One minute he’s alive. The next he’s dead.

One minute he’s alive. The next he’s dead.

Sunday morning while we were on a short holiday, we made a very quick trip back to Brisbane to be there by his side and I was right there holding him and looking into his eyes, telling him that I loved him.

What else do you say at the moment of passing?

Our “puppy” of 11 1/2 years had unfortunately ended up with a Twisted  Bowel and after a barrage of text messages and missed phone calls from my Parents I knew the outcome wasn’t going to be good.

Life does suck sometimes and I’m not wanting to weigh you down with sadness, but what I AM wanting to do is OPEN your eyes to the privledge of the life you have TODAY – right now as you read this.

You. Are. Alive!

You can walk, talk, smile, hug and create new memories….

You can procrastinate, be angry, sad, frustrated and hurt….

You can beat yourself up, talk down to yourself and believe it is all too hard….

Or you can believe that even though it’s hard right now for you, that things will be ok, because life has both ups and downs.

There is no good without the bad.

No satisfaction without dissatisfaction.

And no transformation without struggle – just ask a Butterfly.

Is it time to over come your struggle and spread your wings?

Today is a great day to break-free don’t you think….

Jods x

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