“It” is Your Decision

What determines whether someone is going to hit their goals or not?

Making the decision that you are going to achieve your goal is where it all starts and finishes!

You see many people want “it”.

We all want to be fit, have the fit body, the muscles, the elimination of any wobbly bits, the energy and vitality, the feeling of success and self-pride.

The question is… Have you really decided what “it” is for you? AND, Do you want “it” bad enough?

I think the key is to find that place where you are pushing at the right level for you.  The right level being that place where you are truly fulfilled and happy! You feel challenged but not so much that you feel like a weight is pushing you into the ground. You are not kidding yourself by setting goals that require much more time and effort than you are prepared to put in and you are also not kidding yourself by saying that it is all ok when it is not!

If you are overweight and unfit you know that your time for ill health will come much sooner than it should.

In 2006 I competed in my first body building competition. It was a decision I made 14 weeks before the first competition date. I had a reasonable base as I’d been strength training consistently for several years. So 12 weeks out I had my first appointment with my Personal Trainer, a friend and past Mr Australia. After placing second in the novice category that year I decided that I would devote my training for the next year to becoming the best body builder I could be (without the drugs).

My goal was to win my weight division in the QLD titles in 2007. This journey was an amazing experience and one that taught me many things that I continue to benefit from today.

However, these lessons only came from putting in the “work” to be the best I could be. The training and eating wasn’t a chore because it was simply part of what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted. I lived and breathed body building because the prize was worth it!

Did I win my division?

Yes, but that’s not why I felt successful that day.

Tony Hebrard - 2007 Qld Champion of Natural Body BuildingThe real success came as I stood there on stage knowing that I had given it everything I had and that is where the real satisfaction is. Winning to me does matter, but the real win is beating any inner demons that hold you back from being your best!

So, if you have a goal that you’d like to achieve but you haven’t really been going for it try this this home-work task out.

Sit down and write down the pros and cons for training, eating and working towards “it”. Then weigh it all up. If the pros for it outweigh the cons then what are you waiting for?

Make the decision and go for it and give it everything you’ve got!

So what if you miss out on a bit of sleep or some of the Master Chef All Stars!

So what if you need to take some time to prepare your healthy food.

So what if you have to push a little harder in your training sessions.

When you stand there on your own podium of success knowing that you have given it everything you’ve got you will feel something that truly satisfies your soul!

Remember, it’s more fun when you’re fit!


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