CrossFit Opens

Join CrossFit Zenergy in the CrossFit Opens

Starts Saturday 28th Feb at 8:15am at the Gym!

Join CrossFit Zenergy for 5 Weeks of World-Wide Competition with the CrossFit Opens. Register online for just $20USD and get ready for the weekly WODs with scaling options!

You can Register Online – Click Here

What are the CrossFit Opens?

The “Opens” are a 5 week world-wide WOD competition starting Saturday 28th Feb, where each week, a WOD is released online which you can then complete at CrossFit Zenergy.

You will have many opportunities to complete this WOD at CrossFit Zenergy.

  • Saturday mornings 8:15am
  • Monday mornings 6:00am, 9:00am, 12:30pm and 6:00pm

Once you have completed the WOD you can then log your Score online and compare yourself against the World!

What do I have to do?

Firstly, you have to Register online before Friday 27th February 11am online at the CrossFit Opens Website – Click Here

Then get ready for the 1st WOD which will be released online and join us at CrossFit Zenergy at any of the above times to complete it.

After you’ve completed the WOD you can then record your Score on the CrossFit Games Website.

When does the The CrossFit Opens Start?

The 1st WOD is released on Friday 27th February at 11am and you will have 4 days, until the Tuesday 11am to complete it and register your Score online. After 4 days, you can still do the WOD, but not log your Score online.

Each WOD will be released weekly, with the same 4 day window of opportunity to complete it and log your score online.

I’m only a beginner – can I still join in?

Yes YES!  Each WOD will have scaling options, which gives beginners an opportunity to compete and enjoy the supportive nature of the CrossFit Opens!

What’s the cost?

Registration on the CrossFit Games Website is $20 and can be done here. You must register online by Friday 27th February 11am if you want to log your Scores and compare yourself against the World!

Nominate CrossFit Zenergy as your Affiliate and then get ready for action!

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