Do Those Extra Kilos Really Make That Much Difference?

I always like mixing up my training and challenging myself with new and different things. Last week I decided to do strength training session with a weighted vest for the whole session. I didn’t want to know the weight of the vest so I didn’t weight it until the end of the session. The session included chin ups, dips, pistol squats and other very exciting body weight (plus the vest) exercises.
Man it was a killer! At the end of the session I couldn’t wait to take the vest off. When I did, it felt great. I felt so light. I weighed the vest and it came in at 10kg. This was about what I was expecting although I’d hoped it was heavier as this would have given more reason as to why the workout was so challenging!
That extra 10kgs made a massive difference. It pretty much halved the reps I would have been able to do without it! I am so glad I’m not carrying those extra 10kgs around with me all the time!
If you are living in denial, carrying extra kilos yourself and telling yourself that it doesn’t make that much difference then why don’t you try out a weighted vest and see how much difference it does make. If you are keen to improve your running, get faster on that bike, go on a trek or anything else that requires you to move your body then I’m advising you to get your power to weight ratio as high as possible! This means get strong and lean. Becoming one or the other is only doing half the job and you’ll only feel and see half the benefits. It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you are carrying extra body fat then it will slow you down and wear you out!
Think lean athletes. It’s more fun being able to simply unstrap those extra 10kgs at the end of a workout rather than having them follow you around all day!

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