Snuggle it, cuddle it & get cosy with it.

Polite and I just don’t get along.

I’d rather take a risk in communication and be honest, direct and candid rather than polite.

Polite strokes the ego and gets you and me nowhere.

I thought about being polite last week when this email landed in my inbox.

I thought about it…and I’m so glad I wasn’t.


“Hi Jodie,

After much thought I’ve decided I am going to put my membership on hold until I can commit to coming more often.

I would like to thank you and Tony for your support in trying to get me fit, and look forward to seeing you guys again down the track.

Kind Regards,




“Hey NC!

I totally understand BUT I’m also going to totally suggest instead of stepping back completely, just swap your Membership for 1 x 30min PT per week.

You know you need accountability, an appointment, someone to check on you.

AND YES, 1 x PT per week will benefit you.  It won’t change your world, but it will deliver you consistency and build this habit bit by bit.

Imagine at Christmas time how you will feel after doing just 1 x PT sess weekly til then?

And imagine if nothing happens from now til then?

Ok, enough from me.

Over to you.

Jods x

P.S The polite thing was for me to reply with none of this, but I’m here to help.



This email exchange was just last week and NC was at the Gym this morning doing 1 x 30min PT session.

Bloody awesome I say.

We all feel like it’s too hard sometimes and the “why should I even bother….” thoughts creep in.

You just have to find a smaller step that will work for you.

Break it down.

Take a step back.

Don’t ever shy away from commitment.

Play the long-game in fitness with smaller steps and get comfortable with a consistency.

Share a snugSnuggle it, cuddle it and get nice and cosy with it.

I dare you.

Jods x