The Key to Greatness!

greatnessI was invited to a Women’s Business Christmas Lunch last week and took the opportunity to step out of my sweat clothes, wipe off any Vegemite from the kids and step into my serious pants.

They had a speaker, Jen Harwood, who was a bundle of energy and she spoke passionately about Greatness – and how you can create greatness in your life.

She shared her personal story of breakdown to break-through and her own quest for greatness.

Greatness is such a personal “thing” and there is no right or wrong way to define it. What makes me feel great and super awesome, might be boring as hell for you and vice versa.

My own take on it is; do stuff that you love, do it well and do it passionately – and you are well on your way to greatness and feeling fulfilled in life.

The clincher in her Presentation was on the “HOW-To” bit.

How do you set out and achieve greatness – in x, y, or z part of your life?

And her answer: Get your support system plugged into your goal and with other people’s help – you can create and achieve greatness.

I totally agree and totally squirmed (just a little) when she mentioned this and 3 little words.

“Asking for help….” (and god forbid – accepting help when it’s given!)

If you are anything like me asking for help is un-natural – but something that I have learned ask for helpis highly valuable.

Our egos think we can (and should) do it all on our own, but the reality is Human Beings (that is you and me!) are designed for interaction.

We do not survive as a species without it.

Jen spoke about having different people in your life that fulfil different “Roles” that you can lean on for help when it’s needed.

I’m not going to list all of the “Roles” she spoke about (you can read more here), but here’s the Jodie run-down on who you should have in your support system.

You need critics to challenge your commitment and play the devils-advocate – sometimes the glass does end up half-full.

You need experts to short-cut your learning curve and fast-track your results and save you time, energy and money.

You need BFFs to pick you up, dust you on and send you on your way.  You need hugs, we all need more hugs.

You need role models to instil hope – if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you kinda thing.

And you need to have the courage and wisdom to open your mouth and repeat after me, “Hey, I need a little help here please?”

If that made you squirm, then you know what you need to do 😉

Jods x

Tuning In

It made complete sense as soon as I read it and left me wondering why hadn’t I thought of it sooner!

No fluff, just simple common sense.

I was reading a CrossFit article on Facebook and it was an interview with one of Australia’s most respected Coaches, Matt Swift.

And there was one little golden nugget in the last question directed at him: “Matt, what would you recommend to people when they are checking out CrossFit for the first time?”

In his usual brevity: “Enjoy being a beginner.”gen

Told you it was so simple!

Kids naturally “do this” with anything new I reckon.

Everything new is fun.

There’s no hangups, expectations or negative self-talk.

Just pure excitement with the opportunity to learn and they have fun – they totally enjoy being a beginner at everything!

The first steps.

The first words.

The first bike ride.

Small wins are celebrated with a smile, and failures are met with hands being dusted off and having another go – straight away.

They aren’t worried about any on-lookers and they actually encourage it!

“Look at me Mum, Look at me Dad!”

How cool is that?!

They are too involved in themselves and in the learning, to worry about what others are thinking.

And that’s where the focus should be – on tuning in, not tuning out.

On how we feel about ourselves with our effort – not the result and on our progress, no matter how small.

On enjoying the process and not rushing towards the outcome.

Is it time to tune in for you?


The Art of Self Motivation

When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything. – Stephen Richards

We all want to live healthier lives. So what’s stopping you from reaching your fitness goals? Surely those people at the gym who never seem to get off track have some extra chromosome that keeps them going. Right?!

Wrong. A lot of self motivation is less about being in the mood and more about creating sustainable habits that become your default so on those days when you just don’t feel like doing another squat you do. Because you’ve created a framework to support yourself with.

But we all have to start somewhere right? Right! So here are 4 simple steps, from coach Steve Stagg, that can help you start to create those healthy habits.

Here it goes:

Step 1 – Write Down Reasons Why

Really understanding the reasons behind any goal is the best way to develop that ‘must have’ attitude that let’s nothing get in the way of success. I recommend you start by writing down 10 reasons why for each goal that you have. It may seem a little difficult to start with but be honest with yourself and it will begin to flow. The more reasons why you can think of the better so keep adding to the list over time and solidifying your motivation.


