It is what it is.

It is what it is.

You can’t change it.

It’s pointless to think you can.

No ifs, buts, should haves, could haves or maybes will help.

It is what it is.

Accept it.

Move on.

Your life right now is THIS moment, so live it there.

Enjoy it, relish it and cherish it.

Right now, someone in this world would kill to have your problem….think about it.

They really would.

Jods x

P.S. Tonight’s post was inspired by an amazing dinner I had with Tman.  He was given a 1978 Grange by a very generous Client – and after some googling we realised it was a very special gift worth a pretty penny and something to be cherished.

A restaurant was booked, Parents organised for baby-sitting and the bottle de-cantered today at 2pm for dinner tonight.

Alas, it had “turned” and not drinkable.

It is was it is.

And our dinner was still amazing.


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