Lessons learned.


That’s the pin dropping that you can hear…..it’s been way too quiet from me.

I can’t hide from the fact that my New Zealand adventure derailed me big time.  If you missed that post, you can find it (here).

After investing so much time and energy into the adventure and having an epic disappointment as the result, it’s certainly been a time for me to pay attention to what I can learn from the lessons that life delivers along the way.


Learning to tune into your instincts and stopping to pay attention when things don’t feel right. We (us Humans!) have the incredible ability to have the sense of intuition and the intelligence of conscious thought.  When someone or something doesn’t feel right and you can’t quite explain why – STOP and pay attention and say No.

Learning to know when to defend your position or when to walk away.  In life there will be times when you’ll disagree with someone and when that time comes, try and find a place where you agree that you’ll have to disagree…. BUT….don’t be disagreeable in the process.  Walking away and biting your tongue can be hard. (Trust me!)  But walking away and giving no more fuel to an argument gives you the power in holding your dignity.  Remember, if argue with an idiot, it really just makes 2.

And my last big learning is to listen to others when things are questioned.  This is the one thing that I’m ultra disappointed in and it’s with myself.  The quick details are that one of the Woman who did the Hike with us brought to me very early on her concerns of the technical nature of the Hike.  It was real information from Government Websites on safety, track ratings and due diligence processes that should be undertaken.  I brushed her concerns aside as I had placed all my trust in our Guide and shut-down her concerns quickly with, “Why on earth would we be taken some where that wasn’t safe or that was too technical for us to complete?!”  How wrong was I.  Unfortunately, my requests for a “tough adventure” were taken to the extreme.  Upon my return I learned that all NZ Hikes are graded from 1 to 5 with 5 being for Experts with Advanced Alpine Experience.  Lucky for us (note sarcasm) our Hike was a Grade 5.  So a huge reminder for me being: We have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  Learn to shut your mouth Jodie 😉 and open those 2 ears of yours.

Life will always bring you disappointments as it’s part of the ride.  You can’t have the highs, without the lows. So…. enjoy the highs when they come and when you hit the lows, the disappointments, the set-backs, the frustrations….Stop and realise that what ever you are going through is not permanent.

You’ll find a way out, you’ll get back up and you’ll get back on track.

Yes. You. Will.

Now….Let’s get on with our day!

Jods :)

P.S. Here are a few snap shots along the way….

NZ - mountain

Over a 1km hike through snow and ice to get to the top of this Mountain…and then it was down, down, down.





NZ - nic and nina

Smiles with Nic and Nina on Day 2 with the beautiful scenery around us.


NZ - Hokitika

Reaching solid ground again!  With some of the girls, (after a few wines) on a Lake rocking our runway in Hokitika!


NZ - Nella


Seeing these gorgeous faces again made my heart melt.  Thanks to Gav and Vicki for the photobomb LOL!

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