I have to be careful here…

Something happened in a training session with my awesome Trainer Steve the other week and it’s stuck with me ever since.

I’ve been thinking, I need to write about this but how do I do it without hurting his feelings?

Fingers crossed Steve knows my intentions come from a good place and that is, wanting to help you.

I am his loudest and proudest Client, and anyone else that has trained with him would know how WOW he is.

So, here – we – go…….!

I’ll often write and think about how we/you/me can lose focus and why it’s important to be honest with ourselves.

Not to kid ourselves.

Well I’m also a big believer in being honest with those that are close to you – especially your Trainer or your Training Buddy.

They can’t read your mind and sometimes you do need to speak it.

Steve and I have a very strong, open relationship that spans back to a young 19 year old kid rock’n up to an interview.  Fresh-faced, naive and willing to learn, and he has blown me away with his growth personally and professionally over the last 7 years!

I now have the pleasure of working with a very mature, caring, considerate and dedicated Man who is truly passionate about his craft.

And he likes Champagne too, where we’ve shared many a bottles in the past! :)

So back to being honest.

I’m blunt.

If you ask for my opinion then I’ll happily tell you.

If you don’t ask for my opinion, I’ll also happy to tell you as well!


Steve copped this honesty in a training session a few weeks ago.

I really, really, really want to share it with you, because I want to urge you to speak up and strengthen your relationship with your Trainer or Training Buddy, so you can always make sure there’s absolute FOCUS from both parties when ever you are working on your goals.

Being nice doesn’t help anyone!

We were half way through a set on Tricep push downs to smash my Mumma Arms and the magic numbers were One Set, 10 reps.

We got to 5-6 reps and it was clear the weight was too light.

10 was in our sights and he used the, “2 more” line and I said, “Sure!” in a very sarcastic tone.

I busted out the extra 2 reps, put the weight down and said… “That was too easy.”

He knew it and I knew it, the weight was not right and in hindsight, what had actually happened was I had done a master job of chit chattering before the set, throwing his focus on getting the weight right.

Steve piped up, “Ok, we’ll do a 2nd set then…”

Hint: I don’t like wasting time or energy and the whole point of only doing ONE set is going to “Failure”, not finishing and knowing you could do more, and then have to do a 2nd set!

And here is where my honesty kicked in…

Get the weight right the first time.”

Not happy, slightly annoyed we exchanged glances and he knew I was serious.

I quickly followed with, “Don’t tell me we are only doing 1, then realise we have to do 2 because the intensity wasn’t nailed!”



Of course there’s a responsibility within myself to train hard, but the reality is, I could have done 20-30 reps of the first weight – way – too – light.

Needless to say his focus was spot on when deciding the 2nd set weight and reps, and my little Mumma Arms did get the smashing on the 2nd set.

There’s an art-form of how to distract your Trainer and get them off tack…

“Tell me about your weekend…?”

I’d like some more water.”

I just need to tighten my shoe-laces….”

There’s also an art-form of holding back and not being honest…

Trainer: “How was that set….?”  You: “Good.”  Your Brain: “I thought that was the warm up set, guess I was wrong…”

Trainer: “Did you enjoy that session today?” You: “Yeh, it was good.” Your Brain: “God I wish you would shut up about yourself and be on time next week!”

Trainer: “How is that massage…?” You: “Good” Your Brain: “It’s way too soft with creepy hands….please stop!”

I wasn’t fearful of hurting Steve’s feelings with my honesty as we’ve got a lot of trust and respect for each other.

I was focused on speaking up and getting us BOTH focused again on why we where there.



My Goals.

Don’t ever walk away from a Training Session feeling dissappointed, annoyed or frustrated.

Make sure you are prepared to speak up and be honest, to help YOU and YOUR Trainer/Training Buddy stay focused.

If they can’t handle it, then I suggest that you think about getting someone who can.

It takes 2 to Tango and some one always has to take the lead.

Take the lead yourself next time.

Jods xx

P.S. Thank you to my Trainer Steve for being WOW and allowing me to write so honestly to help others ! :)

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