Hangstrong Gymnastics Courses

Hangstrong Gymnastics Courses | Update from Tony Hebrard


On Saturday the 28th of May 2016 I attended 3 workshops run by Hangstrong Gymnastics in Brisbane.  The Hangstrong Team was made up of Thomas Pichler (a former Elite Gymnast and now CrossFit Athlete) and James Whybird (an experienced CrossFit Coach).  

The 3 workshops were approximately 2 hrs each with theory and practical components and covered different areas which were Rings, Handstands and the Bar.

  1. Rings focused on developing Kipping Ring Muscle Ups.
  2. Handstands focused on developing efficient Handstand Push Ups and Handstand Walking.
  3. The Bar focused on developing Kipping Pull Ups, Butterfly Pull Ups and and Kipping Bar Muscle Ups.

The courses provided me with some great key take home messages, some of which were not new, but always great to refresh and there were a few new learnings which made a significant difference.

Here’s my recap of the day…

  1. Strength and flexibility is paramount.  Without it the technique cannot be performed correctly.  Core strength needs daily work to develop the level of strength required for good pull ups, muscle ups and handstands.
  2. Hitting the hollow body position in the ring muscle up provides a strong platform for hip extension and therefore vertical movement of your centre of mass to put you in the best position to transition into your dip.
  3. Kipping the dip is super important for efficiency.  
  4. Keeping tension on the rings and holding a hollow body position as you lower from the top of the muscle up allows for efficient linking of reps.
  5. Turning the hands out to 45 degrees works best for most people with handstand push ups and walking.  
  6. Developing good balance makes for more efficient handstand push ups.
  7. To improve handstand walking work on improving your handstand hold.  If you can hold a handstand for 5 seconds that is how long you can walk for.
  8. There is no secret trick for balancing on your hands besides getting weight onto your fingers and practising.
  9. A good kipping pull up needs to be developed before adding butterfly pull ups to your repertoire.
  10. Keeping a tight superman position (legs together and straight) during kipping pull ups encourages strong use of core and makes for faster more efficient pull ups.
  11. Hold your hollow body position on butterfly pull ups until you start to drop.
  12. Using a glide kip can be a great way to start bar muscle ups.  To initiate a glide kip jump behind the bar and hold your hollow body position as you swing under the bar.  Then kick to superman with your feet forward of the bar.  This creates more swing and can work effectively to get the first rep.  

Lots of detail there and I’m happy to answer any questions, just hit me up the next time you see me!

Over the coming weeks I’ll be continuing to practise myself and also Coach our Personal Trainers on all the info I absorbed. 

Happy training and I hope you enjoy what myself and the Coach’s will be sharing with you!

Over and out, T.

Tony Hebrard

CrossFit Zenergy Co-Owner | CrossFit Coach

Tony and Matt Gym

Small Group Training Announcement

3, 2, 1… GO!

CrossFit gives you a huge variety of exercises as it’s designed to help you improve all 10 areas of fitness; Strength, Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Flexibility, Stamina, Speed, Power, Agility, Accuracy, Co-ordination & Balance.Tony bar

So how can we help you get your skills better, so that when the next WOD comes around you can fly up that Rope with a good foot-lock (finally!), or maybe nail your kip in your Pull Ups or maybe, have the ability & confidence to go for a new PR on your Snatch.

Our Small Group Training programs are designed to compliment the daily WODs so you can improve specific skills.

Just last month we released our first ever Small Group Training with a 4 Week Weightlifting Program and not only did it sell out, it was hands-down, a results shit-storm.

100% of the participants achieved new PRs.

One participant improved with a 42% increase in their Squat Snatch (went from 35kg to 50kg!) and another improved 9.4% in their Snatch – going from 42.5kg to 46.5kg.

When we asked the Participants what they enjoyed most about the Program they said…

“the small groups = more one on one time”

“focused on one thing at a time”

“the program built each week but it wasn’t complex”

“the little pieces of advice from the Coach and also the support from other students, it was really great!”

“I feel more educated about lifting and loved learning about the 8 point checklist.”




You’ll have 2 options to choose from with Weightlifting & the new program CrossFit Skills…  both kicking off the week starting Monday 13th June.

The Small Group Training Programs are all…

  1. 4 weeks Intensive Programs (2 x 1hr sessions each week)
  2. Small group of 5 to ensure quality & quantity instruction for you
  3. 8 sessions in total & just $40 per session!
  4. Choose from Weightlifting or CrossFit Skills

Small Groups of 5

Designed to give you the perfect blend of working with others + personalised coaching, our Small Group Training sessions are programmed for 5 participants.

