It’s sad, it’s unfair and it’s ALL real.

Last week I got slammed from you guys after our melt down in Chermside, (in a good way) and it occurred to me I need to explain something.  You can read all about it here.

The replies had one common theme – “You write so openly and so honest “…

And last week was no different other than….“it must NOT BE easy to share so much personally about yourself….”.

My immediate thought was…”Yes, it is easy….” – but ask Tony and it’s a different story.

We are chalk and cheese or peas and corn if you like…(and he might cringe as he continues to read on…)

But I’m very comfortable sharing with you my raw moments because we all have these skeletons hanging in the closet that we are desperate to hide – pretending that all is ok – ALL OF THE TIME.

*coughing* bullshit!

The wiser I get (others call it getting older….), the more I’ve learned that we all experience heart-ache, hard-ship and overcoming our own demons.

No one has it all together – no one is perfect – we ALL need help in life, and the ONLY difference is, that we just need help in different areas.

What’s the point in passing through this thing we call life, if we can’t drop the bullshit and be honest, and help someone else along the way.

In the last month I’ve had…

  1. A girlfriend who has 3 beautiful children fess up that she’s been so sick recently which led to the “C” word (cancer), at her Doctors and a recent biopsy.
  2. A Client who was getting headaches.  Went to the Doctors and they found a freak’n brain tumour… Say no more.
  3. AND, my own family go through a personal family struggle with a marriage breakdown that involves 3 children (and just to confirm – Tony and I are AOK!)

It is sad, it is unfair and it’s real ALL at the same time.

I share “stuff” with you because life is meant to be shared and learning from others is one thing I’ve found to help me the most.

We aren’t meant to “go it” alone and we all face uncertainty at some point.

Life is way too short and if we (you and me) are going to share time together (on this screen), then let’s make it real – meaningful – worthwhile.

So, let me say thanks for joining me on this journey called life.

I’m not perfect and I’ve made plenty of mistakes – AND I’ll be honest about it.

Life is an experience, a privilege, a ride AND a roller-coaster.

If I can help you when you are off track, or when you are a bit down, or maybe deflated… that’s awesome, because so many people helped me when I’ve been down and out – and you never know where help is going to come from.

Ok, D&M over.

Jods x

P.S. D&M = deep and meaningful.

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