I have to disagree.

I have seen this endless times in my career and it never ceases to amaze me.

I just don’t get it and it doesn’t make sense to me.

Here’s the thing.

You want to get fit, lose weight, tone up (insert your goal here) and you decide to get a Personal Trainer to help you.

(Great decision by the way – and of course I’m biased).

You work with your Personal Trainer until you reach your goal and HOORAY – you did it!

You finished the race, you jumped on the scales and saw your magic number or you slipped on that sexy black dress that had been collecting dust in the corner!

Good for you!

All the hard work, money spent and time watching what you ate and getting to the gym when you didn’t feel like it hasn’t finally paid off!

Now you’ve reached your goal you think to yourself…

“I should really do this on my own now.  I can’t keep relying on my Personal Trainer and I should really learn to do this by myself.”


And THIS is what I don’t get.


Well, it just doesn’t make sense to me to stop a winning formula.

The top athletes in the World that win their first “Title” don’t turn around and say, “Hey Coach, now that we’ve got here, I’m going to do this by myself because I want to prove to myself that I can…” 

The top athletes in the World recognise that having their Coach has allowed them to leverage on their expertise which reduced the risk of injury and maximized their results.   They knew that their training program and milestones in place to track their progress was all looked after, so they could just focus on ONE THING!  And that was following the plan.  Not trying to come up with a plan that they were unsure of and 2nd guessing or changing all the time.

The top athletes realise that having a support team in place is critical to their success and that going it alone is not efficient… Going it alone is hard work and lonely.  Everyone needs a helping hand and they want that hand to be close by for when they instantly need it.

Knowing that they had someone to answer to, meant that they held themselves accountable to the plan and THIS accelerated their results massively.

They bypass the mistakes that rookies make.

They realise there is no point to prove in going it alone.

You are not weak, lazy or inadequate when you get help to achieve your goals.

You are smart, effective & savvy.

If it’s good enough for the best athletes  in the World to have Coaches, than I’m going to follow what THEY DO to continue to get better results with my health and fitness.

Wouldn’t you?

Jods x

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