I am… The 2 most powerful words you will ever speak

I am.

The 2 most powerful words you will ever speak.

Two tiny little wee words that can build your courage up or slash your self-esteem in an instant.

I am tired.

I am busy.

I am fat.

I am fabulous.

I am freakin’ awesome.

I am strong.

I am….

We say them out-loud, we say them to others, we say them in the quiet moments of our own mind.

We say them with belief, with meaning and with intention – whether you like it or not.

We say them consciously and we feel them subconsciously.

The great thing is, the mind you have is your own and you can choose what you want to have as your I am.

Some people might argue with me here that, “Jodie, I am fat, broke or “whatever” so why should I say something that isn’t true….?”

I’m a big believer in owning your station in life, but don’t let it bring you down and hold you back in a place of dis-empowerment.

Human beings are engineered for change and adaptation and as a species we will, you will, continue to evolve.

The question is, what do you want to evolve into?

Why don’t you try on for size this little gem that I use a lot.

“I am getting fitter and faster. Yes. I. Am.”

Allow your words to take you forward, not hold you back.



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