Start by doing nothing…

The last few days I’ve had the *bliss* of doing not much.

The brain power I’ve used has extended to…”What are we going to eat for lunch…?” and even stretched to… “When should we head to the beach today?”

Tough stuff I know.

One word – holidays.

Time out from the norm, time away to be still and time to myself, which is my ultimate bliss.

I’m not the sort of person that counts down the day to the weekend, because you get to do “nothing” and I’ve only ever “suffered” from Monday-itis when I was an Accountant. (Yes, I was a bean-counter in my early 20’s for a few years….)

Being busy is in my nature, and has seen me achieve things that I look back on and think, how the hell did I do that, fit that in, find the time, energy and motivation to keep going…..?

But sometimes being busy is also my downfall.

My double-edged sword.

Being busy puts you into a state of doing, doing, doing.

Going through the motions, ticking off the lists, adding to the lists and re-writing the lists!

(I can only speak for myself here so I’m going to presume if you are still with me, we must be on the same page.)

But are you busy “doing” the right things?

Are you sure?

If you are sweating it out physically or mentally, working on your goals, ticking off your lists, are you really working on the right stuff, in the most effective way?

Could there be a better way, maybe a different way?

Is what is on your “list” still important to you?

How do you know?

Only you know the answers to these questions, and it’s only by doing less that we allow our mind to do what it was created for – to think.

To dream.

To create in our mind’s eye what we truly desire.

Regardless of what we “think” is possible, just allow our mind’s to wander into places of what if… and why not…?

Our days will always be 24 hours long.

Weeks will always be filled with 7 days.

And years will always have 52 of them.

If you live to the average age (80 years young), then you’ve got about 4000 weeks to “fill”.

A quick check on my i-phone tells me that I’ve got 2400 weeks left to fill.

I’ve said for years now that by the time I’m 40 (which is only 7 years away now!), that I want to have…

1. Written a book (and more recently, multiple best-selling books)…

2. Climbed Everest

3. Built an online business

I have been way too busy, being busy and it has only been by being still this week that I’ve realised….

If I’m going to Climb Everest in 7 years time best I start climbing smaller mountains first!

If I’m going to write multiple best-selling books, best I start writing more often….!

And if I’m going to venture into the unknown world of business “on-line” then NOW is the time to start.

Not later or when I’ve got more time, because the reality is the weeks are already ticking by!

It’s often only in times of stillness that our minds are given the power to birth new ideas, find real answers and give us clarity on our “lists”.

Start your list by doing nothing.

It’s worked for me this week again and I can’t wait to start ticking it off knowing with absolute clarity that it IS the right list for me.


2 Responses to Start by doing nothing…

  1. Cheers to nothing!! You are absolutely right. We need down time to birth new ideas, refresh and remotivate goals! Best of luck in climbing Everest! I cant wait to read your best sellers, and be able to say, yep I know Jodie, she is one amazing chick! Online shopping…love it! Thanks for the motivation to book a holiday!

    • Jodie Hebrard says:

      Can’t wait to hear where your holiday is babe……….! Your words are very kind xx Thanks for dropping by!

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