It is sad, it’s unfair and it’s real….

Last week I got slammed from you guys after our melt down in Chermside, (in a good way) and it occurred to me I need to explain something.

The replies had one common theme – “You write so openly and so honest ”…

And last week was no different other than….”it must NOT BE easy to share so much personally about yourself….”.

My immediate thought was…”Yes, it is easy….” – but ask Tony and it’s a different story.

We are chalk and cheese or peas and corn if you like…(and he might cringe as he continues to read on…)

But I’m very comfortable sharing with you my raw moments because we all have these skeletons hanging in the closet that we are desperate to hide – pretending that all is ok – ALL OF THE TIME.

*coughing* bullshit!

The wiser I get (others call it getting older….), the more I’ve learned that we all experience heart-ache, hard-ship and overcoming our own demons.

No one has it all together – no one is perfect – we ALL need help in life, and the ONLY difference is, that we just need help in different areas.

What’s the point in passing through this thing we call life, if we can’t drop the bullshit and be honest, and help someone else along the way.

In the last month I’ve had…

  1. A girlfriend who has 3 beautiful children fess up that she’s been so sick recently which led to the “C” word (cancer), at her Doctors and a recent biopsy.
  2. A Client who was getting headaches.  Went to the Doctors and they found a freak’n brain tumour… Say no more.
  3. AND, my own family go through a personal family struggle with a marriage breakdown that involves 3 children (and just to confirm – Tony and I are AOK!)

It is sad, it is unfair and it’s real ALL at the same time.

I share “stuff” with you because life is meant to be shared and learning from others is one thing I’ve found to help me the most.

We aren’t meant to “go it” alone and we all face uncertainty at some point.

Life is way too short and if we (you and me) are going to share time together (on this screen), then let’s make it real – meaningful – worthwhile.

So, let me say thanks for joining me on this journey called life.

I’m not perfect and I’ve made plenty of mistakes – AND I’ll be honest about it.

Life is an experience, a privilege, a ride AND a roller-coaster.

If I can help you when you are off track, or when you are a bit down, or maybe deflated… that’s awesome, because so many people helped me when I’ve been down and out – and you never know where help is going to come from.

Ok, D&M over.


P.S. D&M = deep and meaningful.

 P.P.S. If you do want help, just hit the bloody reply button and stop hesitating. 


Decisions, decisions….

I was so excited to see the half naked folks on Saturday!

So excited because the quiet guy in the corner who liked to keep to himself shredded 5.6kg of fat in 28 days…

The busy Mum of 2 Kids with a fly in fly out Husband, burned a huge 4kg of fat….and now that I’m a Mum I can now appreciate you really do have no time for yourself, but SHE DID IT!

It was interesting watching them with new confidence take their shirt off before they jumped on the scales – a vast difference to the shyness seen on Day 1!

The TOP 3 Winners were all chased so closely with 4th, 5th and 6th place – only a few hundred grams being the difference!

I pulled them aside and asked them quietly… “How did you do it… How did you stay focused?”

The answer that was repeated back to me, time and time again…

“Jodie, I committed.  I did it because I decided it WAS TIME and there was no more excuses!”

I should also share with you that Tman and I met yesterday and made a decision.

We are time challenged just like everyone else and with new projects on the cards to roll out shortly, we made the decision to put all of our focus into ONE MORE Challenge…

This means it won’t be repeated and you only have one more chance and then you will miss out!

Apparently there is no spare time for me or you to do things later…!

28 Days, 2 Winners, $1,000 Cash Prize…are you ready to shred your FAT?

The 28 Day Challenge will roll out with you or without, but one thing is for sure, there WILL be Winners, there WILL be fat shredded and there will be smaller versions of the challengers all turning up on the last day to weigh in!

Will you be one of them?

You can check all the info out here…

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get….

4 x High Energy Group Training Sessions…($120.00 value)

2 x Fitness Test Workouts….($60.00 value)

2 x Tickets to Nutrition 101, an Educational Masterclass…($58.00 value)

4 x Weekly Fitness Reports with fat shredding information…($49.00 value)

…AND 2 Winners sharing in the $1,000 CASH Prize!


Get your fat shredding & fitness boosting journey started right now!


It’s hard to say that this Challenge will be our last one for a while, but apparently I can’t do everything!

