GO! Ready, Set…..

It’s painful to over-think things…

I’m like any person who likes to be well prepared in that good ol’ fashion sense of Ready, Set then GO!

But here’s the thing, in the last week, I’ve had extra “pressure” from external things that I can not control and it has forced me to make a quick decision.

A decision that wasn’t even on my radar a month ago.

So I started “doing”, and I’ve realised…. “Why the hell did I not do this sooner?” 

“Why did I wait so long and why did it take something that came out of no where, for me to make this decision?”

Are you feel’n me yet?

Bub’s coming in 6 weeks (or less), so time is super precious and we are all busy right?

There is no spare time to think things through sometimes, but we are damn good at it, if we allow ourselves to procrastinate.

You know how it goes, you start to analyze things, make a pros and cons list in your head, then maybe flesh it out more on paper… Think it through, ponder over and over again.

All the while, no decision or action has been made, just more “thinking”.

“Should I or shouldn’t I?”

“How will I know if it will work?”

What will happen if it doesn’t work?”

“Is it really the right thing to do?”

STOP!  <insert mental head-butt here>

Here’s the thing.

It might not work, but best off trying then not trying and chances are you’ll learn stuff, which is one of the secret’s to real progress!  (Without doing, you learn NOTHING!)

You can only make the best out of something by putting your best effort in and judging whether something is “right” or “wrong” is silly.  To make it simple… if it breaks the Law, then it’s wrong, but if it doesn’t break the law, then there is no right or wrong thing, just a next-step that YOU could choose to take.

And, no one bloody knows if “it” is going to work, because that plan is in someone else’s hands and even though I’m not religous, I do believe in the Universe.

It’s just been a week since I made that “quick decision” and I can’t believe how much momentum I’ve gained.

(Since we are getting to know each other here, the decision that I made was to Hire a Sales Member for our Team. )

I’ve been working “solo” this year on getting the word “out there” in between juggling Gen (and juggling the new mummy-me!) and with Bub on it’s way it occurred to me, that new baby + new goals and expectations that I set two weeks ago, were NOT adding up.

What happens if I invest this time, (you know the spare time I don’t have,) and don’t find someone….?”

What happens if I go into labour early and it stuffs up the training of this person?”

What happens if they start and don’t work out and leave after a short while while I’m breastfeeding with sore nipples and have complete baby brain….?”



What happens if I sit on my ass, thinking about all the stuff that might happen?

Nothing will happen.

So, I’ve GONE on this one and wasn’t ready and sure as hell not set….

Take a leap of faith of your own and just GO!

And, Yes! I’m talking to you.


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