Fit Kids Classes FAQs

Tell me more about the CrossFit Kids Classes!

Where is Zenergy located?

Located in the heart of Windsor, right on Newmarket Road, CrossFit Zenergy is a family-friendly Gym which offers CrossFit Classes and Personal Training.

Find us: 101 Newmarket Road, Windsor (Opposite Homezone Centre)

Call us: 3252 7999

Follow us: Facebook CrossFit Zenergy

Do you have parking?

Yes, we have plenty of on-site free parking at the front or the rear of the Gym.

When are the School Term Classes on?

The School Term Classes are 30min Classes and held Monday to Thurs at 3:30pm

When are the Holiday Classes on?

For the Holiday Classes, check the Holiday Classes Page – Click Here

What Age-Groups do the Fit Kids Classes cater for?

We know that Parents know their Kids the best, so the Age Group of Prep to Grade 6 is a guideline for you.

If your child is slightly younger or older than the age groups chat to Tony and he’ll help you work out what’s best for your Kid.

What’s involved in the Fit Kids Classes?

The Fit Kids Classes are a play-based program designed to introduce the fun of fitness to your Kid.

The Kids will experience games, obstacle courses and be using their body weight for strength based exercises.  They’ll be doing functional movements (movements that you do in every day life), with a focus on core stability and a strong sense of self.

You are welcome to participate with your Kid and you are more than welcome to chill on the sidelines as well – it’s all up to you.

Class Overview

Each Class starts with a warm-up incorporating body awareness, balance and a sense of how their body moves.

The Class will then move onto games, play & exercise, all led by our qualified, fun & friendly Coaches!

The Class will then finish with a cool-down and reflection on what they experienced and learned in the Class.

The Classes will NOT BE too hard, too technical or too intense!

They will be fun and supportive to help your Kid learn about fitness and having fun with it!

How Much?

School Term – The School Term Classes are $15 for 1 Class or $20 for 2 Classes.  Classes are a per-term booking.  Yes, you can start part-way through a term.

Holiday Program  – The Holiday Program is $29 Per Week / Per Child and based on a per week booking. Classes on held daily from 10am and your child can attend daily/as many classes as they want in that week.

How to make a booking?

Call Tony on 3252 7999 or text him on 0410 331 836.

Book Online – Click Here