Jods x

Reasons Make the Difference

So you’ve got a goal. You want to get fitter and lose some weight. Or maybe you want to run a marathon or climb to base camp. Why? Why do you want to do it? Why push yourself and go through all the hard work?
You can think of goals as being a table and the reasons why you want to achieve these goals as being the legs that hold it up. If you only have 1 or 2 legs holding up the table it will be pretty shaky and it will easily fall over. If you have many legs, 10 or more, the table will be rock solid. In fact someone could come along and wipe 1 of those legs right out and the table will still remain solid.
I have found that a common challenge that many people have with achieving their health and fitness goals is that they feel that it is a selfish goal. They feel that by putting time and energy into becoming fitter, leaner, stronger, whatever their actual fitness goal is that it is all about them and they should really be putting their time and energy into helping others like their family who need them. I understand this and for many of us the willingness to help others is a more powerful motivator than to do something for ourselves. My question is, can you do both? Can you still be a great Mum, Dad, friend, and still achieve your own fitness goals. The challenge is getting the right balance isn’t it! The thing is if you really look after yourself you will probably be an even better, Mum, Dad, friend etc.
If you really like feeling fit, being in great shape and challenging yourself to achieve new things with your fitness then you won’t feel good inside if you don’t stay on top of your fitness. This will affect those around you as you won’t be your happy self. It is said that for us to feel truly happy and fulfilled we need to feel as though we are growing and we also need to feel as though we are contributing. If we are growing but not contributing then we won’t feel great about ourselves but if we are contributing a lot but not growing we won’t feel great either. We need both.
Why don’t you try this little exercise? Write down 10 reasons why you want to achieve your health and fitness goal. Remember some reasons can be “selfish” goals like to look good, but hang on is this really a selfish goal? Won’t your partner appreciate you being in great shape, having more energy, feeling great about yourself, living longer? Work on building at least 10 really good strong legs to hold your goal up. Make your goal unshakeable and let no one knock it down!
Life’s more fun when you hit your goals!

Is it really all in Your Head?

It has been said that 80% of everything is psychology! (Tony Robbins) But is this really true? Is most of it really in our heads? Who knows! What I do believe it that without any doubt what we think about and how we think about it makes a massive difference to the results we get in any area of our lives.
When it comes to working out your mindset and how you approach the workout makes an enormous difference to how well you perform and therefore the results you get. Here are 3 examples I’ve experienced of how much a change in mindset can make a huge difference to someone’s performance.
Two of my clients have recently got together and done a couple of 2on1 sessions together. They are both great very switched on and focused people and have trained with me for some time. One in particular is very competitive and the difference in how she trains in these 2on1 sessions is amazing! I can almost double the weights that she lifts and she just attacks it! In her 1on1 sessions in the past she would hold back thinking it was too heavy!
Several years ago I was taking a client through a workout in a nearby park and I’d set up a little obstacle course for her to complete as fast as she could. On the second round I gave her a head start and then chased her. Can you believe how much faster she went! It was amazing!
I was running with a client one morning and she was starting to struggle a bit. She was ready to stop running and start walking. I was working hard to keep her going. I knew she physically could do it. Then around the corner came a lady walking 2 dogs. My client loves dogs and immediately her mood lifted and so did her running. No longer was it a struggle. It looked like she could run all day, as long as there were some dogs up ahead.
What do you think about when you workout? Do you fill your mind with “strong” thoughts that help you do better or do you let thoughts that slow you down, make you want to stop and make you focus on the “hurt” get the better of you? Next time you workout I challenge you to think differently. Even if you are already doing well, aim to taking your thinking to the next level. Here are some ideas that may just help you beat that little voice in your head that might be hindering your performance:
1. Really focus on your technique, even more than you already do. When you think about this you won’t be focusing on the “harness” of the workout.
2. Think about how lucky you are to be doing what you are doing right now. Some people are sick, injured, disabled or worse and just wish they had the ability to workout as you do.
3. Enjoy the burn. Is the puffing and burning really that bad? I think not. It only last a little while. The more it burns the fitter you get! Say this over and over.
4. Use the smile technique. Think about all the good that is coming from the workout you are doing. Every rep you get stronger, fitter, faster, leaner, better!
5. Set yourself goals throughout the workout to hit. For example 10 reps without stopping!
Right now there is nothing you can do about your body. It is what it is. You can’t in this instant change how much muscle you have or how much fat you have. But you can change right now what and how you are thinking and this can have a dramatic effect on how much muscle and fat you have in 1 month, 3 months and 3 years time!
Think fit and I you will become fit!

