consumed under “normal” life conditions.

Sometimes I feel like grabbing people and shaking them whilst screaming, “It doesn’t have to be this way!  Have you ever heard of balance?!”

But I guess being balanced doesn’t have the same sexy ring to it…and this whole weight loss thing should be more complicated – right? 7e7596ddacf64449e636c0e5833637c0

Not really…

Not. At. All.

Take the pressure of yourself to change everything overnight and just tweak one small thing.

Commit to always having your “treat” (not cheat) food in small doses – whenever you feel like it. I dare you!

Start moving your body in ways that you love and that feel good for you.

If you’ve been stuck in a place where you’ve adopted the feast or famine mindset than why not take a moment to question how exhausting that can be…

Do you really want to keep going down that path?

I think it’s time for you to blaze a new trail, don’t you think?

Always here to help!

Jods x

Slump | Funk | Blah….

Picture this.

7am Sunday morning and I’m all rugged up inside with the heater on full blast.

It’s cold and I’m the biggest sook when it comes to Winter.  Hanging out at home with Tony and the girls was on my mind and seemed such a nice way to spend the morning.

One word comes to my minder and I shudder. Swim.

“Really, do I have to…. I hate swimming.”

It comes again – Swim.

“It’s cold outside….I hate swimming.”


Maybe I could do it later, like after lunch when it’s warmer….”


My shoulder felt a bit sore yesterday, I wonder if I should not swim today in case it gets worse…”


*This is the turnaround point here.  The mental headbutt if you like and here’s the chatter that helped turn things around*

“I guess the quicker I do it the sooner it will be over.”

Imagine how you’ll feel about yourself AFTER you’ve done it.”

If I just stay home I’ll stay the same – is that what I want?”

Togs on, towel packed and I was in the car and home again within an hour.

Slump | Funk | Blah…..

We’ve all been there.

It’s a normal part of any journey.

Expecting to feel motivated all the time and excited about your training is naive.

But what you need to realise is, the days when you don’t feel like doing it…..these are the days when doing the work, will give you the most results.

I’m not talking about physical, fat-shredding results.

I’m talking about results with your self-esteem going through the roof and belief with in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!

They are priceless results – absolutely priceless.

Remember, what you say to yourself, about yourself when you are BY YOURSELF is one of the most important things in life.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

Just saying it can be done and it is worth the effort.

By the way, this floundering fish still hates swimming.

Jods x

I have to disagree.

I have seen this endless times in my career and it never ceases to amaze me.

I just don’t get it and it doesn’t make sense to me.

Here’s the thing.

You want to get fit, lose weight, tone up (insert your goal here) and you decide to get a Personal Trainer to help you.

(Great decision by the way – and of course I’m biased).

You work with your Personal Trainer until you reach your goal and HOORAY – you did it!

You finished the race, you jumped on the scales and saw your magic number or you slipped on that sexy black dress that had been collecting dust in the corner!

Good for you!

All the hard work, money spent and time watching what you ate and getting to the gym when you didn’t feel like it hasn’t finally paid off!

Now you’ve reached your goal you think to yourself…

“I should really do this on my own now.  I can’t keep relying on my Personal Trainer and I should really learn to do this by myself.”


And THIS is what I don’t get.


Well, it just doesn’t make sense to me to stop a winning formula.

The top athletes in the World that win their first “Title” don’t turn around and say, “Hey Coach, now that we’ve got here, I’m going to do this by myself because I want to prove to myself that I can…” 

The top athletes in the World recognise that having their Coach has allowed them to leverage on their expertise which reduced the risk of injury and maximized their results.   They knew that their training program and milestones in place to track their progress was all looked after, so they could just focus on ONE THING!  And that was following the plan.  Not trying to come up with a plan that they were unsure of and 2nd guessing or changing all the time.

The top athletes realise that having a support team in place is critical to their success and that going it alone is not efficient… Going it alone is hard work and lonely.  Everyone needs a helping hand and they want that hand to be close by for when they instantly need it.

Knowing that they had someone to answer to, meant that they held themselves accountable to the plan and THIS accelerated their results massively.

They bypass the mistakes that rookies make.

They realise there is no point to prove in going it alone.

You are not weak, lazy or inadequate when you get help to achieve your goals.

You are smart, effective & savvy.

If it’s good enough for the best athletes  in the World to have Coaches, than I’m going to follow what THEY DO to continue to get better results with my health and fitness.

Wouldn’t you?

Jods x

7 life lessons I was reminded of this week…

This week’s been a big one for me and it got me thinking…

Here are 7 life lessons I was reminded of:

1. Never open your fridge when you are bored.

2. Never (ever!) go grocery shopping when you are hungry!

3. Never check your emails when you can’t reply.

4. Never listen to that voice that says “tomorrow“, “later”….or “when things settle down”….RIP: Boston Marathon Runners :(

5. You’ll always be busy, because that IS the sort of person you are – the busy person!

6. I don’t need “more time” in my day to get things done.  I need greater clarity on what IS really important for me to achieve by the end of the year!

7. I don’t need more answers, more information, more time to think about it – I need to spend my mental and physical energy just doing something about it today. (Not tomorrow – please refer back to No. 4!)

Jods x

P.S. So which Life Lesson resonated with you?  Drop a quick reply in the Comments as I’d love to know!