What my Mum would say…

This year is going to be a huge year for Zenergy.

Gen & Nella are now 6yrs & 4yrs, so there are no more nappies – just lunch boxes, uniforms and school drop offs and pick ups.

A totally new routine and rhythm.

I’m back at Zenergy full time and so excited about getting more involved, meeting more of you guys and getting back to what I used to do – helping the Team deliver an A grade health and fitness service to you guys!

But it’s also nerve wracking as well.

As the year has settled in with new routines and the reality of my tasks at hand, I realised I’m feeling very rusty with what used to come so naturally.

I used to market, manage, organise, create and have meetings all day – and loved it. I’d learn as as I go, implement very quickly and work from project to project doing my thing.

But the skills I’ve used with my kids over the last 6 years don’t really relate to my role. Yes, I’ve become even more productive, but I have felt so out of depth with the social media explosion and given my shoulder injury has kept me away from my own health and fitness goals, I’ve had thoughts that maybe I’m not up for the job.

“Fiddle sticks Jodie.”

That’s what my Mum would say.

And here’s what I said to myself recently when all of these doubts were streaming through my mind.

“You’ve got this Jodie. You’ll figure it out, just like you always do. You are damn good at what you do and even though your skill set and tool box is out of date, you can easily get it up to speed. You’ve got passion, work ethic and determination which never reaches a use-by date, so don’t be fooled with any thoughts of doubt.”

I was going to start my first day back at work full-time by planning out my week and being clear on what my goals were, where I wanted to take zenergy, what would the marketing plan look like etc and then I realised that was all bullshit and distraction.

I didn’t need a sexy-plan and goodlooking diary to follow. (I’ve got 2 young kids now so really any plans are bullshit comfort factors anyway.)

I needed action.

I needed effort.

I needed to start doing….picking up the phone, making connections and getting the ideas in my head in action straight away.

So that’s what I did.

Sometimes we can get all caught up in the planning, getting ready phase, making things super organised, ready to start – when all we need to do is start.

A bumpy start is way better than a flawless plan.

Get started.

Get going.

Go do something to make your thing happen today.

Jods x

P.S. Here’s Mum, striking a pose post workout – not a Woman to be messed with!

Mum Gym