I have a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid to show it…

When I was about 6 years old, I remember dressing up like a ghost and putting on a performance for my family before dinner one night.

“Who you gonna call………..? GHOST BUSTERS!”

If you’re an 80’s child you’ll remember this tune and very cool movie.

I grooved my way down the hallway, covered in a white sheet with slits cut out so I could see and danced my little heart out.  I clearly remember my Brothers laughing at me, as I goofed my way through my performance which included a wardrobe malfunction as I tripped on my sheet and had to recover.

The show must always go on.

My parents politely sat at the table, and my Mum gave me that look that only Mum’s can give… “You can do it Jodes!”

I had given strict instructions that all the lights were to be turned off, and just the candles were to be used for light (that Mum had so diligently set up on the kitchen table for me earlier.)

I had to create the right setting, to match my stellar performance!

The song finished, I bowed to my audience and the room was filled with claps and cheering…. cheers of “thank god that’s over……..” from my Brothers and heart felt cheers of love and encouragement from my Mum.  Dad nodded and smiled his Dad love.

I have no idea why I wanted to do that performance, I just wanted to, so I did.

I’m grateful that I was allowed to shine in those 2-3 minutes, given a chance by my family and gave myself a chance too.

To put on a performance and decide on my song choice, come up with the choreography, costume design and stage setting (all in one afternoon) is a lot to take on when you are 6!

It was a mission I created for myself that day, and is etched into my memory 25 years later as I sit here today.

I’m on another mission.

Well, it’s really an extension of an original mission from when Zenergy was first launched into the physical world in 2004.  I say physical world, because “it” already existed in my mind many years before then.

You see, all you need is an idea… a passion.

So let me explain this, well…let’s call it “Phase 2.0 Mission”.

There have been only so many people that Tman and I have been able to help by setting up our 1 on 1 Personal Training Studio, Zenergy.  It’s been limited to who we can see, chat to in the hallways and… of course, train. (Although I decided to hang up my gloves in 2007…)

But here, alongside Tman and armed with our keyboards and this little blog in Brisvegas-town Australia,  we can help the WORLD!

Crazy concept this whole web thing!

I can’t speak on behalf of Tman, but here’s where I’m at.

I’m on a mission is to give you goosebumps, tingles of hope and help you breed a dogged determination so deep, nothing will get in your way of you and your own performance.

We’re all allowed to shine and sometimes we forget that.

I’m on a mission to have conversations with you, that dare you to dream, that encourage you to stand up one more time and take that next step forward in life…

This mission involves commitment…… a commitment to share, to be honest, to chew the fat and peel back the layers so you can see the real me. The good and the bad.

I will share my opinions, but that doesn’t mean they are right or wrong.

I will change my mind, because we all evolve in life.

I will challenge you, just as much as I challenge myself and YES, we probably will disagree sometimes but that’s ok with me.

I am here to write my little heart out and to encourage that voice in your head that says, YES – YOU – CAN!

We are in lift off mode tonight as I hit PUBLISH.

Phase 2.0 Mission has begun and I’m excited to see where it takes us….

Are you ready?  Now sing with me….

“I have a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid to show it…. “

I’m AWESOME and I know it! :)

Over and out.

Jods x

2 Responses to I have a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid to show it…

  1. Louarne Emery says:

    Love up Jodes, congrats lovely

  2. Jodie Hebrard says:

    Hey Lou, Thanks for stopping by!

    Glad you enjoyed our 1st official post and thanks for your support xxxx

    Take care!

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