When things don’t go to plan….

Jods arrived






It’s ironic to sit here and read over my last blog post to you.

It was right before I set off for my NZ adventure…

Fear can be such a strong emotion and the more I’ve felt it in my life, the more I’ve grown to respect it.

And the older I get, the more I realise fear will never go away – it will always be there especially when I want to try something new, or do something again, that I couldn’t do the first time.

It’s a real thing.

But you can’t let it stop you – life is way too short.

Feel the fear and do things anyway, I say.”

It’s ironic, because Fear is exactly what I stared in the eyes in New Zealand.

The kind of fear that sets your adrenal glands to overdrive and makes your heart beat so loud that it pounds in your ears and in your chest.

If we haven’t caught up yet on my NZ adventure the short story is, I got a helicopter out of there.

The long story needs a few bottles of wine with you.

It was on the side of a Mountain that was covered in shale and no clear paths downwards that I felt this fear.  Slipping and sliding with my 16kg Backpack throwing my balance off and with rocks being dislodged – it was no longer an adventure for me, but a mission to get down to the bottom alive.

As I felt this fear I fought back tears and took deep breaths looking up to the sky….trying to find something to calm my nerves and give me the inner-strength to hold my shit together.

Losing my nerve on that Mountain was not an option as I knew it would lead me to freeze – where fear takes hold of you and turns into terror.

A girlfriend asked me recently about this fear… “When did it turn from normal fear to more than that?

I guess the real fear set in when I realised I had to get down to the bottom of the slope, but for the life of me, had no idea what steps to take and how to descend safely. Sliding down on my butt with my hiking poles to stop myself was the extent of my skill set.

There were no ropes, there certainly was no path to follow and flashes came to me of slipping and not being able to stop myself – not a pretty or confidence boosting picture to visualise.

Being in the moment, I remember thinking about my girls laughing and smiling and visualizing Tony at the bottom of that Mountain coaching me on (as he has done in the past with any outdoor adventures we’ve undertaken).

The feeling of isolation was heightened and being separated from them with no form of communication was very unsettling.

One woman was below me on the mountain descending and 2 others were right above me and we were all feeling fear in different ways.

My mind was racing with….“Get me out of here!” and with every step and slip we all made it down to the bottom safely.

Reaching solid ground was the best feeling ever and I had instant clarity with the fear I felt.

It was real.

It was something to respect.

And it highlighted the gross lack of my skills that was clearly needed to manage this terrain safely.

I no longer felt comfortable, I no longer felt safe and there was no question in my mind of just sucking it up and pushing on.

It was not a matter of toughening up.

There was real risk involved and I believe that being tough involves knowing when to call it quits.

It was awkward and uncomfortable to face the conversation of leaving and not finishing the adventure, but I knew that NOT speaking up was weak, so I did speak up and had conversations about options, opinions and the next (literal) steps moving forward.

There is one thing I am sure of and re-learned from this.

You have just got to listen to your gut and be brave enough to have those tough conversations.

Nothing worthwhile in life is ever earned from walking on easy-street.

Back yourself and your decisions.

Stand your ground.

Speak up.

Even when it’s uncomfortable to do so.

Jods x 

P.S. Nate is leaving in July for a l-o-n-g holiday without a return date so it’s a sad time as we get ready to say Bon Voyage to him.

To celebrate his awesomeness we are having a WOD Comp where you can train with him 1 last time!

CrossFit Zenergy Pairs WOD COMP!

  • Friday Night 3rd July
  • 2 events with a 5pm start for 6:30pm finish
  • Pairs event…so organise your partner asap!
  • Mixed, Ladies & Mens pairs
  • Age groups will be Opens, 40+ and 50+!
  • Hang around for the part after to celebrate Nate’s farewell!

Pop your Pairs Name on the Register at the Gym!


A massive risk to take








It dawned on me over the weekend that I’d “done it.”

Taken a huge risk and it’s now paying off.

9 months ago I remember thinking to myself…

What if no one thinks it’s a good idea? What if it’s a flop and I just get rejected?”

Everyone hates rejection right?

But sometimes you just got to have a crack and back yourself.

And sometimes, like this time, it pays off and in a big way!

The risk I took was reaching out and seeing if 5 other women (who didn’t know each other) wanted to join me on a crazy adventure in New Zealand.

5 days of trekking carrying our own packs and food whilst dealing with the elements.

I knew a few women would be interested, but getting a total of 5 committed was a little daunting.

Fast forward to today and different personalities, stages of life, work commitments and lifestyles have all blended into an eclectic mix of women, that seems to be working for us!








Fear can be such a strong emotion and the more I’ve felt it in my life, the more I’ve grown to respect it.

And the older I get, the more I realise fear will never go away – it will always be there especially when I want to try something new, or do something again, that I couldn’t do the first time.

It’s a real thing.

But you can’t let it stop you – life is way too short.

Feel the fear and do things anyway, I say.

You never know where it will take you.

Jods x

3 little words….






