Reasons Make the Difference

So you’ve got a goal. You want to get fitter and lose some weight. Or maybe you want to run a marathon or climb to base camp. Why? Why do you want to do it? Why push yourself and go through all the hard work?
You can think of goals as being a table and the reasons why you want to achieve these goals as being the legs that hold it up. If you only have 1 or 2 legs holding up the table it will be pretty shaky and it will easily fall over. If you have many legs, 10 or more, the table will be rock solid. In fact someone could come along and wipe 1 of those legs right out and the table will still remain solid.
I have found that a common challenge that many people have with achieving their health and fitness goals is that they feel that it is a selfish goal. They feel that by putting time and energy into becoming fitter, leaner, stronger, whatever their actual fitness goal is that it is all about them and they should really be putting their time and energy into helping others like their family who need them. I understand this and for many of us the willingness to help others is a more powerful motivator than to do something for ourselves. My question is, can you do both? Can you still be a great Mum, Dad, friend, and still achieve your own fitness goals. The challenge is getting the right balance isn’t it! The thing is if you really look after yourself you will probably be an even better, Mum, Dad, friend etc.
If you really like feeling fit, being in great shape and challenging yourself to achieve new things with your fitness then you won’t feel good inside if you don’t stay on top of your fitness. This will affect those around you as you won’t be your happy self. It is said that for us to feel truly happy and fulfilled we need to feel as though we are growing and we also need to feel as though we are contributing. If we are growing but not contributing then we won’t feel great about ourselves but if we are contributing a lot but not growing we won’t feel great either. We need both.
Why don’t you try this little exercise? Write down 10 reasons why you want to achieve your health and fitness goal. Remember some reasons can be “selfish” goals like to look good, but hang on is this really a selfish goal? Won’t your partner appreciate you being in great shape, having more energy, feeling great about yourself, living longer? Work on building at least 10 really good strong legs to hold your goal up. Make your goal unshakeable and let no one knock it down!
Life’s more fun when you hit your goals!

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