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Coach Tony Hebrard is an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, CrossFit Coach and an all round down to earth fitness guy who is passionate about helping you get fitter & stronger through health & fitness education.

His training career has spanned over 15 years and has seen him train every day mums and dads to travelling overseas as the Professional Coach for the LTR Racing Team.  He continually researches new training methods and you’ll always find him some where in the Gym at CrossFit Zenergy taking himself through his own workouts.

There are 2 different Video Channels for you to watch, Trainer Workshops and How-To Videos.  The videos you’ll find here are designed to help you learn more about moving better and getting the most out of your body & training!

Trainer Workshops are short 2-3 min videos of our in-house Workshops that Tony delivers every single week to our Personal Trainers.  This is a compulsory workshop for our Personal Training Team to ensure they stay up to date and highly skilled to get you the best results possible.

How-To Videos are short 1-3min videos all aspects of crossfit and health & fitness. They are designed to give you education and how-to information so you get apply this knowledge straight away.

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