How do you turn yourself on?

I’ve always found motivation a fascinating topic.

Specifically, self-motivation.

The art of reaching behind my back, finding that little wind-up screw like the every-ready bunny has in it’s back, and winding it up til it can’t be wound up anymore.

It’s not something we learn in school, not something that I remember my parents every talking to me about and certainly not in the topics of conversation through out my pub crawling days as a young 20 year old.

We want things in life, and we learn eventually that it requires work….yep – W-O-R-K.

You have to learn to get uncomfortable today, to have more of what you want tomorrow and that is the double-edged sword of self-motivation.  Making yourself do things when you don’t feel like.

For whatever reason I’ve been naturally driven to find that inner voice, listen to it and crank it up REAL LOUD!

Talking to myself is a daily conversation with words like…., “YES YOU CAN!”

My house is filled with little post-it notes scattered around on the bathroom mirror, the fridge and on my bed-room wall so the last thing I look at night and first thing I wake up to is messages of…”YES YOU CAN!”.

Gen (my 20 month old daughter) has shared time with me in front of our bathroom mirror as I sing out positive affirmations (like the crazy nutters on T.V…..YEP, that’s our household!).


– I am WOW!

– I am HAPPY!


Is my positivity making you squirm yet…

Are you thinking…is this chick for real?

‘fraid so folks.

The lesson in all of this is…It’s self-motivation you need to focus on, not getting motivated by others (that is always just a bonus).

So, let’s get real personal here.

I’ve always been a risk-tasker and I’ll show you mine if you show me yours… 😉

How do YOU motivate yourself…get yourself going when you just feel like quitting?

Let’s start a conversation which means I’ll start and you join in with a Comment :)

7 ways to self-motivate…

1. Post-it notes on my bathroom mirror that get updated when they fall off from loosing their “sticky”

2.Events” on my phone that I set up which pop up as reminders – “Congratulations on achieving your goal!”

3.  Record in my journal “Evidence” in my life when good things happen towards my goals.  It gives me “proof” that it can be done.  (It = my goals).  Evidence can be anything that you notice in your life, but it’s real, not a wish. Eg. Jumped on scales and lost 400gr since last Friday, or tried on new pants and able to do zip up or even simpler, woke up this morning and realised I could breathe and I was alive :)  (Now that is real evidence, just ask a dead person!)

4. Pictures, pictures, pictures!  I have a “Visual Board” that is placed right next to my bed with quotes, inspirational people and visuals of things that I’m working towards.

5. Record my “Daily Actions” towards my goals… This is NOT the results, but the “actions” that I took.  Like a To-DONE list, which makes me feel super proud of my efforts and willing to work more.  It could be as simple as, did 10 pushups or wrote that blog-post!

6. Your turn….

7. Your turn…

Jods! xx

P.S. More importantly, am I the only one singing motivational “stuff” in the shower every morning? :)

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3 Responses to How do you turn yourself on?

  1. I believe that human beings act for one of two reasons. To avoid pain or to seek pleasure. If the outcome or attainment of the goal is not sufficiently pleasurable to motivate my I get out the stick and use the ‘make it painful to not do it” approach to try and spur me on.

    Doesn’t always work because I think my brain knows when I’m trying to trick it….

    • Yep, totally agree!

      It’s a fascinating thing….. still does my head in! Why do I need to stick a rocket that is about to explode, underneath me, to get me moving…?!?!

      Awareness I’ve found is always a big part!

      Thanks for stopping by Sean x

  2. Positive attitude is a best tip, that motivates the people to have best confidence, which results in achieving the success.

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