I have to apologise.

I'm SorryI really do have to apologise.

The gentleman driving to work this morning in the white car, turning onto Trouts Road, from Rode Road at Bridgeman Downs – I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean to.

I was trying so hard – but still stuffed up.

So that you know – there was no car accident, denting or scraping involved.

Just me and a “Give Way to your Right” dilemma which I failed at miserably. (So glad I wasn’t in my driving test way back when!)

Give me a standard 4 way intersection and I’m ok, but throw in a curve ball with an added turning lane or bendy road and I’m completely bloody confused!

The pressure was building because the traffic was banked up behind me and as I looked left – Clear…. right…. Clear, I committed and crossed over.

It was only THEN that I noticed the man wanting to turn right shaking his head and giving me a “What are you doing” hand gesture and look.


I waved back – embarrassed.

It was a natural response, which I immediately realised was bloody stupid and it meant “I’m sorry”, but was probably interrupted to be smart-assy.

I’ve always struggled with intersections with curve-balls and prefer to be a passenger.

I like to have all the thinking DONE for me, all the guess-work taken out and no pressure of….”Which way do I go here!?!”

Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, but place me in the Driver’s seat where I have to think – I don’t like it!

You won’t get the best out of me at all!

I reckon a lot of the Clients I chat to are so similar with their health and fitness.

Figuring out what to do can be so confusing, but tell them what to do – give them a clear, concise plan that will work and it’s a no brainer.

I know that the Challengers that shredded 65.5kg of Fat in the 2 previous Challenges we had at the beginning of the year would agree.

They listened, read the Fitness Reports, followed the plan – AND they got results.

Funny that.

Jods x

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