Decisions, decisions….

I was so excited to see the half naked folks on Saturday!

So excited because the quiet guy in the corner who liked to keep to himself shredded 5.6kg of fat in 28 days…

The busy Mum of 2 Kids with a fly in fly out Husband, burned a huge 4kg of fat….and now that I’m a Mum I can now appreciate you really do have no time for yourself, but SHE DID IT!

It was interesting watching them with new confidence take their shirt off before they jumped on the scales – a vast difference to the shyness seen on Day 1!

The TOP 3 Winners were all chased so closely with 4th, 5th and 6th place – only a few hundred grams being the difference!

I pulled them aside and asked them quietly… “How did you do it… How did you stay focused?”

The answer that was repeated back to me, time and time again…

“Jodie, I committed.  I did it because I decided it WAS TIME and there was no more excuses!”

I should also share with you that Tman and I met yesterday and made a decision.

We are time challenged just like everyone else and with new projects on the cards to roll out shortly, we made the decision to put all of our focus into ONE MORE Challenge…

This means it won’t be repeated and you only have one more chance and then you will miss out!

Apparently there is no spare time for me or you to do things later…!

28 Days, 2 Winners, $1,000 Cash Prize…are you ready to shred your FAT?

The 28 Day Challenge will roll out with you or without, but one thing is for sure, there WILL be Winners, there WILL be fat shredded and there will be smaller versions of the challengers all turning up on the last day to weigh in!

Will you be one of them?

You can check all the info out here…

Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll get….

4 x High Energy Group Training Sessions…($120.00 value)

2 x Fitness Test Workouts….($60.00 value)

2 x Tickets to Nutrition 101, an Educational Masterclass…($58.00 value)

4 x Weekly Fitness Reports with fat shredding information…($49.00 value)

…AND 2 Winners sharing in the $1,000 CASH Prize!


Get your fat shredding & fitness boosting journey started right now!


It’s hard to say that this Challenge will be our last one for a while, but apparently I can’t do everything!

Jods x

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