Step 2 – Write Your Goals Daily

Writing your goals down daily is a ritual you must perform to be truly self-motivated. Keep a little notepad and pen next to your bed and your goals will become so ingrained into you that everything you do each day will be a step towards achieving them. Choose whether you write in your notepad first thing in the morning or last thing before going to sleep but make sure you are recording goals that are specific, measurable and have a timeframe.

Step 3 – Use Pictures

Pictures are a great tool for helping to stay motivated. Obviously the picture you use will vary depending on your goal but choose something that creates a fire in your belly to achieve your goal. Pictures can be put on your training diary to fire you up before your workout. You might like to put a picture on the fridge to help you make good food choices or on the bathroom mirror so you look at it every time you are cleaning your teeth.


Step 4 – Reward Yourself!

Lastly, rewarding yourself for achieving your goals is great positive reinforcement to help you continue on with your goal achieving ways. It doesn’t have to be big but it does have to inspire you to keep getting better. An example of this might be to buy yourself a new pair of jeans or treat yourself to that new restaurant when you achieve your weight loss goal. Or perhaps getting some new running shoes for completing every planned workout for the month. Be strict with yourself here and only reap your reward once the hard work is done.

– Steve Stagg, Brisbane Personal Trainer & Manager

Okay, ball’s in your court. Start small and start today. And if you ever need support, talk to one of our awesome coaches/trainers. Go for it athletes!

Rae “of Sunshine” Kess

CrossFit Zenergy, Windsor

2 Medical Professionals and 2 polar opinions; Who should I believe?

Meet Professional No. 1…my GP.

So my GP says to me….

“Jodie, the fact that you’ve had post natal depression with your first, means you are a lot more aware 2nd time round and chances are you won’t go through it again. “

I like that she didn’t use the word…suffer, and chose to use, go through, instead, but I did hear the word chance in there.

The words we use and listen to are really important for our self-esteem, (especially from others that we place in trusted positions like a Doctor)

I nod and listen attentively as she continued….

You’ll know when to reach out for help and be able to get help in place long before you actually need it….”

I nodded some more.

So, let’s recap that diagnosis.

My Doctor does not believe I’m at a high risk of depression with Bub No 2 (who is due in 8 short weeks!) as I’m a lot more “aware” of what to look out for.

Now let’s meet with Professional No. 2….my Midwife.

“Jodie, the fact that you’ve already had post-natal depression means you are prone to it again.”

I nod and listen….

“You are at a higher risk of it, and it’s something we need to be mindful of and be prepared for.”

I nodded some more.

This diagnosis recapped means….. Prone and High risk = I’m doomed!

But you know what, there’s a 3rd opinion out there from another Professional who I sort advice from.

Doctor HouseThis Professional is way more qualified than any piece of paper could ever explain and leaves Doctor House for dead.

That Professional is Me.

The real Jodie Hebrard living within.

I’m with ME 24hrs a day, I have been with ME for the past 33 years and I know intimately my strengths and weaknesses, what gets me mad, angry, upset, happy, excited or feeling great.

So, let’s hear what advice she had to say.

Jodie, the past is the past and does not define you.  The fact you went through post-natal depression with your first, has nothing to do with your future.

There are ups in life and downs in life and it is a journey that will continue for many years to come.   Embrace the good times and ride out the bad times and always remember; this too shall pass.

Jodie, you know what is right for you, what makes you happy and you need to honour that, because a Happy Mumma means a Happy Bubba.

It will be hard and exhausting at times, but a situation is never permanent. 

You are WOW and will tackle the next stage of your journey as best as you can, every single day.

Cry when you want to, seek solace when you need to and be prepared to dust yourself off and take the next step forward, with a helping hand from others.

This is your journey and it’s up to you, to choose what you want to believe, not for others to tell you what you will or will not experience.”

This Diagnosis recapped….No depression this time around, sure there will be hard days but that’s ok and normal (and just remember to ask for help!)

I’m going to believe this advice.

And I think it’s the best god damn free advice I’ve had in a long time.

So, let me ask you….

Who do you choose to listen to in your life?

Is it time you tuned out the noise from others, and listened ever so quietly to that inner voice of strength?