Are you Setlling?

It is easy to sometimes just settle for what is comfortable in the short term don’t you think? We can just get lazy and settle for where we are at now rather that where we really want to be. This month my bicycle calendar’s quote is:
“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” Author – unknown
I have worked with many awesome people helping them get fitter, leaner and stronger. What really makes me think is when some have already settled for certain limits on their results. I’m not talking about crazy results! Results that I believe would be very achievable with just some good consistency of putting more deposits into their health and fitness accounts and less withdrawals.
It is believed that for us to be truly happy and fulfilled we need to feel as though we are growing. That is moving forward and accomplishing things. How are you feeling about your health and fitness? Are there some goals you’d really like to achieve but you’ve settled without really giving them a good shot? Here are some questions you could ask yourself to decide whether you should go for it or not?
1. What do you really want to achieve?
2. Why do you want it?
3. What will it take to achieve it?
4. Will it be worth it?
5. What sacrifices do you need to make?
6. Will it be worth it?
7. How will you feel when you achieve it?
8. Will it be worth it?
9. What is stopping you?
Dream big I say and chase your dreams. Life is more fun when you are fit and you deserve to live life to the fullest!

Do Those Extra Kilos Really Make That Much Difference?

I always like mixing up my training and challenging myself with new and different things. Last week I decided to do strength training session with a weighted vest for the whole session. I didn’t want to know the weight of the vest so I didn’t weight it until the end of the session. The session included chin ups, dips, pistol squats and other very exciting body weight (plus the vest) exercises.
Man it was a killer! At the end of the session I couldn’t wait to take the vest off. When I did, it felt great. I felt so light. I weighed the vest and it came in at 10kg. This was about what I was expecting although I’d hoped it was heavier as this would have given more reason as to why the workout was so challenging!
That extra 10kgs made a massive difference. It pretty much halved the reps I would have been able to do without it! I am so glad I’m not carrying those extra 10kgs around with me all the time!
If you are living in denial, carrying extra kilos yourself and telling yourself that it doesn’t make that much difference then why don’t you try out a weighted vest and see how much difference it does make. If you are keen to improve your running, get faster on that bike, go on a trek or anything else that requires you to move your body then I’m advising you to get your power to weight ratio as high as possible! This means get strong and lean. Becoming one or the other is only doing half the job and you’ll only feel and see half the benefits. It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you are carrying extra body fat then it will slow you down and wear you out!
Think lean athletes. It’s more fun being able to simply unstrap those extra 10kgs at the end of a workout rather than having them follow you around all day!

Why Not?

Why push yourself to be leaner, healthier, fitter, better? Why watch what you eat? Why get out of bed to go for that run? Why enter that obstacle course race?
Why not?
Have you ever worked hard towards a big goal and then achieved it? How did you feel? Pretty awesome I bet! Have you ever slept in when you planned to get up and exercise? How did you feel then? Pretty average I bet? Have you ever eaten something that you knew wasn’t good for you and then felt guilty or silly for eating it?
I think you’ll agree that more often than not when you put in some effort to become better in some way it always feels great in the end. The saying is discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tonnes! I’d much prefer to go through a bit of puffy, sweating, grunting and some tight muscles now and then rather than the pain of ill health and fatness!
Why not make this year the year that you do that fun run, or that triathlon, or lose those 20kgs you’ve been lugging around, or build that physique you’ve always wanted? Why not join one of our Teams at the Kokoda Grunt obstacle course? Why not take on our 28 Day Challenge? Wouldn’t winning $500 for doing something great for your health and fitness be an awesome achievement to kick off 2013!
Go on write down the pros and cons for doing or not doing it and see how it looks on paper. Then when you see that the pros far outweigh the cons get to work. Do a plan, speak to the people you need to, to get support and encouragement and get to action now!
It’s more fun when you’re fit!