You’ll love the fun & supportive atmosphere from your Group and the quality & quantity instruction delivered by your Coach.  Choose from either CrossFit Skills or Weightlifting with 6 different time-slots below!


Learn how to lift efficiently, safely & heavy.  Over 4 weeks you’ll build on solid foundations and be reaching new PRs and feeling more confident with your lifting skills!

  • Learn the 8 point performance checklist used by Coach of Champions, Mike Bergner.
  • Understand what Skill Transfer Exercises are and how to use them in your training
  • Practise specific warm-up drills developed by Mike Bergner
  • Identify your weak-spots & learn specific exercises to strengthen these
  • Learn the correct bar path, body position & timing so you lift safely and proficiently!

Weightlifting starts Tues 14th June with 3 time slots to choose from:

  • Tues & Thurs 5:30am – 6:30am
  • Tues & Thurs 9am – 10am
  • Tues & Thurs 5:30pm – 6:30pm

*Get better at your Weightlifting & book your spot now!


CrossFit Skills

Rope Climbing, Double Unders, Pull Ups and just a little bit of Running…”

If you are loving CrossFit and want to improve these skills so you can make your workouts more effective and fun, then the CrossFit Skills program could be the perfect addition to your training!

  • Rope Climbing – Learn the technique & build your strength so you can scale 5 metres up a rope safely and efficiently.  
  • Double Unders – Find out what the most efficient body position is to link your double unders together and get practising! 
  • Pull Ups – Understand what Kipping is and how to do it correctly…and get an intro to the super-efficient Butterfly movement.
  • Running –  Learn about techniques to boost your running efficiency & improve your speed!

CrossFit Skills starts Mon 13th/ Tues 14th with 3 time slots to choose from:

  • Mon & Fri 5am – 6am
  • Tues & Thurs 12pm – 1pm
  • Tues & Thurs 7pm – 8pm

Practise & polish your CrossFit Skills – Only 5 spots available – BOOK NOW!



Huge value training with each Program just $40 per session over 4 weeks! Complete the form below to book your spot now in either Weightlifting or CrossFit Skills!


Weightlifting | Update from Tony

CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course

Tony spends a lot of time learning, attending courses, researching and honing his craft.  He recently participated in the CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course and shares what he learned here.

Take it away Tony….

On Saturday & Sunday 2nd/3rd April I headed off to the CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course organised by CrossFit Headquarters in the U.S.  The 2 days were made up of theory and practical work taught by Matt Swift (reigning 45-49 Masters CrossFit Games Champion) and his daughter Kalsey. Over the 2 days we looked at the details that make up great coaching of the 2 lifts, the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk and in doing so learnt the 8 point checklist for safe, effective and efficient coaching.

The 8 point checklist comprises of:
1.Stance – Having the correct jumping and landing stances are critical for balance and power production.

2. Grip – Having the right grip supports efficient movement and therefore the speed that is needed to make the lift.

3. Active Shoulder Position – Active shoulders are essential to keeping your shoulders strong and safe.

4. Bones Stacked Position – Having our bones stacked correctly supports efficiency and is essential for completing near maximal lifts.

5. Speed Through the Middle – Generating explosive speed from the hips is essential for good Weightlifting. This also strengthens muscle surrounding the hips and our core strength, which is beneficial for almost all of life movements.

6. Keep the Bar Close – The most efficient way to lift a weight is to keep it close to you. Developing the skill to do this keeps us safe and allows us to lift more weight.

7. Strong Turnover – Turning the bar over strongly requires good shoulder mechanics including flexibility, strong shoulder stabilizers (such as rotator cuffs) and correct timing. Not only does this help us lift heavier weights but it also helps keep our shoulders healthy as most shoulder injuries can be attributed to lack of flexibility, weak stabilizing muscles and or poor recruitment of the right muscles.

8. Footwork – Good footwork when weightlifting requires and develops, good balance, agility, coordination and accuracy. Improving the balance, consistency and speed of your footwork can dramatically improve your ability to lift heavy and stay injury free.

In an a conversation I had with Matt Swift several years prior,  he spoke of how he has often used weightlifting movements for rehabilitation. This course further developed my understanding of how this works. As with all functional movement, the safest way to move is also the best way to move for optimal performance.

My next focus is on further refining the programming at CrossFit Zenergy and continuing to develop our Coach’s understanding of Weightlifting and ultimately, coaching you to lift more efficiently & effectively.

We look forward to helping you take your weightlifting to the next level!

Cheers Tony!

Head Coach | CrossFit Zenergy in Windsor, Brisbane