I had the pleasure of catching up with a wonderful woman and her children on New Years Day for a play in the park, and our conversation quickly turned to the new year, resolutions and goals in general.

She shared something with me that left me utterly intrigued and me wanting to leave right then and there, so I could go do it myself.

She shared with me that she doesn’t do the “normal” write down your goals thing, but she sits down and asks of herself; “What 3 words do I want to FEEL MORE of this year?”

Kinda cool if you ask me.

She spent some time on New Years Eve putting pen to paper and came up with her 3 words that are meaningful and motivating – for her.

And that’s the interesting thing, is that Humans (that’s you and me), are motivated by feelings.

We all want to do stuff, see stuff, get stuff, but ultimately all of this “stuff” in our lives just gives us the feelings we desire.

You want to lose weight, not because of the number on the set of scales, but because of the feelings that you attach to that number.

You want to feel better, happier, more alive, content – whatever the word is for you.

Makes sense?

So rather than just focusing on writing down the typical I WANT X, Y, Z this year, I wrote some of my own words down and thought I’d share them with you.

Here we go.

Brave.  I want to feel more brave. Take more risks. I want to feel the fear and do things anyway.

Strength.  I want to feel more of my inner-strength that laughs in the face of doubt and is soul-nurturing, (not face-slapping) when I’m tired.

Rich.  I want to enjoy richer relationships with those close to me, connect with new folks and feel rich with amazing memories of laughter, connection and meaningful conversation.


Here’s the thing.

To create these words will take effort.

Things are not going to just “happen” without structure, a plan and implementation.

But, when you’ve got the feeling clear from the get-go, it will make it a whole lot easier to implement when the honeymoon period of New Years is over.

So, what about you?2015

What do you want to feel more of in this brand new spanking Year?

Jods x

I have a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid to show it…

When I was about 6 years old, I remember dressing up like a ghost and putting on a performance for my family before dinner one night.

“Who you gonna call………..? GHOST BUSTERS!”

If you’re an 80’s child you’ll remember this tune and very cool movie.

I grooved my way down the hallway, covered in a white sheet with slits cut out so I could see and danced my little heart out.  I clearly remember my Brothers laughing at me, as I goofed my way through my performance which included a wardrobe malfunction as I tripped on my sheet and had to recover.

The show must always go on.

My parents politely sat at the table, and my Mum gave me that look that only Mum’s can give… “You can do it Jodes!”

I had given strict instructions that all the lights were to be turned off, and just the candles were to be used for light (that Mum had so diligently set up on the kitchen table for me earlier.)

I had to create the right setting, to match my stellar performance!

The song finished, I bowed to my audience and the room was filled with claps and cheering…. cheers of “thank god that’s over……..” from my Brothers and heart felt cheers of love and encouragement from my Mum.  Dad nodded and smiled his Dad love.

I have no idea why I wanted to do that performance, I just wanted to, so I did.

I’m grateful that I was allowed to shine in those 2-3 minutes, given a chance by my family and gave myself a chance too.

To put on a performance and decide on my song choice, come up with the choreography, costume design and stage setting (all in one afternoon) is a lot to take on when you are 6!

It was a mission I created for myself that day, and is etched into my memory 25 years later as I sit here today.

I’m on another mission.

Well, it’s really an extension of an original mission from when Zenergy was first launched into the physical world in 2004.  I say physical world, because “it” already existed in my mind many years before then.

You see, all you need is an idea… a passion.

So let me explain this, well…let’s call it “Phase 2.0 Mission”.

There have been only so many people that Tman and I have been able to help by setting up our 1 on 1 Personal Training Studio, Zenergy.  It’s been limited to who we can see, chat to in the hallways and… of course, train. (Although I decided to hang up my gloves in 2007…)

But here, alongside Tman and armed with our keyboards and this little blog in Brisvegas-town Australia,  we can help the WORLD!

Crazy concept this whole web thing!

I can’t speak on behalf of Tman, but here’s where I’m at.

I’m on a mission is to give you goosebumps, tingles of hope and help you breed a dogged determination so deep, nothing will get in your way of you and your own performance.

We’re all allowed to shine and sometimes we forget that.

I’m on a mission to have conversations with you, that dare you to dream, that encourage you to stand up one more time and take that next step forward in life…

This mission involves commitment…… a commitment to share, to be honest, to chew the fat and peel back the layers so you can see the real me. The good and the bad.

I will share my opinions, but that doesn’t mean they are right or wrong.

I will change my mind, because we all evolve in life.

I will challenge you, just as much as I challenge myself and YES, we probably will disagree sometimes but that’s ok with me.

I am here to write my little heart out and to encourage that voice in your head that says, YES – YOU – CAN!

We are in lift off mode tonight as I hit PUBLISH.

Phase 2.0 Mission has begun and I’m excited to see where it takes us….

Are you ready?  Now sing with me….

“I have a passion in my pants and I’m not afraid to show it…. “

I’m AWESOME and I know it! :)

Over and out.

Jods x