There is no Good without Bad

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is no good without bad?” When I first heard it it made me stop and think. It makes a lot of sense though. How can something be good if there is no bad? To have a really good day you probably need to experience a bad day so that you know the good day is good.
For me realising that you need both, good and bad, helps me deal with both better. When things don’t go so well, then it is easy to accept it knowing that things do go bad sometimes. When things go really well then I am grateful for it, knowing that this doesn’t always happen.
I suppose the challenge is to plan your life so that it is full of much more good than bad. How would you rate your health and fitness right now? Is it good or bad? Maybe it is just ok? So if you want to make it better how do you do it? It is going to take some work right. Chances are you are going to have to work on both your nutrition and your exercise regime. It is going to take some sacrifice which you believe will be worth it to reach your goals. So, the question is what is stopping you? You know that when you reach your goals you will take your health and fitness from bad or ok to good but you aren’t doing what you need to do! How silly is that!
Don’t worry you are not alone. I think we all do this in at least one area of our life. We know if we take a few simple actions this area will go from bad to good but for some reason, maybe laziness, maybe fear of success, maybe lack of belief that if we actually do what we think we should we might still not achieve. Well I think the place to start is to increase how much you want the goal. If you go to bed thinking about the goal you want and waking thinking about it then I think you will be much more likely to take the action you need to take.
Try writing out 10 reasons why you want to hit your health and fitness goals. Think of all the benefits that will come from hitting this goal or goals. Think of how it will improve your life and how you feel on a daily basis. These reasons will serve as a force field to shield away the obstacles (food temptations, laziness temptations, doubts and fears) that try to get in your way!
Seriously if you have been putting off or just not giving your health and fitness the attention it deserves try giving it a really good shot and I’m sure you’ll be saying , it’s way more fun when you are fit!

How Much is Enough?

How long do I need to workout for to get a result? Have you ever asked this question? If you have you are not the only one. We are all as busy as ever and want to get the results in the shortest amount of time. Leading into Christmas is no different. Lots of functions to go to, presents to buy and busy wrapping up work assignments so you can enjoy a well-earned holiday stress free!
Before I tackle the question of workout length let’s take a step back for a minute.
Remember, the first key is consistency! Forget about how long to workout for if you are only doing it once a week. You need to do it more often than that to get a real effect. Most days (have one day off if you like) is the way to go!
Intensity is also a very important key! How well you train is more important than how long you train for. Remember the first step is consistency though so don’t go trying to break records if you haven’t trained for a couple of weeks. Ease into and gradually up the “anti” each session. Let me also point out that keeping your technique in check is a fundamental way of keeping intensity high while keeping the chances of injury to a minimum. No use lifting that heavy weight if your core is not switched on, your back is all bent and you have not set your shoulders correctly!
Now let’s talk about how long you need to workout for to get a result! Anything is better than nothing! Lets say you have been struggling with the consistency thing and you’ve been getting in 2-3 workouts per week instead of doing something 5-6 days per week. Then start by just doing something each day. Seriously this does not matter if it is a 5minute powerwalk around the block. Just start getting used to doing something each day! Try hitting the deck and doing as many push ups as you can in 2 minutes. The next day try as many squats as you can. See how you feel after this 2 minutes? Different than before the 2 minutes, right!
Now lets not forget about the principle of progressive overload and also keep things in check with your goals. If you keep doing 2 minutes each day your results will soon plateau and you’ll need to do a little more. Also if your goal is to lose 1 kg a week then you’ll need to burn up around 9000 calories extra each week. So doing solid 30-45 minutes workouts will help a lot more than the 2 minute efforts!
If I have to give you a minimum workout time then it is 20 minutes. 20 minutes of good workout time. This can include warm up and cool down since you will still be moving the body during this time. So here are some ideas for fast and effective workouts you can do almost anywhere.
1. Warm up – 3 minute jog, some dynamic stretches (arm swings and legs swings).
Workout – Run at a fast pace for 6 minutes, turn around and run back aiming to get back in less than 6 minutes.
Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on your legs.
2. Warm Up – Loosen up with some light stretching and 5 reps of push ups, squats and sit ups. Workout – Set a timer for 3 minutes and climb a ladder of push ups, squats and sit ups. Climbing a ladder means starting at 1 rep for each exercise and then complete 2, then 3 and so on climbing as high as you can within the 4 minutes. Have a minute rest and then start at the number you reached and climb back down aiming to get to zero in less than 4 minutes. Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on areas that are feeling the tightest.
3. Warm up – Find yourself a nice hill or set of stairs that is around 50-100m. Warm up with some light stretches and then 2-3 minutes of jogging followed by 10 push ups and 10 squats. Workout – Complete as many push ups as you can in 20seconds and then as many squats as you can in 20seconds and the run up the hill or stairs as fast you can. Take note of how many push ups and squats you did and the total time from start to the top of the hill. Take an easy jog back down the hill and then repeat the same number of push ups, squats and hill run aiming to match your first time. Repeat this as another 2 to 3 times giving you 4-5 rounds of this fast and furious full body conditioning session.
4. Cool Down – Stretch out full body with good focus on areas that are feeling the tightest.
Do one of these workouts each morning over the festive season and I’m sure your keep the Christmas pudding bulge at bay! Hey, why not punch one out on Christmas morning and I’m sure the Christmas feast will be even more satisfying! It will only take 20minutes! Christmas is more fun when you’re fit!

