comments like this follow her everywhere.

There’s always one person that you know that leaves you for dead and makes you wonder…

“How the hell do they do it?” and sometimes even, How the hell do they do it?” and sometimes even, I could never do that, be like that, <insert other doubts and comparisons here>”

I’ve known her since my early twenties when I was a dedicated Tae Kwon Do student and lucky enough to train alongside her. We spent loads of time working out together, hitting each other, cheering each other on and being at our strongest and weakest together.

We parted ways after we achieved our Black Belts as life took us in different directions, but I’ve never forgotten her and always had so many great memories to look back on.

She turned up into my life again last year and it was so good to reconnect and share our workouts together again – this time in CrossFit.

She is one fit chick, but oh so humble.

She’s been training for years with consistent effort and now leaves me for dead.

But when that question pops in my mind… How the hell does she do it?” I know the answer.

You see, behind her strong body, ubber fitness and awesome physique is just a quiet little mouse that gets the job done.

And that has been her secret for years which has led her to the results she has today.

She believed in herself.

Committed herself to the plan.

Didn’t deviate – just plugged away for years.

And just last week was Ranked 3rd in Qld for the 2016 CrossFit Opens.  

Of  course not everyone wants what she’s got, but everyone wants “their pinnacle”.  

The thing, the place in time, the feeling of success in their journey of striving.

It’s normal human nature to strive, and it’s normal human nature to compare as well.

But here’s the thing.

Be very careful of what you are using for inspiration.

Emulate their attitude, not their ass.

Crave their mindset, not their muscles.

Wish for their focus, not their flat tummy.

Never aspire to be like someone.

You are awesome.

Remember that.

Just be your best self more days than not, and you’ll have progress my friend.

And progress, not perfection is where the magic happens.

Jods x

P.S. THIS CHICK.  Love your work Hannah!

Hannah and me










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