I dare you…


Every morning without fail, we have Dragons come into our home.

And the Dragons also bring baby Dragons.

For the life of me, I have no idea where my two little girls got this idea from, but being 4 & 2 has it’s bonuses in that you have a wild imagination that has no boundaries.

Initially I tried to dismiss the Dragons that were in my Bedroom at 5am, when the girls would wake up & join me in bed.

“Gen, there are no Dragons or baby Dragons in the house, please go back to sleep”….cue me rolling over and pulling the blankets over my head.

But no.

There were Dragons, big ones, that were going to eat us.

So I did the only thing I could think of.

“Ok Gen, how many Dragons are there?”

“There’s 2 Mum, that one and that one”, she said pointing to empty spaces in the room.

“Ok, well Mum’s going to have a talk to them, ok?” I reassured her.

“Ok, Mum”, she answered with the most quizzical look on her face.

“Morning Dragons!” I cheered to them.

“Dragons, you know, it’s really early in the morning & you can’t come into my house this early. I’m going to ask you to leave now… ok?” I asked nicely – but very firmly.

The Dragons didn’t move & looked at me, trying to call my bluff.

“No, noooo…you can’t stay, this is My Home and I’m the Boss, so you must listen to me.”

The Dragons started to get the idea that this Mum was really in charge.

“Your Baby Dragons can stay & have Breakfast with us, but only if they listen  to me…ok?”

The Dragons agreed & explained to their Babies that Gen & Nella’s Mum, Jodie, was in charge.

“Ok Dragons, nice chatting with you, & I hope you have a nice day. You can come back later to get your Babies, ok?”

And off they went.

By this time, Gen & Nella were ooing and ahhing over the Baby Dragons that were now in their little hands.

Stroking them, talking to them & reassuring them that we would look after them.

The rest of the morning went off without a hitch & the Baby Dragons joined us for Breakfast & have done so most mornings ever since.

So, what the hell do Dragons & Baby Dragons have to do with anything?

Gosh, where do I start?

Going with the flow.

Accepting what IS.

Asserting your authority :)

But really, what I want to pass on is the power of your Imagination.








The ability to dream, ponder, create. Ideas spark, inspiration lights up & hopes begin to soar.

Anything you’ve ever achieved in your life, was once just a spark of your imagination, where ideas pop out of nowhere & start to take shape.

Holidays, Travel, New Jobs, New Homes, Education, Goals, Adventures, Hobbies, Business Ideas, New Sports or even Relationships.

All started off with a little question, “I wonder what that would be like…?

Your life is just one big mass of imagination rolling out year after year.

If this concept feels foreign to you right now, just remember you were little once too, with a vivid & wild imagination.

Your ideal life is never out of reach & it can get bigger & better.

I dare you to wake up tomorrow morning & talk to the Dragons in your room about what you’ve got going on in your life & share your hopes & dreams with them.dream2

I. Dare. You.

They’ll listen & nod & affirm your dreams to you.

You are never too old to dream.


Jods xx

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