The Jamie Oliver show down…

I love cooking.

I find it such a creative release to get in the kitchen, get totally engrossed in the smells, colours and creation that is food and then sit down to lavishly indulge in my own piece of art.

I could sit and watch cooking shows for HOURS on end….especially my fav, Mr. Oliver.

Loved his 30 minute meal creations and yes, I bought his book. And now there’s the 15 minute new release…..and no, I have not bought the book – yet.

Enter: The Skeptical Me.

Before I was a parent I would tell myself, “I don’t have any spare time….!”  And now that I am a parent of 2, “I seriously have NO spare time…!” 

(Quickie: Our new little baby girl arrived just 9 days ago and we are all well, healthy and settling in great!)

Jamie assures us all you don’t need a lot time to whip up healthy, quick meals “in under 15 minutes”…. and as Tman and I were sitting down on the weekend eating our Takeout Pizza (with no cheese :)) because I had “no time or energy” to cook dinner that night, I realised that I should give his recipes and ideas a crack before admitting defeat!

On the menu that night he presented a beautiful “Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Salad” – and all under 15 minutes and you can see the full recipe here…

As I was watching him and getting mesmerised by his creation (whilst munching away on my delicious Crust Pizza…), my mind started coming up with the excuses as to why that wouldn’t work for us…

1. I don’t have those ingredients on hand and hardly ever do…

2. I hardly buy some of those ingredients as they don’t have a good “fresh life”…

3. It’s still not simple enough to whip up “quickly”…

And then I head butted myself.  With my baby now “out of me”, I am keen to get stuck into training and get my pre-baby body back again!  The reality is that I AM going to be time-poor and this is NOT going to change, so the only thing that I can change is my attitude towards our meals at home.

“Jods, give it a go and adapt things, don’t keep saying it’s all too hard and there’s only so many nights in the week you can get Take-out Pizza!!!”

My Version of the Recipe with what I had in the fridge was….

Grilled steak instead of Chicken

….I rubbed the steak in paprika, grilled it to medium rare, then smeared it with mustard seeds and dressed it with the juice of a fresh orange.  Then cut it into thick slices….

Quinoa Salad, Jodie style…

….I only grilled 1 x zuchinni.

….Everything else was fresh cut and tossed in with the juice of 1/2 orange and some balsamic vinegar.

Replacement ingredients were:

– 1/2 yellow capscisum

– 1 cut up orange

– 1 diced shallot

– 3 pieces of cut up proscuitto (fat trimmed off).

On the side: Served some steamed Asapargus on the side…

VERDICT: 4 Stars

It was a winner and I’m glad I took up the challenge. It was quick to cook, easily adaptable with what I had in the fridge, fresh, tasty and a healthy meal, with less calories than Jamie’s (no avocado or cheese).  PLUS there were leftovers that Tman happily devoured for his lunch.

Not the best picture, and certainly not as tantalising as Jamie’s, BUT as a budding Chef, what I like about this plate is…

a) It’s the leftovers being eaten the next day, which means Tman really did like it.

b) There was an URGENCY with Tman eating it…it was like he had to get it quickly before I started picking at it!

c) The plate was empty within 5 minutes…

Downside…. It did NOT take 15 minutes, as the reality in our house-hold is I’m multi-tasking cooking AND feeding a toddler with lots of end of day rountine stuff on the go.  This is not going to change in the near future so something that I’m going to have to get used to.

So, any other budding Chefs out there who want to take up Jamie’s 15 minute meals as a Challenge?

Here’s Jamie’s Full Recipe again for you here…

Jods :)