I cringed when he asked…

Tony and I braved Chermside shopping centre over the Easter weekend and ended up being “those parents with that child”.

You know the scenario…. (Picture: screaming, crying toddler AND a baby, with 2 Parents standing there at their wits end!)

Yep, that was us.

I was so relieved when an old client came up and said, “Hi!, did so before the fun started.

I hadn’t seen her in ages, other than on Facebook, and it’s so lovely to be able to connect with a real person.

We exchanged small-talk, then Tony asked the burning question that was on his mind (and is always on his mind….) and I cringed a little.

“How’s your training going?”

I know he has a heart of gold and wants to help so many people, but I also know this question was the reason for the instant scarlet, flushed cheeks that were now showing…and also the reason for the uncomfortable slight pause that was now between us, and the loss of eye contact.

She mentioned she wanted to get back into training as she wasn’t feeling motivated at all.

I encouraged her and reminded her that, “She could do it…” and “That’s what we are here for…” and offered the help to touch base next week.

But I could see the flushed cheeks still and what I really wanted to do was say…

“It’s OK!”

You ARE HUMAN, and there is no need to feel embarrassed at all – as we ALL fall off the horse.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve been off the horse for a day or a bloody year, what matters is taking tiny steps to get back on…”

AND not worrying what others (namely: the 2 personal trainers she was chatting to in the shops) think.

We don’t judge and to be blunt, I don’t care what “stuff” has happened for you to fall off the horse. (I mean this in a nice way…as we all have “stuff” happen”)

What I DO care about, is IF you want to get back on the horse, then let’s get you back on your feet, straddling it and riding it baby!

I love helping people take positive action, so let me do my job and help you get back on it!

Are we clear?

We all need that little nudge sometimes, a little bit of encouragement and a little…”YES, you can do it.”

I’m forever talking to myself and reminding my little inner-doubters to go take a HIKE!

I was so glad that she did stop and say Hello and I hope she takes the nudge of support. I’ll being doing cartwheels this week if she responds to a message I sent her on Facebook and YES you can hold me to those cartwheels too :)

Taking that first step is always the bloody hardest, and by coming up and saying Hello, was a great first step to take!

She was keen on the new program and I’m super excited to share it with her as our current and newest members, have been raving about the new classes, new formats and heaps more choices. It’s great to nail something on the head and I’d love to share the new program with you too!


You need to walk up (on your virtual email) and be the next courageous person that says “Hi Jodie…. I need to get motivated again…”

So how about it…are we going to make TODAY the day that gets you moving in the right direction and feeling motivated?

Tomorrow is going to be just as busy and just the same, but only if you want it to be.

Let me know what you want and I’ll do my best to help.

Jods x

P.S. The website is NOW LIVE where you can check out everything that the New Program has to offer – Click here!

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